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Experience Gifts for Kids: A Year of Experiences Free Printable

Experience Gifts for Kids: A FREE PRINTABLE to help you gift a year of experiences with a list of the best experience gifts for kids and family to make memories throughout the year!

A few weeks ago we launched our year of dates printable to create your own date night gift for your significant other. It’s been so fun to talk about all things the year of dates including planning a date night gift, budgeting, and gifting these date night experiences.

I absolutely adore date night with my husband, it’s my favorite thing! But a close second is our family dates where we include our kids. There’s something so magical about creating memories and experiences with intentional family fun. We try so hard to have at least one family “adventure day” (as my son loves to call it) every month. And he honestly lives for it!

Family Experience Gift

The Gift of Time and Memories

I am all about experience gifts, and the older my kids get, the more I feel like the last thing our kids need is more toys. They always reaffirm this to me! We celebrate birthday week (two family members share a week!) at Disneyland every year. It’s just about everyone’s favorite thing. My son even asked me if we could please go to Jake’s Unlimited this week, and when I explained it costs money, he told me maybe he’d ask Santa for that instead of a toy. My mom heart melted!

Naturally, as I’ve prepped and planned another 12 months of dates for my husband’s Christmas gift, my thoughts have turned to my boys. They love these adventures and fun times as much as we do! And then it hit me, I could easily gift a year of dates to my kids. But more than that, I wanted this amazing concept for couples to reach beyond, well couples. So I reached out to my designer and asked if we could make a free printable that families, friends, and anyone could use to gift more family dates and build more family memories.

So, friends, I present, the Year of Experiences Free Printable.

Experience Gifts for Kids

Year of Experiences Free Printable

It follows the same pattern as the Year of Dates Printable. You can either choose an experience every month or use a numerical template to gift as many dates (up to 12) to use any time!

The beauty of this is, you can use the cover sheet to gift something big: like a children’s museum pass. And then you can promise a weekend family date each month this year. Or, you can find fun things to do each month to celebrate with your kids. Also, if you want to gift 3-4 fun things, there’s that option too! You choose what works best for your family and budget!

Experience Gifts for Kids: Idea list

Experience Gifts for Kids IDea List

Here are a few gifts for kids I’m planning to gift:

  • A museum pass to enjoy together all year
  • Ice cream outing to our favorite ice cream shop
  • A Kiwi Crate Subscription. STEM skills never felt more fun, and this is an experience you can do safely at home! A crate with a really amazing project all set for kids to create arrives each month. They offer all types of crate options for all ages. It’s an amazing way to let kids learn and experience far beyond the gift!
  • Watercolor paint class: We found a really great watercolor class for kids that’s super affordable, and teaches painting skills kids can easily pick up and use. For under $30 there are eight lessons, which walk kids through supplies, paintings, and watercolor techniques for kids. We grabbed a few watercolor pallets and brushes and have watched our kids develop a fun skill/hobby all year! 
  • A park date to explore some parks in our community we haven’t played at yet
  • A Build a Bear gift card to go build a new friend together
  • Chick-Fil-A gift card to grab lunch and give plenty of time to play at the play place
  • Family pool day: We’re lucky enough to go to Grandparents for this, but if we weren’t, I’d grab a gift card or include some cash to get us all for a fun pool outing in the summer
  • Arcade outing: Yes child, I will take you to Jake’s Unlimited and fulfill your dreams again
  • Character Dining: We go to Disneyland every fall, I’ll include an extra fun experience while we’re there
  • Cookie baking night: I promise to be patient, kind, and clean up all the messes my little cookie lovers will make. Plus you gift something like these kid-friendly frosting decorating tools to let them know you mean business. 
  • Family game night: I promise to Hungry Hungry Hippos and Candyland all night with a smile!
  • Family move day: a gift card for tickets to the movies to go see whatever my kids want to see as a family

I could go on and on, and in fact, I have a post of 52 family date ideas if you need more ideas!

Experiences for families

Planning and Preparing Your Year of Experiences Gift

Also, if you need help putting together your year of dates for kids or your family, you can do it the same way you’d do the year of dates gift. I have video instructions over on this post.

And if you create your own year of experiences gift I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @fridaywereinlove and use hashtag #yearofexperiences! We’ll be doing giveaways and sharing even more ideas to help you prepare!

Get Your Free Printable Here

Download the Monthly Format Printable totally free, right here! 


Get the Numeric Format Printable here!

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