Thanksgiving: We’re Thankful for You!

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Dear Readers,

We wanted to take a minute on this Thanksgiving Day to let you know that we appreciate you! This blog was started just to keep us accountable to date every week, and we never though anyone would look at it or care about our lives. After an amazing thing called Pinterest came along traffic boosted and we found there were more people coming than just our mothers. Being a blogger was never intended, but this surprise has been a rich blessing in which we are both thankful!

Analytics show most of you are busy mothers, college students, and newlyweds looking for ideas. Even if you don’t fall in that demographic, we sincerely appreciate your time! In this crazy world we live in where everyone is always overbooked, we thank you for spending time with us, for letting us be a part of your very busy lives, and taking some of those precious moments during study breaks, work, or nap time, to read about our adventures, and be a part of our lives.

You put up with some sponsored posts so we can continue to fund dates and travel, you reach out with the kindest emails whenever we open up about problems, particularly infertility and whenever I open up about my life story and past abuse. You in turn share your lives and stories, and it’s a sweet relationship and blessing I just wouldn’t feel right about not taking a moment to thank you! Thank you sincerely for being a part of our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and again, thank you for being a reader!

Camille and Jacob

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One Comment

  1. Rachel Champagne says:

    Very sweet. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jacob!