Top Posts of 2020

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Curious what our top posts of 2020 are? Here are the top 10 most visited posts of Friday We’re in Love in the year 2020. 

Top Posts of 2020

What a year doesn’t even cover it! I always enjoy looking at my analytics (if you didn’t’ know, I teach about them at conferences back when there were conferences- ha)! But one of my favorite things is looking at the entire picture of a year and seeing what the most visited and read posts of the year were. The top posts of 2020 were a little different, just like this year has been! 

It was so interesting to see how different content served and helped people in a year that most people spent so much time at home. I think you’ll find it quite entertaining, I certainly did! Here are our top posts of 2020, and let’s do this New Year’s style and count down from 10-1!

Top Posts of 2020

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