Week 30/30 Reflections

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When you make a decision to dedicate 30 weeks of your life to something it’s a little surreal to have those 30 weeks come to end.
Wednesday was a weird day to get up and only run 2 miles after all this training. Thursday was a weird day to open the schedule on my phone and realize I wouldn’t be pulling this page up almost every day anymore. Today is weirding me out even more to know that this is the day I’m on: 
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Tomorrow is the big day! About 40% of me is so excited for this! About 60% of me is dwelling on my injured knees, cramped calf, and pulled glute, and that fact I haven’t run very far in the past two weeks. I think there are more nerves than excitement, but I’m sure this is all part of it!

I’ve already made up my mind, no matter what I’m going to finish! Even if I have to limp my way there and I finish after they take down the finish line, I’m going to run 26.2 miles tomorrow on the chartered course!

I just keep telling myself I did all the big runs, and only missed about 4 runs total along the training. I got my phone and a new app in November, and since then, these are my stats:

 I hope putting in your time equals a great run! You don’t realize how much time it is until you see stats like this all at once- wow, it’s been a big commitment!

But no matter what happens tomorrow, I have had an amazing experience these many hours, and there are things I can’t help but note as amazing, and even life-changing experiences along the way!

One of the major blessings of this run has been the scenery, I have truly learned to love nature, urban beauty, and other people in a way I never have before.

The scenery of note:

– Birds all over the canal
– The day there were so many birds and I was all alone I just prayed they didn’t attack me
– Running over the freeway- my favorite part of all my runs!
– Watching the sun rise
– Watching the sun set
– Enjoying the rain on my face
– Enjoying many sunny warm days
– Watching other runners- I’m always impressed
– Watching many try to get in shape and just being humbled by their persistence in going out- some who are obese and clearly struggling to run/jog, and they are there every Saturday with a smile and a hello and a great attitude. What an example they have been!
– Watching the elderly hold hands and walk together
– The day I ran by the bush (pictured above) and a swarm of monarch butterflies came out and flew around me. I felt like Pocahontas singing “Colors of the Wind” in this surreal moment.
– The day a toy poodle stopped, did a trick in front of me walking on only its two front legs, and giving the biggest smile a dog can only to hear the owner giggle at their “little show-off” just too funny!
– The day an older man almost ran me off the path and I almost fell down into the canal, and then he flashed me a peace sign when he passed. I laughed so hard the shock and anger couldn’t stay long!
– My husband’s grand gesture to cheer me on mile 15 of 20 on my longest training run- that sign still chokes me up!
– The elderly couple that saw his gesture and me coming and gave me smirky smiles as I ran by

And then there was the experience and the pain, all of which I am grateful for:

– Watching my milage go up every week and Sundays progressively getting harder to walk
– Drinking a Jamba after almost every Saturday run, bless you BOGO fundraiser card!
– Getting faster, going from almost 12-minute miles to 10:40 on crazy long runs to 9:38 on shorter runs
– Starting to think my favorite 8-mile loop is “a nice little run”
– Battling all the voices that tell you that you can’t do it and proving them wrong
– Learning how great ice baths are
– Craving salt on everything, and adding salt to salty crackers
– Watching my toenails crack, bleed, and fall off- but each symbolized great things coming from ugly experiences to me. I’ve proudly quit painting toenails and worn sandals as gross as it is- I’ve earned these beat up feet!
– Growing blisters twice the size of my toes
– Finding the greatest marketing package ever
– Having my feet swell so bad none of my shoes fit for days- apparently 18 miles is a lot!
– Needing new shoes but not being able to stomach the hot pink and ordering the blue ones online even though they came several days later than I needed them
– Falling in love with my Camelback that I already loved
– Eating almost an entire case of Black Cherry Shot Bloks
– Enjoying a few races on the way, but sacrificing most for the sake of the marathon and commitment to my training schedule
– Meeting Poweraid slushies at Sonic
– Eating whatever I want whenever I want to, and sometimes that isn’t enough!
– Being able to eat carbs, what a weird thing that my body actually needs them!
– Crafting playlists, and even getting to write one of the marathon’s blog posts for their site
– Getting to share this with coworkers and talking about runs and encouraging each other daily
– Having a husband run by my side for part of my long Saturday runs, what a great bonding experience!
– Watching everyone I know cheer me on and ask me about my training, I’m so overwhelmed by the support and encouragement!

So no matter what may come, if I surprise myself and rock it, or get heat stroke in the sudden warm-up this weekend, have to get a leg amputated at the end, etc. I am so glad that I have had this amazing experience! I’m so glad that I started at the beginning and looked at that 40-mile week wondering if I’d ever be able to do it- then doing it, and realizing that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

So friends, I hope this isn’t my last blog post for a while due to amputation recovery, but if it is, thanks for still reading, encouraging, and cheering me on! Tomorrow is a big day for me, and one I know I will always remember!

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  1. Just found your blog during blog surfing and glad I did. I can't wait to hear about your marathon. Running on is on my goals list. I hope to run it before I'm 30. Just started “training” last week. I'm loving the schedule you followed though. Trying to decide if it's doable for me.

  2. Katie I'm thinking I'm in love, it was such a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone with remote interest!
    Thanks for inspiring me to sign up, wouldn't have done this without you!!!!

  3. MARATHON TIME!!! this post inspires me….and makes me want a powerade slushie.

  4. Thanks girl! I'm sure I won't, I just hope I don't forget because it was a good experience 🙂

  5. I am seriously so impressed by anyone who completes a marathon! Good for you! I can't wait to read about your experience. I hear it's something you'll never forget!