Annual Couple’s Halloween Party 2014: Marty McFly and Doc Costume

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I thought we’d share our post a little early to make its debut the day of instead of the Sunday after.
We are so lucky to have some really amazing friends that we often double/group date with. Two of our favorite couples are a pair of brothers and their wives who throw a couple’s Halloween party every year. We seriously look forward to it and try to pull out our best costumes for this night.
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See what we were the year before and read the recap HERE.
And for funsies, here’s what we were the year before, recap HERE.
This year we knew we had some big shoes to fill, and that we needed to come up with a couple’s costume that was fairly original since there are a lot of couples and stakes are high for best costume! It took weeks of thinking, and searing, and then one night it hit!
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DIY Marty McFly and Doc Brown Costume:

Doc: Shirt / Lab Coat / Wig / Goggles / Fanny Pack (or get a full Doc Costume Here)

We watched Back to the Future for some inspiration after stumbling upon a Doc Brown costume we both liked. I forgot what an amazing movie that is, even though it’s now almost 30 years old!

Doc and Marty Halloween Costume

Marty McFly and Doc Brown seemed like the perfect duo for my shorter frame and Jacob’s tall, lean body. And I have to say, it was cheap to throw this together too! A lab coat, a $7 scientist wig on Amazon, and a red puffer vest from eBay later, plus some clothes in our closets and we were set!

We weren’t able to get everyone before they left, but here’s a good sampling of some of our very creative friends!

Notable mentions: Fruit Ninja, Running with scissors, and the milkman and housewife on his route. We loved every one’s, but serious props to those who made us laugh with their creativity!

Our friends also set up an amazing photo booth. I loved the creativity of a prison line up!

We grabbed our besties and got a few shots with them! Aren’t they hilarious? John said all night, “She’s on my route!” and laughed. Such a funny guy, I love when he cracks himself up!

And seriously, it takes some confidence to stand next to the gorgeous, glowing 5-month pregnant Marisel- particularly when dressed like a boy!

When they have mustaches for the photo booth prop pack that isn’t exactly PC, you just kind of go with it and make uncomfortable faces.

Charlie Chaplin anyone? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

We also really enjoyed the snacks! I brought my favorite clean eat fruit dip, recipe here. A few treats naturally happened too. Halloween food is just so fun, and it’s awesome to have an excuse to make it.


Thanks again to our awesome friends for such a fun group date we always look forward to!

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  1. Laura Mitbrodt says:

    I love the Back to the future costume

  2. Ali Mills says:

    I feel so bad that we have missed it for the past like 3 years! I'm determined to make it next year! You guys are adorable! I love your creativity 😉

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:


  4. I Heart AZ says:

    How fun! Loved your costumes. Jacob looks pretty perfect as Doc Brown. ~Marily

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