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14 Halloween Traditions for Families

Ready to create some fun Halloween traditions for families your kids will love and always remember? Here are 14 fun Halloween activities you’ll all love doing together!

It’s officially October. Which means it’s socially acceptable for me to start talking about Halloween. If you know me well, you know that it’s Halloween in my heart all year. The second the day ends I start a countdown until the next year.

For someone who hates horror movies and is afraid of being alone in the dark, you’d think I’d dislike this holiday. But quite the opposite is true. My mom made it one of the most fun and magical holidays. I have such fond memories of our Halloween traditions. I have a special place in my heart for making cheesecloth ghosts, having her sew the perfect costume, and watching her light up stress-free this holiday. She loved them all, but enjoying Halloween seemed to just be tops for her. Truly, it was a magical time because my mom loves it so much.

Halloween Traditions for Families

This love must be contagious because I live for this day! I love the spooky elements. I love dressing up. Creative Couple’s Halloween costumes I absolutely live for. And now that I’m a mom, enjoying the holiday with my toddler has brought more joy than I’ve ever known! Who knew that Halloween activities for kids to enjoy as a family would top anything I’d ever known before?

So I thought I’d spend a few weeks sharing some of our favorite elements of Halloween, and what makes it our favorite holiday. Yes friends, OUR, I’ve already engrained my son with an absolute love of it. We’ve toyed with asking neighbors if to let him trick-or-treat for his birthday in September, he loves it that much.

Today I wanted to share five things we do that make Halloween so much fun! Our Halloween traditions including Halloween activities for kids make this month, and I can’t keep them to myself when I know others may enjoy them too!


Halloween Traditions + Fun Activities for Kids and Families

  1. Plan costumes/Make costumes

    I love a good theme. I really love a good family theme executed well. One of the biggest days on this blog is the day we do our family costume reveal. If you want evidence, check out last year, the prior year, and the year we had a newborn as evidence.
    This is the first year our son has had opinions, serious opinions. We’ve had such a good time talking about things he’d like to be, and getting creative with what our family theme could be based on those options. Our costumes are ready to go, but we’ve had a great time planning, talking about, and shopping for family Halloween costumes.

  2. Decorate as a family

    I know some people have every inch of their house decorated, and some really don’t own many decorations. What I love about Halloween is cutting out construction paper bats and stretch cotton balls into spider webs make for excellent decorations. Kids enjoy all of these things, and it’s a fun activity to do as a family!

  3. Read Halloween Books Together
    I know many families have a huge collection of Christmas books they read all December. Since Halloween is my person jam, we basically have Christmas in October. My mom read so many Halloween books to us I felt like I had a good taste of them. I grew up loving so many, and we’ve discovered several more we adore as a family! I’m going to share our favorites in a post later this week, so stay tuned!

    Halloween Activities for Kids the Whole Family Will Enjoy

  4. Visit a pumpkin patch/Pick out pumpkins

    There’s something extra special about getting to choose your own pumpkin. It’s kind of a magical thing as a child to learn wh 

  5. Carve pumpkins

    When that special pumpkin you selected becomes an artistic creation of your choosing, it feels like magic! This is a date night we repeat pretty much every year. Pumpkin carving has been even more fun as a Halloween activity for kids. Who knew chubby hands scooping pumpkin guts would be so fun for all?

  6. Make a Halloween treat

    I like to do this early in October because there’s plenty of sugar later. Our Zombie Sugar Cookies Night is always fun to repeat, but any simple to complex Halloween treat with do.Halloween Traditions for families + Halloween Activities for Kids.

    Creating Halloween Traditions As a Family

  7. Visit a Pumpking Patch
    Learn more about pumkins and where they come from and get to go home with one. Yes, we love the activities and the fall fun. But choosing a pumpkin shortly before Halloween is always an extra special time that builds hype for the big night.
  8. Watch a Halloween movie

    This can be as creepy as you’d like. But with small children, less is definitely more! We like to watch for tv specials, Netflix specials, and turn to classics like The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to enjoy together. Tip on this one: look for community screenings. There’s often a free movie in the park night to enjoy for a family date.

  9. Enjoy a Halloween sticker book

    I found one at Costco last year, and my barely two-year-old loved it so much we completed it in a day! I had to head back to purchase another. 

  10. Create a Halloween craft together

    I’m not much of a craft mom admittedly. However, I love that the Target one spot often has several for cheap ready to go. Pinterest rarely lets me down either. It makes me feel like googly eyes and a toilet paper roll can turn into something magical. And with a small child, it can!

    Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

  11. Plan a special Halloween dinner

    My mom always made dinner in a pumpkin. I didn’t care for dinner in a pumpkin, but I loved that she made it. It only happened on Halloween. We have tried Halloween themed pizzas, love our Halloween stuffed peppers, and even just include orange items. It’s fun to let kids know this is a Halloween tradition we all enjoy together.

  12. Find a trunk-or-treat/Block party

    So many places celebrate early with some sort of trick-or-treating. It’s fun to let your child wear a costume more than once. It’s nice to go in the daytime or to a small neighborhood or church event. Find one, typically the week before, and enjoy it as a family Halloween activity for kids.

  13. Boo the neighbors

    If you haven’t heard of this, you definitely should Google it and start it! You make treats with a note that they’ve been “Boo’d” and they need to do the same to two other friends/neighbors. It’s a fun chain to spread some Halloween love, and kids love sneaking the treats on the door and hiding when you deliver!

    Free Halloween Activities for Kids

  14. Print out Halloween coloring pages

    This is a quick Google search and pushing print that creates a big win. We choose a few fun pages and let this hardly any prep Halloween activity for kids bring in the season.

  15. Visit a Halloween library story time

    I’m always amazed at the fun festive things the library does. A quick search this year showed me several in my area have at least one party and at least one storytime that’s Halloween themed

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