The Play That Goes Wrong

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the Play that Goes Wrong Review
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The Play That Goes Wrong Date Night

Date Info:
The Play That Goes Wrong
Price: $41-$240 per ticket (depending on where you sit)
Location: ASU Gammage – touring the U.S.
Website: The Play That Goes Wrong Website

I hear from many readers that they love seeing us dress up and go to plays, but they are skeptical their partner would enjoy a play. Tickets can add up fast and make this a big spender date. Consequently, it can be a tough date night to plan if you aren’t sure that you’re significant other will be a fan.

Can I tell you that if you’re in this boat and only willing to spend the money on something you’re confident they’ll enjoy, we have the play for you. Also, I’m not kidding when I say I laughed harder at this play than I did when we saw Brian Reagon or Jim Gaffigan! And I really love both those comedians!

This was seriously such a funny play with wit and satire that made me laugh so hard I cried! We had an elderly couple next to us who had no idea what was going on, which made it even funnier. But generally speaking, most the audience was cracking up the entire time!

The Play That Goes Wrong Plot

It’s a play within a play, so you’ll get a hint of Inception meets a stand-up comedy show. The premise is a British theatre company is taking their murder mystery play on tour. Additionally, they have a low budget and are known for cutting some corners on productions. But of course they boast that they are trained heavily to improvise as they go.

Throughout the play, everything goes wrong. The set slowly falls apart. People are knocked unconscious. Understudies step up to try to fill in. There’s even some pyrotechnics that happens. But the show must go on, and they finish the play proceeds with absolutely everything being derailed at some point.

There’s a lot of slapstick humor, clever lines, physical humor, and amazing acting holding it all together throughout the night.

I think it was also appropriate that I lugged our camera along for our traditional date night picture only to find I’d left the battery charging at home. So a lovely cell phone capture seems all the more appropriate to share this Whiting date!

The Play That Goes Wrong

These tickets were a gift for Christmas (thanks again T+W!) and couldn’t be happier with this gift! If you’ve ever wanted to see a play and need one to get your feet wet, this is your play! I can guarantee it’s the gateway drug for theatre appreciation, and that you’ll laugh out loud at least half the play!

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