Over 150 Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas (With Family Costume Ideas Too!)

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Need a cute couple Halloween costume idea? You’ll be ready with over 150 Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas to make sure you have the ultimate creative couple costume ready for the big night! Get ready to win best the best couple’s costume award at your next Halloween party!

Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas: 150 plus creative couple's Halloween Costume Ideas, with several that include easy family Halloween Costumes to add a themed family Halloween costume with a baby or young children

It’s time for me to admit that the moment the 5th of July happens and I clean up holiday decor, I instantly start the internal debate of when I can pull out the Halloween decorations and I start to get very series about couple’s Halloween costume ideas and family Halloween costume ideas.

If you’ve been a reader around here for a while you know it’s my favorite holiday, and one of our bucket list items is to win the highly competitive couple’s Halloween costume contests at our friend’s annual Halloween party. This is a goal we don’t take lightly, and we’ve only come in second, so the eye of the tiger is strong, and I’m already scheming!

Couple Costumes for Halloween + Family Costume Ideas Too!

I also love how many of you wait for our costume reveal each year, it’s always one of my favorite posts! Last year I felt so prepped, but the year prior I was one month postpartum and our original plan fell through miserably, I almost called off our first family Halloween costume and attending the party. But in true last-minute stress fashion, I had a stroke of inspiration happen where a ton of ideas came and I started a list of couples costumes/couple’s with baby costumes and realized after a long list came to mind that this was something I needed to hang onto!

Now that we’re coming up on our seventh Halloween married and our eighth Halloween dressing up in a couple’s costume, I’ve learned this is just a way of life and something I am always jotting ideas down and adding to that list, and after hoarding it for myself for so long I’ve decided it’s time to share the wealth and help anyone looking for a list of couple’s Halloween costume ideas and share our past costumes as well as the list.

Halloween Costumes for Couples

Some are DIY couple’s costumes, many are easy to order online, and several have family Halloween costume or group Halloween costume add-on ideas!

Because really guys, even if the world takes my suggestion to make Halloween happen quarterly, I don’t think we can pull off all 150 of these couple’s Halloween costume ideas in our lifetime, so please make these cute couple Halloween costume ideas happen, send me pics, and win all the best costume awards you humanly can!

150 Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas: Doc and MartyCouple’s Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Doc and Marty from Back to the Future
    Marty: Red Puffy Vest / Plaid Shirt / Red T / Denim Jacket (or get a full Marty Costume Here)

    Doc: Shirt / Lab Coat / Wig / Goggles / Fanny Pack (or get a full Doc Costume Here)
  2. Cleopatra and a Mummy
  3. Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles Flintstone
  4. Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam Rubble from the Flintstones 
  5. Steve Harvey and Miss Universe if you dont’ know, look this up! You may win Best couples Halloween costumes awards with this one! 
  6. Where’s Waldo and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
    Where's Waldo Costume
  7. Where’s Waldo and Where’s Wanda Costume

    You just need a WHERE’S WALDO HAT, some WALDO GLASSES, and a striped shirt: check out these options!

  8. Flo from Progressive and Mayhem. This costume is so easy, you only need a few props and a t-shirt to pull it off! 
  9. Gilligan and Marianne from Gilligan’s Island with a Baby Shark or Baby Parrot
  10. Andy Warhol and a Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Painting
  11. Lucille Bluth and Buster from Arrested Development
  12. Kronk and Yzma (with a squirrel add-in for children) from The Emporer’s New Groove 
  13. The Mad Hatter and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. 
  14. The White Rabbit and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. 
  15. Firefighter and a Cat
  16. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. 
  17. Danny and Sandy from Grease
  18. Smalls and Wendy Peppercorn from The Sandlot 
  19. Peter Pan and Wendy/Tinkerbell
  20. The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts
  21. Minnie and Micky Mouse. Grab some vintage clothes, Disney ears, and white gloves to be this famous couple! 
  22. Moana and Maui, and HeiHei if you have a baby
  23. Bank Robbers with a bag of loot
  24. Circus Performers (tight rope walker, ring leader, etc.)
  25. Magician and Magician’s assistant/White Rabbit
  26. Running with Scissors
  27. Pokemon Masters with Pikachu
  28. Star Wars characters of any kind with a baby Ewok (My friend Jen’s is the best I’ve ever seen!) Creative Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas: Star Wars

    Couple Costume Ideas

  29. A Lifeguard, a Shark Attack Victim, and a Baby Shark
  30. Bananas in Pajamas
  31. Forest Gump, Jenny, and Little Forrest
  32. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Woolf
  33. A Hunter and a Deer
  34. The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George
  35. Mary Poppins and Burt
  36. Morticia and Gomez from The Addams Family
  37. Super Man and Wonder Woman
  38. Pam and Jim from The Office
  39. Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec (add on a cute little pony to be lil’ Sebastion if you have a baby!) 
  40. Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Recreation. 
  41. Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Hamilton
  42. Dorthy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion
  43. Carl and Ellie from Up (and you could add Russel or the house if you have kids!)
  44. Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin. 
  45. Buddy and Jovie from Elf
  46. Harley Quinn and the Joker
  47. Dee Dee and Dexter Couple costume ideas: 150 creative halloween costumes for couples
  48. Childhood Sports Trophies – spray paint gold, choose a random sport, get creative
  49. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell
  50. AC Slater and Jessie from Saved by the Bell
  51. Calvin and Hobbs
  52. Popeye and Olive
  53. Odie and Garfield (feel free to add in John if you have a baby)
  54. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears from the 90’s (hello all-denim outfits!)
  55. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  56. Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein
  57. Wesley, Buttercup, and a Rodent of Unusual Size from Princess Bride Family Halloween Costume Ideas and Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas
  58. American Gothic Painting
  59. Prince Charming and Princess
  60. Wayne and Garth
  61. Harry and Lloyd
  62. Paula Deen and Butter
  63. Barbie and Ken
  64. Sonny and Cher
  65. Jay and Bey
  66. Bonnie and Clyde
  67. Ninja Turtles
  68. Ghostbusters
  69. Zombie couple. It just take makeup and maybe some ripped up shirts and pants to look fantastic as a couple of zombies! 

    DIY Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas

  70. Netflix and Chill: always a hilarious costume pair!
  71. Stranger Things– take your pic! Plus the group costumes with other couples would be so fun!
  72. Bacon and an Egg. DIY with a cardboard box for a really cheap couple’s costume! 
  73. Ketchup and Mustard. I mean name a more dynamic duo, I’ll wait! 
  74. Nacho Libre and Encarnacion
  75. Liz Lemon and Kenneth from 30 Rock. 
  76. Thing One and Thing Two (add The Cat in the Hat if you have a baby)
  77. Juno and Polly Bleeker from Juno. 
  78. Cruella DeVille and a Dalmatian
  79. Princess Peach and Mario from Super Mario Brothers 
  80. Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers 
  81. The Beatles- or John and Yoko
  82. Johnny Cash and June Carter. Use the Walk the Line movie for some excellent inspiration to pull of this duo! 
  83. Deadliest Catch sailor and a Lobster
  84. Blossom and Joey from Blossom
  85. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing
  86. The Phantom and Christine from Phantom of the Opera
  87. PBS Stars: Bob Ross and Julia Childs DIY Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas: 150 plus creative couple's Halloween Costume Ideas, with several that include easy family Halloween Costumes to add a themed family Halloween costume with a baby or young children

    Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

  88. Regis and Kelly
  89. Ryan and Kelly 
  90. Scarlett and Rhett from Gone With the Wind
  91. Vampire and Garlic
  92. Jessie and Woody from Toy Story
  93. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story 
  94. Peter Quill and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy (how cute would a baby fox be added to mom and dad’s costumes)
  95. Guess Who board game characters
  96. Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street 
  97. Salt and Pepper
  98. Two-Face and Cat Woman
  99. Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa
  100. Scooby-Doo- pick your characters!
  101. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh
    Top Gun Costume
  102. Top Gun
  103. Barie and Ken
  104. I Love Lucky and Dez
  105. Black Widow and Tony Stark
  106. Dora and Boots
  107. Rival College Sports Fans
  108. Lawn Gnome and Plastic Flamingo
  109. Napoleon Dynamite and Deb
  110. Batman and Robin
  111. Army Men/Women
  112. Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz Funny Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas
  113. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
  114. Game Show Host and Contestant
  115. Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory
  116. Elaine and Kramer from Seinfeld
  117. Gatsby and Daisy
  118. Kate Middleton and Prince William
  119. Tortoise and the Hair
  120. Steve and Blue from Blue’s Clues
  121. Dr. Who and Rose
  122. SNL Spartan Cheerleaders
  123. Mr. and Mrs. Pacman
  124. Cookie Monster and a Cookie
  125. Own Grady and Claire from Jurassic World
  126. Dr. Ellie and Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park
  127. Hermine Granger and Ron Weasley (or Harry Potter and Jenny, take your pick)
  128. Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons
  129. Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox
  130. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
  131. Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane
  132. Elliot and Gertie from E.T.
  133. Ronald McDonald and Wendy
  134. Tiger King and Carol Baskins 

    Costume Ideas and Cute Family Costume Ideas

    Pop Culture Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas

  135. George Michael and Maeby from Arrested Development
  136. Alfalfa and Darla
  137. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
  138. Captain America and Peggy Carter
  139. Dr. and Operation Game
  140. Ms. Frizzle and Bill Nye the Science Guy
  141. Monopoly Man and McDonald’s French Fries
  142. Colonel Sanders and a Chicken
  143. Tetris Pieces
  144. Chuck and Wilson from Cast Away
  145. Mermaid and Sailor
  146. Publishers Clearing House Winners with an oversized check
  147. Mulder and Scully from The X-Files
  148. KISS band members- even better with kids or another couple
  149. Tony the Tiger and the TRIX Rabit
  150. Inside Out- pick your two favorite characters
  151. Astronaut and Alien
  152. X-Men- pick your favorite characters
  153. Beekeeper and a Bee
  154. Medusa and a Stone Statue

    Pop Culture Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas

  155. Pop Icons: Michael Jackson, Sia, Elvis, or any other famous pop icon you can think of!
    Family Halloween Costume Idea: Pop Stars: Pop Icons throughout the decades
  156. Mike and Sully from Monster’s Inc.
  157. Sully and Boo from Monster’s Inc. 
  158. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  159. Cacti
  160. Poppy and Branch from Trolls
  161. Body Wash and a Loofah
  162. Kermit and Miss Piggy
  163. Mrs. Butterworth Bottle and an Eggo Waffle
  164. Wanda and Cosmo from The Fairly Odd Parents
  165. Weatherman/woman and a Storm
  166. Yukon Cornelius and the Bumble from the Christmas Classics
  167. Whip and Nae Nae (Cool Whip and a Horse)
  168. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

And stay tuned for October friends, I haven’t added any of the three costumes we’re considering to this list, and I can’t wait to share what this year will bring!

We hope this helps you find the perfect couples’ Halloween costume idea for your next costume party! 

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  1. Paige Flamm says:

    So many awesome ideas! I totally need to get my husband to dress up with me this year!


  2. this is such a great list my attention span can’t even handle it. This is the epitome of “pin it for later” lol will consult closer to the day. As much as I love the holiday, I am notorious for waiting until the last minute to put together a costume. It usually works out pretty well for me, though!

  3. Your Princess Bride costumes were some of my very favorite! So simple but so clever and the cutest rodent I’ve ever seen!