The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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The area around my pantry is making me smile quite a bit right now. I think it’s more than just the fact that this is where the bag of kettle corn is being stashed.

For someone with a pretty strong affinity towards all things digital, there are times I’m sure grateful for snail mail and the printing press. Holiday cards remind me we are richly blessed with amazing family and friends- and good looking ones too!

We jumped on the bandwagon this year and had cards printed with Minted, who I adore because they don’t just use in-house designers, but use independent design partnerships so there’s always new, fresh designs that are on-trend. I had a hard time deciding between some of the current trends- neon, rose gold, foils, and unique colors. Ultimately, I used our family picture as a guide and went with less expensive version of print that looks like foil. I love that you can go all out or budget your cards and still have them look great! I also wanted to use a unique color and a sheen finish to give our card a unique feel that still felt classic. What can I say, unique twists on classics are definitely my style! The message seemed to fit too- we’re still pretty amazed 2015 happened with this little miracle of ours!

Photo by Anne Marie Turley Photography

The messaging had us too- it is the merriest Christmas, and it’s a year we’re even pairing down and not doing many gifts. Just another reminder the best things in life aren’t things.

We made sure to print the back of the card with a year-in-review giving a month-by-month highlight and a few bonus pictures. Honestly, how could we not include the shot my dear friend Chrissy took during Mack’s newborn session? And we’re apparently too vain not to add another selfie…But guys, Cinque Terre, we had to!

I’m thankful I’m seeing the light, and plan to continue to actually print and mail cards each year- it reminds me that it is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

*I received a partial credit towards card printing from Minted, but I love them and would have used them even without the perk! 

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  1. Beverly Houpt says:

    Ah, such a great card! I'm finally sending out cards this year, too. Not as cute as yours, but I'm still patting myself on the back about it! 🙂

  2. The Lady Okie says:

    We ordered our cards from Minted too. I love them! Sending out Christmas cards is one of my favorite things. Yours look great!

  3. Alicia Snow says:

    I love the month by month timeline on the back. Especially after such a happy year for your family. 🙂

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