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Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

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We’ve been homeowners for almost a decade, and every year we remark how far home products have come! Smart home technology and innovation seem to abound in every area, and it’s really exciting! As we prep for the holiday season and decorating our home, we’ve loved seeing it join the ranks of just cooler, smarter, more tech-savvy products.

I love Christmas lights. The week after Thanksgiving is such a fun time to spot the lights going up. Each year we note new fun designs and colors. But this year, we’re the house with the fun designs and colors! Color changes everything, and it’s such a fun way to modernize light decor!

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

We’re using the Enbrighten Seasons Color-Changing Café Lights that are making decorating for the holidays easy and fun! Best of all, once they’re up, you can enjoy them all year! They are the best outdoor Christmas lights, and the best outdoor party lights too! We’ll be using these for outdoor entertaining year-round!

Here are a few reasons why they are the best outdoor Christmas lights. Let’s start with the color changing options!

Rainbow Outdoor Lights

Best Outdoor LED Color Changing

There are 16 different colors and selectable color modes so you can pick your favorite color, two-color combination, or one of their holiday preset color modes. That means there are over 120 possible color combinations! I no longer have to choose between red or turquoise, my two favorite colors. I love that I can use both and they match my modern holiday decor.

Color Changing Outdoor Christmas Lights

The rainbow lights are so fun for the holidays or a backyard party. We have the string lights all set for entertaining and with an easy remote button, I can change the colors to match the party.

The same goes for the Enbrighten Color-Changing Mini Landscape Lights. They have the remote control to customize the light colors, plus dimming and countdown timers.

Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Outdoor light show lights

You can do a warm white or soft white for sophisticated lighting year round. But the animations really make it feel like Christmas! They are available in 3 different lengths (6 pucks/10 ft, 12 pucks/22 ft.,24 pucks/46 ft., and 36 pucks/70 ft.) All lengths have 22ft. lead wire and flexible 2 ft. spacing between lights. Check them out on Amazon for a special coupon.

LED Outdoor Lights

When buying new lights I’m all about premium quality for year-round use. These are durable impact resistant acrylic Edison-style bulbs won’t break if dropped, stepped on, or blown around in the wind. Commercial grade construction and UL Listed for permanent indoor and outdoor installation, designed to withstand year-round exposure to the elements so you only have to set them up once.

Everything you need to make your space colorful and bright all year is included the box!

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Kit

Okay, let’s get to the fun part! We captured how easy they are to set up, and some of the fun animation and lighting options in a video so you can experience the Enbrighten Color Changing Lights for yourself. Clearly, they are so much fun, and modernize outdoor LED Christmas lights! We love coming home on those cold holiday nights even more, and couldn’t be more thrilled with these amazing modern lights that have lit up our home perfect for the holidays!

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