Valentine’s Day Traditions

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We’re at a fun time of year where we see a little spike in traffic while people search for Valentine’s Day date ideas and ways to celebrate love on this designated holiday. I love that there’s a day to celebrate love- no matter what kind of love! Even as a bad-attitude teenager calling it “Single’s Awareness Day” I really loved sharing notes and cards with my friends, having a few flowers come my way, and taking the time to have a special meal or treat with my family. At every phase of my life I have loved stopping to reflect on who I love and why I love them, even if it was just my parents at the time!

I think it’s a given that’s it’s even more of a fun holiday as a married couple. For many this is the time they go out on a big date and celebrate in a way they don’t typically do. We’ve been all over the map with fancy romantic dates, quirky non-Valentine’s type dates to avoid crowds, and everything in between in our six Valentine’s together. We’ve decided what matters is the expression more than the activity. For us, it’s a time of year to reflect on the past year and what we’ve been through. It’s a bit more of a sentimental day than a romantic one for the two of us, and I think we both prefer it that way!

We have a few traditions that I look forward to every year- we both do a small gift and we aim to share a reason why we love the other based on experiences of that year. I thought it would be fun to split our Valentine’s Day traditions by having me share what I always do for Jacob, and Jacob share what he does for me! Since this always includes a card of some sort, we’ll also give you a sneak peak of what we chose for each other and why.

Ladies first…

The first year we were together, I made Jacob a cheesy love songs Valentine’s playlist complete with burned CD. We’d been friends going on dates for a long time, but had just made the dating exclusively thing official a week before Valentine’s Day. I wanted some romantic tunes to listen to in his car while we were out and about together, to set the mood.
I decided it was tradition, and every year I have made him a playlist with songs that remind me of our relationship, and a few that reflect events from the prior year. You can expect some relative to moving, having a baby, and probably something in Italian this year!

For the card I always look for something that grabs an inside joke, sentimental statement, or something funny that we relate to in our relationship. It’s typically humor that I lean towards in choosing my Hallmark Valentine’s Day card, but every once in a while a card does the perfect job blending the funny in with significance, and this year, that card found me!

I almost died at the line “Finds my stuff” because there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t ask for help finding something and Jacob swoops in like a honing pigeon and gives the exact whereabouts of the object.

But the sentimental pieces capture just what I feel too. In my book a little funny and a lot of sweet equal the perfect card that I know will go in the filing cabinet to keep forever and cherish forever

Jacob’s plans…

We started dating a few weeks before Valentine’s Day way back when, and I wasn’t sure what I should do for Valentine’s Day…do we do flowers? what kind? is that too romantic? If I do flowers, are roses too romantic? Are we to that point in our relationship? If I choose the wrong flower will she dump me in a week? It was pretty stressful to know what the right thing to do was. I settled for tulips because she had mentioned how she loves tulips one time. I had them shipped to her house. That night when I showed up to pick her up for the date, there was the box on the doorstep. Unopened. Undiscovered. It was far from the perfect first Valentine’s I had imagined. I handed her the box and said “FedEx had a delivery for you.” For the record, I should have ordered roses. Red roses. But nevertheless she still went out with me that night and I think we had a good time. I lucked out for sure!

Since then, there are two constants each Valentine’s Day. Every year I send her roses. Color: Red. And a Hallmark Valentine’s Day card. No exceptions to these two. It’s the right thing to do and she is always checking the front porch for both ☺

Camille know that small sentiments go a long way so in addition, I try to get her something small that she might not be expecting. Like a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Chocolates. Some movie that she loved from the year before. But I always include a card. We both try to find something funny and fitting.

And I ALWAYS sign: Love, Jacob. Some years I’ll include a heart.

We both love that a quick trip to the Hallmark Department at Walgreens can yield the perfect card in very little time, but leave a lasting memory for our Valentine’s Day traditions.
So there you have it, that’s how we do Valentine’s Day.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? We’d love to hear!

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