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Happy New Year!

I always love the fresh start and opportunity to think about where I want to go and what I want to become.

Jacob and I  set goals as a couple, as well as individual goals in set categories, such as professional and mental in hopes that we stretch ourselves and grow. We started to do this and have some concrete goals down, but as I thought about specifics, I realized this year has me thinking about things a little differently.

Becoming a mom rocked my life in ways I never imaged, and it took me until the last few months to feel like my head was above water in so many areas. It’s like a small haze lifted when fall came, and I could think about more than just keeping a small human alive and going to work. That’s a time I started making new lists of things I needed to do or really wanted to do in life outside of essential motherhood and work responsibilities. Heaven knows a year in your home is enough time finally get some sort of blinds or window coverings in your kitchen! I got a jump on a lot of those little things and I’m still working through most of them, and those are kind of the pieces of my life I’m counting as my main resolutions this year. Less “run a marathon” and more “do something active every day” kind of resolutions.

I plan to get even more organized with meal prep and planning, and add a little more culinary adventure in there too. I want to finally make our house our home and furnish the empty rooms and decorate the entire place in our style with a few renovations along the way. I want to organize, declutter, and simplify the messes. The process of weaning a baby and weight loss seemed to be a thing for me and I got serious about fitness the last months of 2016. I’ve even had so many ask about what I’m doing, and I plan to keep doing it and hope to see an even stronger body in 2017, and to share some specifics in upcoming blog posts. I’ve made some big changes and updates in owning a business lately, and I hope I am lucky enough to continue to grow and learn. I want to sharpen my mind mentally, be a little more present as a mom, and make sure I’m better about more fun and original date nights with my favorite guy.

I thought instead of writing a post about specific goals and measurements I’d share a few general goals and spend this month talking about specific things in these general categories that I’m doing to get more organized, be more fit, get the house together, etc. I’m hopeful it will help me feel more progression and maybe share some inspiration for anyone looking for progress in any of these areas too.

So Happy New Year friends! I hope you find ways to progress too, and I hope you’ll find a little inspiration around these parts too!


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