Zac Brown Band Tour

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Zac Brown Band Tour
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Zac Brown Band Concert Date Night 

Date Idea: Zac Brown Band Live
Location: Ak-Chin Pavillion Arizona
Price: Tickets start at $40 per person and go from there. Check your venue
Time: 2-4 hours, depending on your opening show
Tip: Get there early! This was the longest security line we’ve ever seen at a concert! The Zac Brown Band 2019 tour is super popular and I’d plan extra time for traffic and security.

Zac Brown Band Date Night

Zac Brown Band Down the Rabbit Hole

Every now and then my soul just needs live music. We love to turn to Live Nation to see what events are coming in the Phoenix area. It’s always a date that really feels like a date. Concerts take us back to younger years and early days of dating. Perhaps the best part of growing older together is we have more bands we love and more dates to go on!

We were invited by Live Nation to see the Zac Brown Band live in their Down the Rabbit Hole tour for date night last week, and I was so giddy about it! The Zac Brown Band is so popular and sells out concerts so quickly! Let me tell you why they are such a great concert.

Zac Brown Band Concert

I’ve seen several artists live, but they are amazingly good live! Seriously, in the top 5 best I’ve ever heard! I felt like I was listening to their music right off the radio, but with more personality and energy that only a live performance delivers.

If you’re a fan of the Zac Brown Band, you definitely need to add a live concert to your bucket list. I think anyone would be amazed at the show these guys put on.

Zac Brown Band Tour

Another reason they are so popular is they are true multi-genre crossover band. Part country, party rock, they are categorized as Southern Rock. It’s the nod to both music styles that make their songs so catchy and memorable.

I loved seeing the entire band and hearing elements like the electric violin mixed with a banjo and every traditional rock instrument.

There were couples slow dancing and two-stepping in the aisles. If you’ve never been to a country show before, I’d highly recommend it! It’s its own experience.

And if you need the perfect gateway of rock and a little bit country, the Zac Brown Band tour makes for the perfect mashup of both.

Zac Brown Band Down the Rabbit Hole

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