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Disney Up Costume! Halloween Costume Reveal

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and our annual family Halloween costume reveal is always a crowd favorite post! We go all out and even flew on location for a special photo shoot this year. Here’s the big 2019 Halloween costume reveal!

2019 Family Halloween Costume Reveal

There are few things we love more than putting together family Halloween costumes! I think about them all year, but Jacob makes me wait until after the 4th of July to talk about them. On July 5th I wake up ready to talk! When my favorite holiday, flexing my creative muscles, and my favorite people all coincide, it’s just a beautiful thing.

Last year we had a Jurassic Park family costume, and I had the idea to shoot our picture on location at the AZ Museum of Natural History. It was so fun to shoot on location! I was worried we’d never top it.

But friends, this year we not only pulled off an extra Halloween costume, but we were EXTRA in all caps. When we decided on a costume, I realized it would be even more amazing if we flew on location. The only problem was the location is not in our state, and we’d need to fly our family and a suitcase full of costumes to make it happen.

Flying on Location for This Year’s Photoshoot

We looked at the details to see if this could even be a reality and realized we could use reward points, visit some family, and make a weekend trip. I reached out to a friend who happens to not only live near the location but is also one of the most talented photographers ever.

The stars aligned, we heard back from the location just in time and they agreed to a photoshoot. Our photographer friend could make it, and the trip was booked for the family Halloween costume photoshoot of my dreams!

So this year our big costume reveal is…

Disney Pixar Up! Family Costumes

Shot on location at the Real Life Up House

Up Costume for families.

Ellie, Carl, Russell, and Dug felt like the perfect choice for a family of four! But you could easily add Kevin, the house, or Charles Muntz as well.

Up costumes with Up family costume.

Up Costume Sources:

Dug: Costume / Cone of Shame

Russell: Russell Costume / shorts / perfect Russell Shoes

Ellie from Up Costume: Overalls / Shirt (similar) / Pilot’s Hat / Super Easy DIY Vintage Goggles
Note: Ellie shoes are something I had to watch the minute young Ellie is in the movie about 100 times! She’s actually barefoot as young Ellie, so if you’re looking for Ellie costume shoes, I’d wear sandals or something nude!

Carl Up Costume: Sweater Vest / Yellow Polo / Glasses / Pilot’s Hat / Super Easy DIY Vintage Goggles

Props for Photos:

Book: Our Adventure Book Prop

Kevin: Plush Kevin

Balloons: Helium Tank / Rainbow Balloon Pack / White Ribbon

Let’s talk about where we flew on location for this photoshoot!

The Real-Life Up House

For anyone wondering, a home builder in Utah recreated the Up! House down to every detail. A Disney loving family realized it was their dream home and talked the builder into letting them buy it. They live in it and love it.

The Real Up House in Utah family Up costumes photo shoot.

I was told they don’t do many photoshoots there these days for privacy reasons, but the story of my love for Halloween, for Up! and for Halloween photos won the owners over. They are lovely people, and I felt so honored they opened up their home so we could create the Up Halloween costume pictures of my dreams!

For anyone who wants to see it in real life, they are fine with you driving by, or even getting out to snap a few pics from the street. But I heard some creepy stalker stories, so just remember to be super courteous and think what you’d be comfortable with if people wanted pictures in front of your home.

Up House in Utah.

We were so lucky to get to go to the Real Life Up House in Herriman Utah to shoot these costumes!


Up Family Costume

Up Family Costume Inspiration

Dug From Up Costume

I love dressing babies in animal costumes, and that’s how it started. I found this darling dog costume and it made me think it looked like Dug from Up! If you’ve ever watched my Instagram Stories you may know our baby is one smiley guy who smiles at everyone. The line “I just met you and I love you” fits our little guy so well!

Dug from Up Costume

Let me also add there were photos with The Cone of Shame. Jacob came up with the idea, but we didn’t think a real dog collar would be safe for a baby. We opted for a travel pillow covered in knit fabric to keep things safe and humane. But of course, I’m glad we figured a way to add it since Dug and Pixar made the cone of shame a term, and a funny one at that!

Up! Halloween costume DIY. Dug from Up! kid costume.

Russell Up Costume

After we agreed on Dug for the baby, I decided my four-year-old son would be the perfect Russell. He’s such an explorer and so talkative just like Russell. My wheels started turning how to create a DIY Russel from Up costume. And then something magical happened, I found a talented costume creator who sells custom sized Russell Up costumes. Here’s where we found our Russell costume: she makes them in custom sizes for kids and adults.

Russel from up costume Wilderness Explorer Guide costume for kids. Russell Up Costume

When I realized she custom designs and creates each merit badge down to the smallest detail, I knew I wanted to order one of her works of art. I almost cried I was so amazed when it came!

Russell Up Costume Russel from Up costume.


Can we just take a moment to enjoy my new favorite picture of my children? This Russell and Dug from up duo smiling in front of the Up House has me in a puddle! Every bit of extra we went through in preparation was all worth it for this picture!

Russell and Doug from Up

In addition to the perfect little Russell and Dug, there came the couple’s costume portion. We of course also love Up! But I wanted a couple’s costume we could wear to a couple’s party. Young Ellie and Young Carl from Up costumes just felt so perfect!


Carl and Ellie Costume

I honestly believe Disney/Pixar told the greatest love story any movie has ever told in the first five minutes of Up! I cry almost every time I watch it, and the Carl and Ellie love story is so beautiful.

Carl and Ellie Costume

Plus, Carl and Ellie make me even more emotional with how many similarities we have. The infertility story we relate to all too well. I spent years wanting a baby, struggling with infertility, and we waited for our miracle baby for so many years, with so many tears.

Carl and Ellie from up Costume

Also, Jacob and I have an adventure wall in our house. It’s our travel gallery wall with pictures of all the places we’ve traveled together. In fact, each year we didn’t have a baby, we planned another adventure. So these pieces feel so real to us! This gallery wall makes me smile with so many memories, and we even have a print that states “Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers” on our wall. Perhaps I’ll update it to “Adventure is Out There” with one of these photos.


Much like Carl and Ellie, we have a very platonic love that turned to romantic love. We were friends for quite a while before it became a romance. And their childhood scenes in overalls and a sweater vest just spoke to us.

Carl and Ellie from Up

Young Carl from Up Costume Sources: 

Aviator Hat

DIY Googles for Costume

Sweater Vest 

Yellow Polo 

We used khaki shorts he already owned. 

Young Ellie from Up Costume Sources: 

Aviator Hat

DIY Googles for Costume

Bottle Cap Pins 


The shirt was borrowed from a friend. Find a floral shirt, any will do! 

Between all these connections, the infertility story and a moment of taking my dream Halloween pictures with our two babies felt extra special. It’s a little bit of magic you can drive by and appreciate in Utah. It felt like pure magic to get to feel on set at the Real Life Up House with what I think is now my favorite family Halloween costume to date!

Carl and Ellie Up Costume

Disney's Up Family Halloween Costume


And for those wondering, we’ve gone all out for Halloween every year since the year we got engaged. If you want some fun blasts through the past, here are our other costumes we’ve had a blast pulling together through the years.

Past Family Costumes

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2014: Back to the Future Marty and Doc Couples Costume

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2011: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Couples Costume

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Photos by: Heather Mildenstein

And a reminder they are copyrighted. If you would like to use any images in roundups with links back, please email for written consent.

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