The Honeymoon- Our 24/7 Date

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We spent our honeymoon on a cruise. It was like an awesome 24/7 week-long date!

If anyone needs to:
2. Relax
3. Enjoy great food 24/7 that you don’t have to cook
4. Get away
5. Revamp your love life
6. See something new and amazing
7. Meet new people
8. Spend a lot of time with your sig-other
9. Have an amazing honeymoon
Or an combination of the above- a cruise is a great idea!
We went to the Easter Caribbean, and it was an amazing experience.
We had fun on the two formal nights on the ship:
 And eating a lot of great food
And visiting Puerto Rico
We made sure we had a pina colada from the place they were invented

Then we went to St. Thomas and succeeded in not getting mugged

We love love loved the Bahamas, it’s the most beautiful beach in the world1

And we also went to Grand Turk where we enjoyed a special date that so gets it’s own post! We decided we should each still take a “date night” and plan an excursion. Mine was in Grand Turk, Jacob’s was in Puerto Rico. I will post some of our amazing experiences in the next few days.
We left relaxed, happy, and grateful for so much time together to do so many fun things!
We can’t wait to reenact this one on our 5th anniversary!

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