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Valentine’s Fondue Night: Fondue Date Night at Home

How to pull off a fondue date night at home, and enjoy a romantic fondue dinner for two (perfect for a Valentine’s date night)! 
Valentine’s Day date ideas sometimes feel overwhelming! All the pressure to head out somewhere romantic and expensive with a lot of crowds doesn’t always make for the best date night.
Remember last year when I had my breakdown with no Valentine’s plans and explained why Valentine’s Day is a like a high school prom? 

Romantic Fondue Dinner 

This year we actually chatted about it well in advance and decided to come up with an official plan. Then our plan turned into a romantic fondue dinner. We decided it would be easy enough to create a fondue date night at home, and want to share how to do it so you can make this romantic date night happen too! 

This may be the ultimate Valentine’s date night! A romantic fondue night at home creates the perfect intimate and romantic dinner for two!

All it takes is a little planning and a fondue pot to make it happen! 


Fondue Date Night Ideas

  • Make it a picnic!

    Fondue on the floor or on a coffee table is the perfect setup for a fondue date night at home. 

  • Create a Menu You’ll Both love

    You should definitely plan a cheese base and a chocolate base for dipping. I’ll share plenty more ideas below, but make sure to plan the main course and a dessert course. 

  • Get a Playlist 

    We have your back with cute love songs you’ll love to listen to on this date! 

  • Plan Decor. 

    It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. But a few candles, a table cloth, and maybe a banner or centerpiece go a long way. If you want more help with decor made easy, try this trick!

Valentine’s Date Decor

To make sure the decor was cute and put together we turned to Minted to try one of their party packs. Their Valentine’s fondue set was perfect! 
Valentine's Date Decor

Seriously, they think of every detail, and they transformed our plain old loft into a pretty romantic space.

Valentine's Day PicnicValentine's Day Date Night At Home
Fondue date night at home
We’ve done fondue at home before, but this time I used my friend Tia’s recipe for cheese- and it was really fantastic!
We dipped Cajun turkey cut in cubes (ask your deli for a slice about an inch thick), artisan wheat bread, green apples, and blanched asparagus.
fondue night at home

Fondue Love

Can I tell you how much we enjoyed this time together? Jacob had been traveling for an entire week and came home to me just hours before this date, it was wonderful to have a meal that takes some time to eat and to catch up in person.
Not to mention I had butterflies like it was our first date again and kept giddy laughing all night. I guess there’s one perk to business travel and time apart! The fondue love was flowing on this romantic date night at home

Fondue Date night at home.


Last time we had a fondue date at home we were too full for dessert, which is like fondue blasphemy. We made sure to save plenty of room this time.
For the chocolate, we also used Tia’s recipe and we dipped angel food cake, pretzel rods, strawberries, and bananas.
romantic fondue dinner
And switched sides at the table to keep things interesting.
Romantic Date Idea: Fondue Date


Fondue Date night at home.

Fondue Night at Home 

It’s amazing how easy it is to pull off a fondue night at home! It seriously only took a good shopping list and clearing our schedules to make this happen! 

Because you cook the cheese fondue and chocolate fondue in a fondue pot, this date happens in real-time with little prep! 

Valentine's fondue set


Fondue Date night at home.
Fondue Date night at home.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, romantic night that won’t force you to brave the crowds on V-day, I’d highly recommend a romantic fondue date night for two.

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  1. Thank you! And seriously, the angel food cake was the winner. Jacob ate half of the cake!

  2. We are magic like that. One second on one side. A few minutes later- the other. BAM! Magic!

  3. Thank you! We're pretty excited!

  4. You totally should- they do an excellent job!

  5. Thanks Lauren! It was actually pretty easy, and I used the Cotton and Curls tutorial!

  6. The cheese was amazing- better than mine! And of course the chocolate is great too. I hope you get to have the baby too- but if not enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  7. Hopefully the recipes were yummy, they have worked great for us! We are planning on doing this for our Valentine's Dinner, too! Unless I am having the baby, which I would prefer…but since I can't plan on that, I will at least have a cheesy and chocolatey dinner to look forward to! 🙂

  8. Miss Riss says:

    Angel food cake and chocolate fondue….mmmmm my mouth is watering!!! Love the tulle skirt!!

  9. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    This makes me happy. And when I first scrolled down I thought, “Magic! They switched sides!” and then read your comment about switching sides. At least I'm paying attention to details…

  10. Life with Amberly says:

    So fun! I love going on mini getaways, definitely the perfect way to spend Valentine's! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. scout.send.receive. says:

    I didn't know that Minted had a party pack; definitely will have to look into it! Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Your skirt is adorable!!! I have been looking at tutorials on how to make a similar one, but am nervous to try!
    Lauren @ cornwellfam.com