75 Cute Date Ideas

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A huge list of cute date ideas for your next date night. If you’re ready to pull off a romantic comedy-style date in person, these cute date nights are for you! Plus tons of bonus date night ideas lists to help make your next date night perfect!

75 cute date ideas for your next date night
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Sometimes you just need a sweet experience together to really tune up the connection. There’s nothing like a cute date idea to do that! I’m a sucker for date ideas that make me feel like I belong in a movie or sitcom. Those are the date nights you tell your friends about and get the “That is such a cute date idea” response!

Cute Dates to Go On

Sometimes when I watch romantic comedies I’m in awe of the cute dates written into the script. If you’ve ever been a romantic and have hoped to experience one of those cute dates yourself, this list is for you!

For anyone looking to live out their sitcom-style date night, we have tons of cute date ideas to make your life feel a little more magical this weekend.

These cute date ideas will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a romantic comedy on your next date night!

Cute Date Ideas for Couples

75 Cute Date Ideas

    1. Have a romantic sunset picnic. You could also do a sunrise picnic brunch. Grab a cute picnic basket, and a blanket, and get ready for a little romance in the fresh air! Find tons of tips and ideas for a picnic date night to make it extra special! 
    2. Relive your first date together with the same activities
    3. Go out for ice cream at the cutest, most picturesque ice cream shop in your area
    4. Visit your cutest coffee shop in town and enjoy a low-key cute date. Bonus points if you make it right by the front window, just like romantic comedies do!
    5. Plan a full menu and make a romantic dinner together
    6. Go stargazing in the back of a truck or with the help of an inflatable air mattress
    7. Tour a local candy factory/candy shop. Be sure to take home a box of candies to sample when you leave.
    8. Visit every photo booth in town and take a bunch of old-school film strip photos together
    9. Visit your local art gallery together
    10. Create something together with a Date Night Box. These are an entire cute date night in a box that shows up at your doorstep.
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      Cute Date Ideas to Make You Feel Like You’re in a Romantic Comedy

    11. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Brace yourself, most romantic comedies end in an adoption!
    12. Go to the old-school arcade
    13. Find a romantic spot to watch the sunset together. Think rooftops, on top of a hill, out in the country, or anywhere that gives you a special view of the sun setting.
    14. Cuddle to your favorite romantic comedy.
    15. Go miniature golfing
    16. Ride go-karts together and have races around the track
    17. Go antique shopping together at your best local antique store 
    18. Pretend you’re getting married and make a fake registry together. Bonus if you’re already married, and want to make a pretend do-over!
    19. Download a movie and head out to a remote area with plenty of blankets to go watch it together. Don’t forget the popcorn and maybe even some takeout appetizers to enjoy while you watch! 
    20. Have a chocolate-tasting date. Get a box of chocolates and take turns closing your eyes and feeding each other an undisclosed chocolate. Take turns guessing the flavor and see who wins at guessing the most correctly. 
    21. Mix up movie night: dry a “dive-in movie” at the pool. Grab your swimsuits and some flotation devices, and enjoy this creative way to catch a flick! 
    22. Do a drive-in movie date. A classic date night to a vintage drive-in movie theater is always a cute date night! Bring some snacks and a blanket and get ready for the perfect date to cuddle! 
    23. Go axe throwing. This date night is trending big time right now, and with good reason! It’s fun if you’re excellent, and it’s funny if you’re not. Find an axe-throwing venue in your area and grab your flannels! 
    24. Watch a concert in the park. You have to hit these up at the right time of year, but they often take place during the spring or summer months. It’s a great way to enjoy some live music, support a local band, and enjoy great weather. These are usually put on at your local park or outdoor mall areas, so check their websites for information. 
    25. Go indoor skydiving. This is one of those splurge dates you’ll never forget! Expect the sensation of skydiving in a controlled indoor wind tunnel. 
    26. Do a paint night date night. This is our most repeated date, and one that’s surprisingly fun and relaxing even if you’re not an artist! 
      Couple looking through cute date ideas

      The Cutest Date Night Ideas

      Go out for a brunch date to a hipster location and split meals. 
    27. Play would you rather for couples. You’ll have a great time laughing and getting to know each other. Be grab our free would you rather dating questions download here
    28. Take a line dancing class together and get your country groove on
    29. Visit a sporting event and try to get on the kiss cam. Seriously, a sports game and talking while you cheer on a team can be the ultimate cute date night! 
    30. Fly a kite
    31. Go pick local produce on a u-pick farm day
    32. Bake and decorate sugar cookies together
    33. Bake chocolate chip cookies together. Grab the ingredients and make everyone’s favorite cookie together! We won’t blame you one bit if they don’t make it to the oven and you only get to the cookie dough phase! 
    34. Rent a tandem bike for the day. Talk about a cute date you can’t help but Instagram! 
    35. Ride bikes to get lunch or dinner. Not only will you get in a minor workout, but you’ll also get those endorphins pumping on this cute date experience! 
    36. Order one of every flavor of dessert at a local bakery and have a taste-testing night complete with rating cards
    37. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
    38. Make a time capsule together of everything trending right now
    39. Take a pottery-making class and make a work of art for each other. Bonus points if you play Unchained Melody and channel the scene from Ghost.
    40. Find out a place your date has always wanted to visit, and plan a night enjoying food and entertainment from that location
    41. Hold hands and take a long walk around a park
    42. Attend a trivia night. These are usually a ton of fun whether you’re great at trivia, or terrible. It’s a unique date, particularly if you find a themed trivia night like Disney trivia or sports trivia. It makes a fantastic double date or group date too! 
    43. Visit a botanical garden or floral festival for a sweet day together and a cute date idea you’ll always remember
    44. Set up a tent in the backyard and make s’mores together on your campout
    45. Go on a scavenger hunt together
    46. Go roller skating and be sure to dedicate songs to each other
    47. Rent paddleboats for a romantic stroll
    48. Have a Dave and Buster date night. It will make you feel like a teenager, and it brings out the friendly competition in a fun way! 
    49. Have a game night. Grab a few of your favorite board game options (yes like Monopoly or Settler of Catan) and play board games. Check out our Couple’s Game list of over 100 great games for two! 
    50. Create bucket lists either separately or to do together as a couple and share your top ideas
    51. Make a playlist of your favorite songs. You can learn a lot about a person by their song choices and ability to create a life soundtrack! 
    52. Read a book together taking turns reading pages or chapters
    53. Have a Top Golf date night. Enjoy a little friendly competition with a really user-friendly range that makes for a cute date night out!
    54. Visit an old-school arcade and play arcade games. 
    55. Do a seasonal zoo lights date night. It’s a great place to hold hands, and enjoy a lot of entertainment with a romantic sparkle of twinkly lights 
    56. Attend an open-mic night. Many bookstores, restaurants, and bars offer open-mic nights. You’ll find hidden talent, pop songs, poetry, and a lot of unique entertainment.
    57. Have a thrift store date night. Go choose outrageous outfits for each other to try on. Or at least try to find something from your high school era and set the mood like you are high school kids ready for a date night from that era. Bonus, It’s one of those cheap date ideas you’ll laugh about for years! Also, no need to buy anything, you can make this a free date idea just by trying clothes on!
    58. Go bowling for date night. Make this quintessential date even cuter with different rounds. Try having to spin before you bowl, bowling with your eyes closed, or doing a round with the opposite hand. There are a lot of ways to shake up this date and turn it into a very fun, and very cute experience you’ll laugh about together! 
    59. Visit an open house. An open house date night surprisingly a lot of fun to walk through beautiful homes or apartments and check out amazing designs and features. And best of all, it’s often free! 
    60. Test-drive cars together. This is my husband’s favorite of all fun date night ideas! It’s surprisingly fun to see all the new technology and features added to vehicles every year. Plus, you may be doing research for your future and find a car you never knew you’d love! 
    61. Take a sushi rolling class. You will likely learn a lot both about culture and culinary skills you may use for years to come! 
    62. Do a Walmart Challenge date night. Take turns closing your eyes and walking up and down an aisle with food, a movie, games, and dessert. When one person says stop, you have to grab whatever you’re pointing at or closest to. It’s a fun challenge that makes your date night a bit of an adventure
    63. Have a pizza night. This was the ultimate cute date when I was in college. Someone would make the pizza dough (check out our no-fail homemade pizza dough recipe), and the other party would bring the toppings. It’s a great group date, but it’s always a fun date night for two. 

      Romantic Date Ideas

    64. Head to the fair and ride the Ferris wheel
    65. Set Up A Fondue Date Night with your favorite cheese dip and bread. And don’t forget the chocolate fondue and Strawberries for dessert! 
    66. Take a romantic walk on the beach. Or by the river, around the park, you know, whatever pretty nature-type location is near you will do. But a scenic walk to talk and hold hands is a fantastic free date night! 
    67. Have an aquarium date. You’ll be amazed at how relaxing this date night is! It’s also one of those dates that are perfect for first-date ideas, and seasoned couples love it as well!
    68. Have a 5 Love Languages Date Night. Read The 5 Love Languages and discuss what you can do better to help your spouse feel loved. We have a free printable activity to help walk you through this date!*
    69. Do an ice skating date night. This is one of those quintessential winter date ideas that people love to do at Christmas. However, we love ice skating dates in the summer to cool down on a hot day! It’s a great date that turns up the romance with a little hand-holding and a lot of connection! And yes, hot chocolate is always a good idea no matter the season! 
    70. Take a dance class. You can learn to salsa, tango, ballroom, or even learn hip-hop. It’s connecting and intimate! Not to mention, it’s become one of those great at home date night ideas thanks to how many amazing companies offer dance classes for those looking for at-home date ideas
    71. Cook a new recipe together. We love using the Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates Book with a scratch-off date night challenge included. Between the activity, the good food, and maybe dinner with some romantic candles, it’s the perfect romantic date night!
    72. Do a sunset boat cruise. You do get bonus points if a romantic dinner and fancy appetizer options are included! 
    73. Build a campfire. There’s something about snuggling up around a camp fire and roasting s’mores together that makes a bonfire night a great date! 
    74. Have a romantic fort date night in your living room. Grab your favorite blanket, and some sheets, and set up a movie night viewing space that gets you off the couch. For an extra romantic touch, add some twinkle lights. You can check out our romantic fort date night for some inspiration! 
    75. May you find your favorites and have some of the cutest date nights ever!

Cute Date Ideas FAQs

What is a girl’s ideal date?

This is going to depend on the girl, as different have different preferences. Take into account her hobbies, her sense of adventure, her comfort level in different places, and do your best to make her feel comfortable and have fun.

How can I be romantic on a date night?

Start by planning a romantic date night. You could try stargazing, a candlelit dinner, or a moonlit walk. Try to care for your date and their preferences, be thoughtful, and romance in emotional and physical intimacy often ensue during your date night.

What’s your ideal first date?

An ideal first date includes time to get to know one another, so whatever you plan for a date night activity, make sure there’s time to talk and interact. Check out the best First Date Ideas for plenty of great dates!

Can you kiss on first date?

This is totally up to you! Different couples will have different experiences

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