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Printable Summer Activities: Summer I Spy

Ready to keep kids busy with free printable summer activities? Grab this I Spy Summer printable for some easy summer fun! 

I can hardly believe we start summer break this week! The last few months of this school year just flew by, and summer is here! Living in Phoenix means we’re indoors with a lot of very hot days, so printable summer activities are a must! Anything to keep kids busy, entertained, and learning is always a great summer activity for kids in my book! 

We discovered I Spy activities last year, and have fallen in love with them! Let me tell you why we think you will too. 

I Spy Summer: Free Summer Activity for Kids
I Spy Summer Printable 

I Spy activities help with so many learning concepts while kids play a game and do some coloring. Truly, it makes learning feel so fun! And do you know what’s also fun, the bonus of all the quiet time! This is one activity that keeps kids working and playing for about 30 minutes! Naturally, once we tried our first one, I was sold in less than a minute! What mom can’t use another 20-45 minutes of screen-free quiet time for their kids? Particularly when it comes to summertime with kids at home. 

It’s also a great way to buy yourself a few extra minutes of quiet time fun. 

Free Printable Summer Activity: Summer I Spy

Learning Activities for Kids

If you’re following our CAMP MOM system where we talk about summer schedules and summer routines for kids, this I SPY Summer print works perfectly for Let’s Learn Thursday! Just download and print one off for each kid. 

I promise you it will give you a few minutes to work, do dinner prep, or tackle another task while kids sit happily coloring. 

Here’s a bunch of educational skills kids practice with I Spy Activity pages: 

  • Sequencing
  • Coloring
  • Matching
  • Counting 
  • Sorting 
  • Eye-Hand Coordination 

It’s a great way to get in some basic math skills in a fun, simple way! 

Summer I Spy Printable.

WHEN’S A GOOD TIME TO USE printable Summer ACtivities for kids? 

I’d say almost any time is a great time! If you need a quiet time moment, kids can easily enjoy it in their room or at the table while you get some needed work done. Also, if you’re looking for a fun boredom buster for kids, this seasonally-themed I Spy is perfect! If you have a hyper kid that needs to calm down, grab the Summer I Spy to help kids focus energy and settle down. 

P.S. These Twistable Crayons are perfect to use with them! 

Grab Your Free Summer I Spy Here

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