What’s In the Diaper Bag for Me

What's in the diaper bag for me

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When I had my first child, I thought I’d just easily jump back and forth between the diaper bag and a purse. I learned quickly the diaper bag would become an integral part of my life and the purse would become a rare luxury. Oh, the fancy-free everything-in-this-bag-is-for-me feeling of the purse!

I learned quickly that I needed to take care of myself, and that meant a little pouch with mom necessities just for me. I still keep these to a minimum, the diaper bag has a lot of baby and toddler items to lug around. But there are things I need on hand that help me stay healthy, happy, and comfortable when we’re out and about.

Here’s what’s in the diaper bag for me:

mom on the go survival items

  1. Sunglasses
    Wherever we go, whatever we do, sunglasses are a must! It may be a few quick errands, preschool drop-off, or a day at the park. Living in a sunny state has left me always in need of a pair. I love having some in the diaper bag just in case I wasn’t the driver or left my other pair in the car.
  2. Rohto Dry-Aid Eye Drops
    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving and your eyes itching and feeling irritated. Moms usually don’t have to stop and run home. I’ve had laser eye surgery, so this is something I really struggle with when things start to warm up!
    Particularly in the warmer months, eye irritation of dry eye symptoms show up more than ever. I love feeling like I’m okay to be out in the heat and I’ll be fine even if this hits after some summer sun with Rohto Dry-Aid in my bag! Rohto Dry-Aid brings fast-acting relief for dry, irritated eyes due to whatever may be the culprit causing the problem. Including overuse of digital devices, environmental conditions like arid or windy weather, extended use of contact lenses, laser eye surgery, or hormonal changes.

    Rohto Dry-Aid is clinically shown to improve key symptoms of dry eye disease – dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging – without making your vision blurry. Plus the relief is long-lasting, so this small bottle that fits so well in a tight diaper bag offers big relief that lasts!
    If you have any of all of these symptoms- definitely go buy some Rohto Dry-Aid drops and make sure to keep some in your purse or the diaper bag just for you! Also you can find a $2 off coupon here
    One more note: Here’s an Optometrist-provided tip from Dr. Susan Resnick on additional ways to help relieve dry eye symptoms: make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. A balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids will also help restore moisture. Which is why I’m also a huge fan of having…
  3. My Own Water Bottle
    A water bottle just for me is always in tow. I’ve been known to choose a diaper bag that can hold a sippy cup and my water bottle over any other feature. I’m a firm believer that we both need to stay hydrated. I’m also a firm believer in enjoying my water without child floaties creeping in. Plus staying hydrated just helps me feel great in every other area of my life!
    What's in the diaper bag for me
  4. Protein Bar
    I am definitely guilty of stealing my kid’s snacks from the diaper bag, but I’m always amazed how sometimes I just need a protein boost. I get low blood sugar, and a protein bar is the easiest thing to keep on hand for me. Also, how many times does your kid get hungry and eat all your snacks or all your packed lunch? I love that I can tell him to eat all he wants and know I have my emergency protein bar stashed just for me.
  5. Headache Medicine
    I know everyone has their favorite, and depending if I’m pregnant or not, mine changes. But there’s nothing like when headache hits and you need relief. Having just a couple pills on hand for me can be such a life-saver and keep our day going before anything has a chance to turn to a migraine.
  6. Lip Gloss
    I quit lip balm a while back and went on a lip gloss loving spree. It hydrates my lips and it makes me feel more put together. Sometimes I go clear, sometimes there’s one with some color in case I want to feel put together in a pinch. If you’re a lip balm person, a tinted lip balm does the same trick!

I keep it pretty simple and lightweight since there are plenty of baby and toddler items to pack. But I’ve learned a few mom items on hand for me can make all the difference in how I feel, and how well our days go!

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