Valentine’s Happened: 2013 Playlist

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Remember my post on Valentine’s Day about the breakdown and feeling like I had nothing to give the world’s greatest husband to show my love?

Guess what, Valentine’s still happened! We had a great time at a low-key event, and I can’t wait to share that with you tomorrow.

I was able to get together my traditional Valentine’s gift and give it to him on Valentine’s Day- but in different format this year. I usually make a playlist of 14 mushy love songs that remind me of Jacob, our relationship, an experience that year, or a conversation we’ve had. I love using the poetry of the lyrics of musicians to help describe how I feel about Jacob. I usually burn a CD and write out my thoughts and feelings like a hand-written love letter. But this year, I had to go a little more tech-savy and hence part of my breakdown the day before V-day.

This year I sent a Spotify playlist to Jacob since my new Macbook doesn’t have a disk drive. I also sent him a Google Doc with the written explanation. And you know what- it was fine! It worked well, and it’s amazing how life goes on even when it doesn’t look like technology will. (Queue eye rolling at that drama queen statement, but it’s definitely how I felt!)

And guess what, the beauty of this all is I get to share it with you! If you want to listen to any of the songs feel free to follow my Spotify Valentine’s 2013 Playlist.

And here’s way more insight into this year’s mushy Valentine’s Playlist/Camille and Jacob’s relationship/my deep heartfelt feelings than anyone probably cares to know:

1. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Lady Antebellum
I love the lyrics that describe overcoming walls that have been put up and scars that are present and falling fast for someone that’s different than any other person or feeling you’ve ever had. I love that I’ve always been able to tell you anything. I love that I’ve always been 100% myself, and that we’ve always been able to connect in the way we do.

2. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Johnny Cash
I love that neither one of us believe in love at first site, but we both knew there was something different about each other the night we met. I couldn’t stop gushing that I’d met the coolest boy I’d ever met, and I love that you told me later “I knew I was definitely making sure I saw you again!” It’s amazing how the cliche “you just know” is so true! 

3. Kiss Me- Ed Sheran
There’s nothing I love more in this world than the nights we just stay home and snuggle, look in each other’s eyes, and give each others lots of kisses. This song personifies the feeling I have when I share those favorite moments with you.

4. All About Your Heart- Mindy Gledhill
I was told by someone else this song described our relationship long before I heard it. I feel like this is just how you treated me and my scarred heart, that you didn’t care about it, you just cared about who I am. It’s always meant the world to me that you’ve felt that way! 

5. You Got What I Need- Joshua Radin
I love that this last year my Mom made the comment that we could have been happy with so many other people, but we ended up together because we need each other. I love that you’re so sweet, patient, generous, non-judgemental, and serving in so many ways I’m not that you help me be a much better person. I think you’re much more social and life is a little more exciting with me. I really do think we have just what each other need! 

6. Wanted- Hunter Hays
If only you knew how many people check you out wherever we go- such a handsome man, and you’re so oblivious it’s adorable! I’m so lucky that I get to be the lucky girl that got you, and I get to help you know how wanted you really are!

7. Til Kingdom Come- Coldplay
You know every time I’m asked to be a speaker and share my life story I make the remark that a man like you and the wonderful marriage we have I would have waited an entire lifetime for because it’s so worth it? I mean that so much! I would have waited for you “Til Kingdom Come” and feel so lucky that I actually got you before we hit our 30’s!

8. On A Night Like This- Dave Barnes
I can’t tell you how many date nights I look around at others and realize how lucky I am to be out with a boy that I love so much and loves me so much! As cheesy as it sounds, I really do fall in love with you all over again every Friday night!

9. Love You More- James William Hindle
“I love you more than I could ever say, or sing, or even show.” Amen Mr. Hindle, I couldn’t have said that better- just how I feel about my handsome husband!

10. My Girl Tonight- Jon McLaughlin
I love how this song talks about the progression of falling in love, and how much I think it captures the feelings of true love. From the moment of asking on the first date and getting over nerves, to the first kiss and feeling something you’ve never felt, to realizing you can’t live life not being married and living together. I really love the lines you know the me that no one else on earth knows” and “ It’ hard to say what true love is, all I know my dear is we define it, and in me you’ll always find it.” Could lyrics be any more true about being happily married and knowing each other and love in ways you never dreamt possible?

11. Perfect For Me- Ron Pope
Is there more to say than this song? Isn’t it amazing to know each other’s flaws and love each other more for them? Thanks for being absolutely perfect for me even with imperfections! 

12. Be My Only- Fm Radio
I love the line “I swear love speeds up time” because it just seems the last 4 years have flown by faster than any other time of my life! Thanks for thinking I was worth waiting for just like this artist does for his love, I’m so grateful you were so patient! 

13. I Don’t Wanna Miss This- Tyler Ward
You know when you have those moments that you really need just need your spouse by your side? This year you took me to the ER and took care of me all night, helped me walk after many long runs, and have watched me go through some serious trials, and always been there. There isn’t a moment I don’t need you with me, and not a moment when you need me that I would ever want to miss! 

14. You Are The Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne
Amen to this song! You are the best thing that ever happened to me!

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