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DIY Robot Costume

This post was sponsored by Amazon in partnership with Forward Influence. However, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Looking for an easy Halloween costume you can make with little time and money? This DIY robot costume upcycles a box and a few easy supplies (you may have on hand) and comes together quickly and easily for an amazingly cute and cool robot costume!

Last year, we had a family Halloween costume all set and planned with plenty of time to spare. Then something happened, our two-year-old decided it was the perfect opportunity to voice his own opinion and insert his independence. He wore our family costume for pictures, but he wanted to be something else to trick-or-treat and attend parties in.

In all fairness, I’d chosen his costume with little to no say on his part. It was also really hard to walk in. Dad was finishing up a work assignment and didn’t get to join us for most of our festivities. Thus, the family-themed costume didn’t pan out for all the events. I felt the panic so many feel: how do I pull together a Halloween costume inexpensively with little time?

I’ve always been in awe of people who can creatively and cheaply execute Halloween costumes. One year a friend showed up wearing a painted box and it looked as amazing as all the expensive costumes. Aside from brilliantly upcycling, she also had a costume she could store or choose to dispose of without storing with little to no guilt.

Cardboard Box Costumes

cardboard box robot costume

It wasn’t just her, have you heard of Boxtumes? Boxtumes are creative costumes made at home using Amazon smile boxes and crafting supplies that you already have around the house. So not only is Amazon Prime making my life easy with free two-day shipping and everything I need as a new mom, they are also hooking me up for Halloween too! Smile boxes can also be used to craft other custom Halloween items – from DIY treat containers and masks to decorations and haunted houses.

This year when we realized how many times one preschooler would wear costumes, I really wanted to try my hand at a #boxtume (costumes made out of boxes) and a DIY robot costume was born!

To make it extra fun, I went with a vintage robot inspiration, and a vintage robot costume was born!

DIY Robot Costume Materials:Easy DIY Robot Costume

DIY Robot Costume

DIY Robot Costume Instructions:

Turning an Amazon box into a DIY robot costume is pretty simple to do! You just need the two boxes, the paint, and the painter’s tape handy.

First, start with the red spray paint. I found painting the edges and then taping them off the easiest way to go. One side with flaps will only need the edges painted red, that side will become the neck and head area. The other side of the flaps will hang and not be taped up. As you lay flat to spray paint, include those flaps like they are a part of each side of the box- because they will be.

Turning a box into a costume.

Once your red spray paint has dried, it’s time for the tape! I taped the outside edges on all four sides of the box. I wanted that inch of red to stay true and bold. Tape also gives it a more uniform and clean look. I also taped the perimeter to what will become the top of the costume. I wanted some red there too!

Start with the head (the little box) and go ahead and paint the entire thing the vintage blue. You’re only going to add a little bit of red later, but having the headpiece dry makes it easier to work with.

Next, you’ll want to paint the entire large box. The tape will protect the red pieces, and you’ll need the box vintage robot blue for this vintage robot costume.Robot costume from a cardboard box.


If you’re planning to add gloves, now is a good time to grab the red spray paint and turn those red! I think the costume works without it, but it’s sure a fun addition and a light coat of spray paint goes a long way!

Let the boxes dry completely.

Now the fun part, it’s time to cut the holes and finish off the robot costume eyes to really bring it to life.

The beauty of this is it doesn’t have to be perfect, the robot eye slot should be big enough to see out of. We went close to center since that’s where our kid’s eyes hit. I got a ruler to measure and marked the spot so I could get a crisp line. A box cutter blade worked perfectly to cut out the slot. However, you can use scissors, a knife, or whatever you have on hand if you’re not housing a box cutter like we are.

I measured an inch away from the slot, and went ahead and taped the rest of the front with that inch exposed. From there, I was able to get a clean line for the red eye slot.

Easy last minute boxtume

We cut two more slots: one for the arms on the side of the box, and one for the head. You may want to measure the costume wearer for these so the placement is comfortable and natural. Also, strive to cut holes that will let the dryer vent duct fit naturally inside without being too big or too small.

With my boxes painted, and fully dried, and holes cut, I could really see the robot costume coming together! But I wanted to add one extra little oomph to it and make it feel more 3-D. Some red plastic cups did the trick perfectly! I attached them with a hot glue gun. Two on the side to make it look like the robot emoji and a few for buttons on the body did the trick. Finally, the costume looked really dimensional and fun!

Vintage Robot Costume

The best part is you can get really creative from here. The dryer vent ducts really add a fun dimension to the costume. However, you can easily add a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans or leggings in the color of choice to complete the look. Additionally, this DIY robot Halloween costume can be completed simply with just boxes and paint, or you can really go all out decorating. It’s up to you to get the look you’re going for!

Robot Costume for Kids

DIY Robot Costume Alternatives

To help spark creativity, here are a few other ideas we had for the Amazon box and the DIY robot costume.

  • Paint everything metallic grey and make the eye-opening black. A few black buttons added and you have a solid, classic robot costume.
  • Skip the red, and just keep it simple with the blue.
  • Using larger boxes and creating the same costume as an adult robot costume
  • Create family costumes with each robot being a different color
  • Trying glow-in-the-dark paint to really make it pop for Halloween!
  • Spray painting boots the exact shade of blue, red, or silver to complete the look.
  • Refashioning the eyes with circles and adding spray paint to plastic cups for a 2-D eye look.
  • Using smaller boxes and turning this into a toddler’s robot costume.



Robot Costume from a box

Kids Robot Costume

Clearly, the options are endless. And no matter how you make your robot costume, it’s an easy and super affordable DIY costume that comes together in no time!

Finally, if you get in on the Boxtumes fun, be sure to show off your own creativity using #boxtumes, #amazonprime and #morethanabox.


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