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Our Story

We were two mid twenty-somethings who liked to get out and do things. Both happy with who we were and what we were doing, we never expected to meet each other.

Camille was on a “dating sabbatical” studying for the GMAT in an attempt to get into a good business school, when she felt spiritually compelled to give up the sabbatical and start dating again. Not soon after this prompting a text inviting her to a speed dating/dance activity for young single adult Mormons appeared, followed shortly after by a friend’s invitation to go. She missed the speed dating but stayed for the dance.

As she spent the night third-wheeling with her friend flirting it up with a boy, she added something she thought was very witty to join the conversation. Feeling ignored, she turned to find a tall skinny boy with the cutest smile she’d ever seen making a witty comment to match her witty comment. The two laughed, and talked for about an hour during the dance. They soon found out Camille would be starting school and attending a single’s church where Jacob attended.

We’d love to say that was that- but it took a while. You see, neither Camille nor Jacob are hopeless romantics, and like to think everything out before jumping in. After four months of being close friends, Jacob finally asked Camille on their first date- Mexican food and watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It. It seemed so comfortable and normal. It still took a few more months to figure life out. After 7 months, lots of dates, a half marathon trained for together, and some pushes from friends, the two started dating officially.

Jacob supported Camille through school, bought a home, and continued to plan fun and entertaining dates to get to know Camille. Camille answered back a few months in with some activities as well.

Before they knew it, Camille had been through almost two years of an MBA program and was applying for jobs. The perfect job practically hand picked for her showed up- in Los Angeles, where she’d always hoped to move after graduation. This lead to quite a bit of thinking, prayer, and time for a discussion on whether this had just been another fun time or should she be thinking about making Arizona a permanent endeavor.

A fateful night in a car lead to “the M word” being mentioned, and Jacob remarking, “I’ve been waiting forever for you to bring it up. I knew if I did you’d completely freak out, so I waited until you were ready!” This boy had already made up his mind, Camille was the one for him, and he patiently waited for her to come around. There was a little panic after this, but a few weeks later only jobs in-state were being applied to, prayer and confirmation that God approved of this choice, and some ring shopping happened.

In October of 2010 a proposal was made.
In March of 2011 the deal was sealed.

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