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4th of July I Spy: 4th of July Activity Sheets

4th of July I Spy: an easy way to keep kids busy and add some seasonal patriotic fun! Grab your free download!


Free Printable I Spy

My son fell in love with I Spy pages after doing one with a friend. I instantly saw the benefit of these amazingly fun and educational worksheets for kids! They create a seek and find game where one looks for the number of items in a picture maze. For kids, this means about 20-45 minutes of entertainment. For parents, this means some quiet time that happens to be educational! 

Why We Love I Spy Pages 

I Spy activities help with so many learning concepts while kids play a game and do some coloring. Counting, sequencing, pattern recognition, addition, and eye-hand coordiation, to name a few. Truly, it makes learning math concepts feel so fun! And do you know what’s also fun, the bonus of all the quiet time! I promise kids love this, and it keeps them working and playing for about 30 minutes! What mom can’t use another 20-45 minutes of screen-free quiet time for their kids? 

4th of July I Spy4th of July I SPY 

We love the 4th of July, and love a good excuse to barbeque and watch fireworks. Sometimes these activities create the need to help little people stay busy while we set up areas that aren’t safe for them (like the grill). If you have a kids’ table this is a great activity to set up while you get other things set. Or, if you need a great activity while you wait for fireworks, this 4th ofo July I Spy printable has your back! 

4th of July I Spy

Grab Your Free I Spy Printable Here 

Ready to download the 4th of July I Spy 4th of July activity sheets? Grab your free download here: 


P.S. These Twistable Crayons are perfect to use with them! 

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