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Fun Family Activities: 52 Family Date Ideas to Do This Year

A huge list of fun family activities that you can do together for family entertainment! These family dates help build memories that will last forever!

We love a great couple’s date, and go out once a week: hence Friday We’re in Love. But we’ve learned that fun family activities have a huge space in our hearts too! We often invite our kids along with us once a month for a formal family date night.

Fun Family Activities

Some things are just more fun with little people enjoying the fun family activities we have planned. Consequently, we’ve learned to try to spend one night a week having fun as a whole family with some wholesome recreational activities. But also, we spend a little cash on intentional fun activities as a family on that monthly family date night.

Fun family activities are so important to us that we’re trying to fit them in about once a week. That’s 52 weeks in a year, and sometimes it feels overwhelming to come up with family dates every week. That’s why I always make lists and reference them for those weeks you could use some more family fun.

I was recently invited to come to teach a church group about family activities, and it was so fun to share our list of ideas! After compiling 52 family date ideas for a fun family activity each week of the year, I couldn’t keep this list to myself!

Family Activity Ideas

52 Family Date Ideas to Do This Year

    • Jump Centers: there’s often a Groupon or a family discount night to help you all jump your hearts out!
    • Arcade Nights: find a cheap arcade and play old school games together
    • Park night family picnic
    • Head to a rock climbing gym and practice so
    • Take turns choosing your favorite restaurants and head out to dinner fully supporting each family member’s choice
    • Create family movie night traditions: make or buy pizza, and enjoy a movie night together
    • Enjoy movie night in the backyard on a laptop or projector. Here are 52 family movie night movies you’ll all enjoy watching together.
    • Head to the zoo
    • Visit a children’s museum
    • Visit a farmer’s market
    • Take a Home Depot creator’s class
    • Play board games
    • Rent a cabin for the weekend
    • Have a water fight
    • Hit up the water park
    • Enjoy a family swim with games
    • Go out for ice cream
    • Visit a bakery and choose a dessert
    • Do an urban race/city solve
    • Buy a Date-Night-In kid’s box
    • See a movie in the theater together
    • Do a family service project
    • Have a random acts of kindness night
    • Attend a high school play
    • Attend a high school concert
    • Find a “movies in the park” in your area
    • Attend a professional sporting event
    • Attend a high school or college sporting event
    • Go old school roller skating
    • Host an Iron Chef competition at home
      Family Date IdeasFree Family Activities
    • Visit a college campus on a family preview night
    • Go Geocaching
    • Create treasures for other geocaching seekers to find
    • Have a photo scavenger hunt as a family
    • Host a family read-a-thon
    • Look up “national food days” (like donut day in July) and go celebrate
    • Go ice skating as a family
    • Play water balloon volleyball as a family
    • Find the most touristy thing to do in your city and go be a tourist for a day
    • Visit the Museum of Natural History (of one in your area)
    • Go to the state fair
    • Buy boxes of graham crackers and build “gingerbread house” style structures
    • Rent or borrow a kayak or canoe and head to the lake
    • Stand up paddleboarding
    • Rent paddleboats (seriously, try to find a swan-shaped or something quirky your kids will talk about for the rest of their lives!)
    • Head to a U-pick farm and pick in-season produce
    • Have a bonfire/s’more night
    • Take a day trip for a mini family vacation
    • Make sugar cookies and learn how to decorate with royal icing
    • Head to a family-friendly improv comedy show
    • Go to the thrift store and pick out outfits for each other to try on
    • Take a hike- but do it as a family.

One more note on these fun family activities, they are perfect to include in a year of experiences gift! If you want to create more fun as a family this year, download our free printable and choose your 12 favorites. It makes for the perfect gift your family will enjoy all year!

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