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25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

Stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be tricky, particularly finding perfect stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers. Here are 25 tried-and-true ideas to make stockings for toddlers so fun for them, and so easy for you!

Stockings for Toddlers

Do you know that feeling when you think you’re done with Christmas shopping and then have that realization that something is missing? The moment seems to strike when I remember I have a stocking to fill! Somehow the littlest person in the family can be overlooked. Often, I scramble to get some of those last-minute smaller items that I know will be great in stockings.

But this year I’m determined to not let this detail slip and have been keeping a list of great toddler stocking stuffers. 

Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I’ve compiled a list of fun stocking stuffer ideas with some of the best gifts for toddlers! These are items that I know toddlers will play with and love.

I had a little too much fun last year filling my 1-year-old’s stocking with pouches that he loved and a few teething toys. However, this year he’s a bigger kid. I’ve been on the hunt for fun smaller items that I know he’ll get excited about outside of edible items.

So I wanted to share my list of the best stocking stuffers I know toddlers love. I hope I can give any other moms in my shoes some ideas so you can complete your shopping list with tried and true toddler toys.

Here are 25 stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Melissa & Doug Water Wow books.

    Someone recommended this when my baby wasn’t even one. I’m so glad they did because he was in love so early! I have a nephew in grade school who still plays with and adores these, but toddlers and preschoolers who are messy coloring fans are ideal!
    These use water to reveal colors on pages, and it’s the best thing for quiet bags, church time, family travel, and car trips.

  2. Lego Duplo Sets

    It’s never too soon to create a Lego fan! Our Mickey Mouse fan will adore this Mickey and the Roadster Racers small set his little hands can put together. In full disclosure, we received this item to try out. But, I got to pick an item and set and I went with this one because it’s the perfect stocking stuffer size! Small Lego sets are fun for all ages. Small Duplo sets are perfect for toddlers.
    25 Amazing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers: so many great ideas of toddler stocking stuffers that they'll play with and love!

  3. ABC Magnet pack.

    You can go with the classic plastic fridge set. Or maybe a more sophisticated wood set. Either way, it’s a hit to give a bundle of letters to help learn the alphabet and practice fine motor skills! I caved and gave our set early. I’m asked to pull out the “ABCD’s” for fun time play every day.

  4. Lace and Trace.

    Once again with those fine motor skills and this toy! Also, depending on the age of the toddler they may play with these differently. However, they are a good idea no matter what age! Young children can learn dexterity and hand-eye coordination by getting laces through the holes. Older kids can practice lacing patterns. We snagged a wild animal set and our toddler loves trying to get the lace in the holes and making the noises of the animals.

  5. Magnet block set.

    We love our Tegu robot, it’s been the perfect thing to take in a diaper bag when we’re out and about. They stick together and it’s fun to watch little hands manipulate the sets in different ways.

  6. Sticker books.

    You can find larger and smaller-sized sticker books, but even a classic size rolls nicely to fit in a stocking! Most toddlers are all about stickers, and finding the right characters is always a good idea! These always make our best gifts to give 4 year olds, and the early toddler years a great place to start! 

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

  7. Crayons or markers.

    Let me confess the idea of 2-year-olds coloring on the walls terrifies me. This is the main reason why we go with mess-free options or washable crayons. Your toddler will love you and get to color and do crafts. And you can breath a little easier knowing the mess wipes right up! 

  8. Little people figurines.

    You can get a small set of these with only a few characters, and they are something your own little person will love finding and playing with.

  9. A set of cars.

    I may be a boy mom, but I’ve yet to see a little girl who doesn’t enjoy making a toy vehicle drive! Find a set of the right colors and shapes for your little person, and let them enjoy driving the cars throughout the house.

  10. A small plush character they love.

    My son is a Disney fan, and this small Mickey is like his personal friend, as is the Groot we purchased before Black Friday. Choose their favorite, and they will get excited about a new best friend to snuggle. 

  11. A new lovey.

    If you’re like us, the blanket or lovey they’re attached to is something they just can’t sleep without. Also, it is likely looking a little worn and torn at this phase. We love our Jellycat “puppy” and they come rolled up and perfect stocking size in addition to being the softest, cutest attachment item you can find!

    Stocking Stuffers for Kids

  12. Bubble Bath.

    There’s nothing that makes bath time exciting like a bubble bath! Choose a brand you feel comfortable with and let them have fun during bath time tonight!

  13. Bath Crayons

    And speaking of bath time… Bath crayons fit perfectly in a stocking shape,  which is why they are a favorite for stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers! Also, they add a new fun game during bath time.

  14. Squirting bath toys.

    We love our Munchkin animal pack, and we know that it’s a good idea to replace bath toys regularly since sometimes mold is a part of the equation. It’s a good time to grab a set and stuff a stocking! 

  15. A new board book.

    I love that these come in smaller sizes, and they are perfect for little hands. We love our Baby Lit books because they are darling and we can talk about colors, people, shapes, and everything else a toddler starts to comprehend. But you could choose any classic or book highly-rated on Amazon and know you’ll give a hit!

  16. Play-Doh.

    There are few things that excite a toddler like Play-Doh, particularly when a new color, new pack, or new tool to play with it enters the scene. You can buy a few individual pieces, or a small set and fill up a stocking quickly!

  17. A new sippy cup/water bottle.

    I love that my toddler feels like a big kid drinking out of his Camelbak bottle these days, and buying one in his favorite color was one of the best choices we made! These Munchkin 360 cups are a favorite of mine to eliminate messes, and with how often these get used and how often kids lose or beat up their cups, a fresh set is always a good idea!
    25 Amazing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers: so many great ideas of toddler stocking stuffers that they'll play with and love!

  18. Finger Puppets.

    Oh, how these beauties have saved us during church and other quiet times! Toddlers love trying to fit these on their cute chubby fingers. Plus, they make story time and quiet time a lot easier and more fun.They work great as a baby stocking stuffer, but I love them as stocking stuffer ideas for a toddler’s stocking since those little hands will put them right to use!

  19. Matching Card Game.

    This is the perfect game to introduce your kids to family game time! It’s good for them to practice memory skills and dexterity in flipping the cards. These come in so many different types and character features. It’s not hard to find one they will get excited about it. Plus, you can use them as flash cards for vocabulary building. 

  20. A doodle pad or boogie board.

    Same concept here, but different products. Your toddler can play with the pad and you can avoid the mess and easily erase ready to dray the next item.

  21. Magnatab.

    These things are so fun, they teach dexterity and coordination without frustration. Plus, there are so many different options and sizes for what you think you’re kid will enjoy playing with the most.

  22. Sleeved Bibs/Smock.

    There’s nothing that’s given me the courage to let my kid get dirty, play with paint or art supplies, or master feeding himself like the sleeved bibs! Easy on, easy to wash, and something you’ll both enjoy having!

  23. Bubbles!

    There’s nothing that hypes up a toddler like a bubble time! I love that you can find cheap packs, fancy gadgets, and everything in between. Our favorite is the Gymboree bubbles and wand that are sugar-based and last longer.

  24. Toddler Puzzles.

    We love these sets that are perfect for tiny hands. They aren’t too difficult or frustrating and should fit perfectly in a stocking.

  25. Jaq Jaq Bird Butter Chalk Book.

    We absolutely adore this little book we own that felt like a splurge at the time, but has been loved and played with so much we’re thankful for it! The coloring is less messy with this smear-free softer chalk that’s easy for little hands. It wipes clean with a wipe, and it’s been the perfect item to take with us wherever we go!

  26. Matchbox Cars 

    I’ve watched many little hands grip a matchbox car and carry it everywhere they go! It’s a great mini item, and a few fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking! 

  27. Teething Toothbrush 

    The toddler years are full of ups and downs, and most of those downs are due to teething! Help those new teeth pop through with a banana-shaped brush babies and toddlers love! 

  28. Their Favorite Treat 
    Does your toddler love fruit snacks? Are applesauce pouches their favorite thing? We found it’s a great stocking stuffer idea to fill their stocking full of items that feel like treats to them. It shows them early Santa really has their best interests at heart! 
  29. Mini Plus of Their Favorite Characters 
    I love to check out ShopDisney for tons of cute plush characters my kids adore. It adds a little Disney magic to Christmas morning, and those small gifts are the kind toddlers carry around with them everywhere they go. 
  30. ShopDisney for tons of cute plush characters

    A friend had this in her diaper bag when my baby was little, and he took to it immediately! It became one of my favorite purchases for the baby years and toddler years! I put the Dimpl in the diaper bag and would hand it to him while we were on the go or stuck waiting somewhere. It’s one of the best stocking stuffer ideas because it’s a perfect size! But more importantly, the novelty never seems to wear off and kids can play with this simple pop-it style toy for hours


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  2. I LOVE Melissa and Doug. Both my nephews enjoy their toys. These are great ideas! Part of my Blogmas this year will include gifts for nieces/nephews – or just any children! Make sure to check it out for more ideas for Mack!

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