Where’s Waldo Costume DIY

Where's Waldo Costume

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Where's Waldo Costume

If you need a very easy, very fun, and maybe even last-minute costume idea, a Where’s Waldo Costume DIY has your back! Alternately, you can be the female lead and go for a Where’s Wenda Costume too! 

We were lucky enough to be invited to check out the popup Halloween backdrop at The Gray Atelier studio. We’d already shot our Guardians of the Galaxy costume for the year. But we’ll never be one to pass up Vikki Colvin’s offer to check out her creative genius and fun collaborations in her space! 

Where's Waldo Group Costume

Last Minute Easy Halloween Costume

I turned to Jacob and I knew we needed a last-minute Halloween costume fast! When I started to dig around on Amazon I realized a few key pieces were all it would take to pull off a Where’s Waldo costume or a Where’s Wenda costume! 

Where’s Waldo Costume Ideas

I love that you can easily create this costume for adults or kids. It’s a fantastic group costume too! Plus, it’s so easy to pull together!

Start with a pair of jeans, brown shoes, and a striped shirt. If you need shirt ideas, check out the list below! 

Where's Waldo and Wenda Costume

Where’s Wenda Costume 

The base is the same with one change. Wenda wears a denim skirt. She also often carries a camera. Swap out pants for a skirt and grab some striped knee socks. Grab a camera you have on hand and follow the other must-have items from the list below. 

Where's Wenda Costume

Where's Waldo Costume DIY

Here's a roundup of the items you need to pull off a Where's Waldo costume DIY! Including a Where's Wenda Costume and Where's Waldo kids costumes.

Where's Waldo Kid Costume

That’s all it takes! Feel free to mix up a few pieces or add other props and get creative! If you’re lucky enough to own a striped shirt like we do, it’s going to be one of the easiest and cheapest costumes you can create in no time! 

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