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Jake’s Unlimited

Jake’s Unlimited Family Date Info:

Jake’s Unlimited Fun Center
Price: $11-$45.50, but you can often find Groupon deals
Location: Mesa, AZ
Website: Jake’s Unlimited Website

Rides at Jake\'s Unlimited.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know this blog started to document our Friday night date nights, hence Friday We’re in Love. When we became parents I assumed things would continue as usual with a new expense for a babysitter. Little did I know that we’d love to include our children in dates. We’ve continued to date each other, but once a month we typically swap out a date night and use the budget for a family date. Three and a half years later, I love the memories we’ve made!

A fun center just sounded like the perfect family date. Jack’s Unlimited is the ultimate fun center and a date night spot for kids and adults of all ages! Plus, whenever you see those promo deals come up, it’s time to go! There’s often a Groupon deal, and they run seasonal special at Jake’s Unlimited too.
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Jake’s Unlimited

What is there to do at Jake’s Unlimited?

What isn’t there! I’m half kidding, but really it’s packed with an entire’s day worth of fun if you want to spend the day!

Here are the activities you can find at Jake’s Unlimited Mesa:

  • Arcade games
  • Bowling
  • Mini bowling (think a smaller ball and set up for little hands)
  • Laser Tag
  • Karaoke machines/games
  • Dance games
  • Bumper cars
  • Amusement park style rides
  • Skee Ball
    There’s also a surprisingly good buffet and bar areas for drinks too.I think my favorite was watching my preschooler bowl for the first time with mini bowling. It was just the right size for mini hands. Plus his miniature granny shot was about the cutest thing!
    Bowling at Jake\'s Unlimited.
    I made sure to celebrate every win with him, even the wins that were trying his best. I’ll forever be grateful for the smiles I saw with each high five.
    Jake\'s Unlimited in Arizona.

    Jake’s Unlimted Mesa

    The Jake’s Unlimited in Mesa, AZ is fairly new and really nice and well kept. It’s off Gilbert and Baseline, near the I-60 freeway. It’s such a nice place to go play! I felt like we could really enjoy every area and it was all in working and clean conditions. For someone who is a bit of a germ-a-phobe that’s saying a lot!

    It’s big with space to spare. There are lots of private areas for Jake’s Unlimited birthday parties and events. The tables for dining had a lot of seating options, including high chairs for smaller guests. We felt like we could run around and play, and also sit and relax while we ate.

    Jake\'s Unlimited with kids.
    I’ll forever smile at the memories of my husband babywearing and simultaneously teaching a preschooler how to play every game. It was one of those family dates that we’ll always remember. I’m so glad we made the time to go not just for a birthday or big event, but on a night we just needed a little family bonding.

    Judging the fact that my three-year-old has asked to go back to “Jace Un-lemonade” every day since we’re counting this family adventure day as a huge success!
    Family arcade games at Jake\'s Unlimited.

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