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Cute Love Songs You Can Slow Dance To

An amazing list of cute love songs you can slow dance to for your next romantic moment or dance party that could use some romance! These slow dance songs set the mood with the perfect cute love song!

As cheesy as it may sound, there are few things that kindle romance faster than a slow dance. Sometimes those are at weddings, sometimes parties, and sometimes a random pull over the side of the road fit the bill. I’ve never had a moment with my husband that hasn’t made me smile and feel so attracted to and grateful for him as the times we find one of those best slow dance songs and share a dance. Cute love songs can do so much so quickly!

I’m a sucker for cute love songs you can slow dance to. So much so that I usually gift my husband a playlist of cute love songs that remind me of our relationship. For all those romantic moments, great and small, there’s nothing like a cute love song, and I love having a playlist! In the spirit of the celebration of love this month, I wanted to share some of the best cute love songs you can slow dance to.

Slow Dance Songs

  1. Perfect- Ed Sheeran
    This has been the slow dance song of every wedding we’ve been to this year, and it’s just perfect! Sharing the message that you kind of unexpectedly fall in love and the simple moments make you realize what you have in front of you. Plus who doesn’t love the message that tonight you look perfect?
  2. Make You Feel My Love- Garth Brooks of Adele
    You choose if you’re a little more country or a little more rock and roll, but both versions are amazing! We actually danced to the Adele version on our wedding day and it was one of those sweet moments I’ll never forget. Most couples don’t stop to reflect and bear their soul that they’ll do anything for their significant other, but this is one of those songs that does it perfectly. It’s a sweet moment to dance, feel the romance, and remind yourself of those commitments to each other.

    Cute Love Songs

  3. All of Me- John Legend
    First of all, John Legend’s voice alone is enough to set any mood. But I love this tribute to loving someone’s intellect and their beauty second. I feel like it’s a truly poetic portrayal of the reality of love. There’s attraction on all levels, and there’s a commitment to love all of someone even in their imperfections.
  4. In Case You Didn’t Know- Brett Young
    The vulnerability of opening up and expressing love and interest is one of those pivotal moments of any relationship. I love reliving that moment in my own life but also thinking of the long-term vulnerability and commitment we share. I love you isn’t something you can ever say enough, and I love that this song is applicable to the brand new and the very seasoned relationships that need the reminder.
  5. Til Kingdom Come- Coldplay
    We discovered this song long after our wedding and decided to officially change and declare this our song. It’s really amazing when you find the right person how it feels completely different from any other relationship. You realize you would have spent so many years alone happily if you had any idea how amazing it would be when they came along. We waited a lot of years to find each other, and we’ve forever been grateful that we did.
    Cute love songs you can slow dance to: romantic song list perfect for a romantic moment or a wedding dance

    Best Slow Dance Songs

  6. Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur
    Oh, how those lines “Then you smiled over your shoulder/for a moment I was stone cold sober/I pulled you closer to my chest” makes you want to do the same and slow dance together. I love the small moments he immortalizes in the moments they fell in love. This is one of those songs that reminds you to focus on and cherish those small things forever.
  7. At Last- Etta James (or Beyoncé)
    Etta James had six decades of career success (WHOA!) and this song is one that remains a timeless popular choice for wedding dances, and romantic moments in the kitchen. We’re talking the perfect slow dance beat, the perfect message of how lovely it is to find the one, and how real love feels like a dream. And if you’re into a slightly more modern version by the other Queen, the Beyoncé version is equally amazing.
  8. Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis (or Ingrid Michaelson, or Andrei Botticelli, or Haley Reinhart- I could go on…)
    Coming from a couple that certainly did not rush in, we’re still huge fans and smile at this song. There is something about love that causes a surrender. There definitely comes a moment when your heart takes over your mind and you have to follow it. Not to mention this slow romantic song makes any couple smile and enjoy a romantic slow dance together.

    Slow Love Songs

  9. Latch (Acoustic Version)- Sam Smith
    Another voice that has you from the first note, Sam Smith singing “Latch” also grabs you from the first lyrics. You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down/ You, you enchant me even when you’re not around.” The sentiment that love really makes your life better and happier even when you’re not together is so sweet and so true. Those moments make you realize you want to be with someone forever, and that why I think this is such a cute love song!
  10. So Close- Jon McLaughlin
    This is a song that will make you feel like you’re in a Disney fairytale, maybe because Enchanted is what made it so famous. Half of Jon’s songs are amazing slow dance romance songs. But, this one that reminds you that love is a journey that you can get close and be far from that happy ending makes it even more real and romantic to me. Love is a journey, but it’s amazing how being with the right person makes it feel so magical.

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