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Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

It’s kind of a magical thing to have a baby around Christmas time. As Christians, we’re given that sweet reminder of the baby we’re celebrating. Plus I’m a little obsessed with red, and there’s nothing quite like a red holiday sweater in miniature form!

It’s also a time when you’ve already brought baby into the world and likely acquired all they need, so it’s hard to think of baby’s first Christmas gifts and what you should actually give them. This is true for parents as well as extended family and friends wishing to give the little tyke a baby Christmas present.

I’ll be honest, the baby is not going to remember anything, so this is mostly going to be for the parents. But, we’ve learned we can gift a few items that baby may grow into and enjoy in the coming year. Also, it’s a great time to give a few luxuries that may make life as a parent easier or more fun.

Either way, buying tiny gifts for a tiny person is such a fun thing to do! As parents who are now celebrating our second child’s first Christmas, I wanted to share what we’ve purchased as baby’s first Christmas gifts that we highly recommend!
Baby's First Christmas Gifts

Baby’s First Christmas Gifts List

  1. Babylit– I’m a firm believer in reading to a baby once they are born. I’m watching my four-month-old just start to have it click there are pictures and he loves books. He squeals when we read and excitedly kicks legs when we turn pages. It’s hilarious! Both our kids have adored the Babylit series when they are little through toddler years. They are a great gift and just so cute!
  2. Jellycat lovey– I gave this to my first baby when he three-months-old on Christmas and it’s been a comfort object ever since. You’d better believe little brother is getting his own to snuggle this Christmas.
  3. Jellycat stuffed animal– I found one with a skinny neck little arms could snuggle, and long arms little hands could hold. I’m not huge on stuffed animals, but these are as cute and soft as they come! It’s always the first choice for my toddler!
  4. Teether– we’ve had Sofie the giraffe used and loved, and wooden rattles seem to be fantastic too. Pick your favorite style and add one of these to baby’s stocking or wrapping under the tree.
    baby's 1st christmas gifts
  5. Lamaze baby toys– I did a post on these years ago (called toys that grow with them), and just pulled this toy out again. I mean this baby gives you the look like he dares you to take it away. It has all the right textures, sounds, colors, and interesting elements to keep a baby entertained for at least 20 minutes. Nothing short of a miracle!
  6. Mirror– definitely grab a plastic/safe version. But babies love faces. I’ve read it’s the most interesting thing they look at. Letting them smile at their cute self is just darling and a great gift too.

    Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

  7. Wooden train set– I’m going to recommend going modest on this one for a new baby, but our firstborn received this shortly after he turned one and I’ll never forget the “Choo choo!” and giddy squeals. Baby brother loves to hold those trains in his chubby fingers. I love the idea of gifting a few he can teeth on and play with and enjoy.
  8. Melissa and Doug fish– This is actually what our son is getting! He is so in love with gift #6 that I knew this would be a hit too.
    Baby's First Christmas Presents
  9. Stroller– I got a running stroller for my gift my first baby’s Christmas thinking it was for me. Sure it helped me get back in shape, but I think my baby loved it even more! If you can facilitate more time outdoors, and more exploration time, it’s a gift they’ll enjoy just as much!
  10. Exersaucer– This is a parenting item I swore we’d never buy, and low and behold, we bought it. We even saved it for baby #2! From about four months to a year (when baby can hold head up and before they walk) they love these things! They are so entertaining and fun.
  11. A Jumper– another baby favorite! Think of it as the equivalent to a bike for an older child.
  12. A Pair of Mocs– we’ve loved and used Freshly Picked for years. It felt like a splurge at the time, but when I look at the amount of use we’ve gleaned I’m going to argue they are so worth it!
    They are holding up through our second child and I love that they stay on and look fantastic! Feet stay warm, comfy, dry, and safe. I’m adding another pair for our little guy to learn to walk in since they are the best shoe to support and not inhibit!

I’m always a fan of going simple and keeping it to essential items and toys. Babies mostly want to be held and played with, but anything that helps their brains develop and bonding time happen more easily I’m all for!


Anyone else celebrating with baby’s first Christmas gifts this year? Let me know what’s on your list, I always love more ideas!

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  1. Ashley Ziegler says:

    This is so helpful! I had a few friends have a baby last month and they’ve just wondered what you get a baby for Christmas!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Oh I’m so glad! It can be so fun to shop for them, but also tricky when you don’t even know what to get!