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Halloween Activities: 50 Ways to Celebrate and Have a Fun Halloween

50 Fun Halloween Ideas to Do With Your Kids: with tons of at-home Halloween activities you’ll all love + a free printable!

Halloween Activities 

Last year, things looked very different with a lot of Halloween activities canceled. It broke my Halloween-loving heart to forego a lot of our favorite out-of-house Halloween activities. If you’ve been around here before, you know might know that I have a Halloween obsession, it’s my favorite holiday! It plunged me into instant create-all-the-fun mode! 

We love to find Halloween activities for families, and of course, we’re suckers for Halloween date ideas

I’m grateful for the creativity that came, I’m grateful we’re in a better place this year, but I’m still basking in all the Halloween fun families can have at home. 

We made a list of Halloween bucket list items we knew we’d all love to do, and had our brilliant designer create a FREE printable Halloween Activities bingo to help families everywhere find a lot of Halloween fun! 

Halloween Activities for Kids

Keeping it Festive And Celebrating Halloween All of October

A Halloween activity a day keeps the…fun to stay? But really, why not make something small and fun happen every day? 

As I started brainstorming fun, easy Halloween activities for kids and families, I went for a big variety of things to do. Some are all about fun Halloween food, some are activities at home, and many are Halloween activities you can do from a distance. All are pretty easy and don’t take a ton of time or work! And as I wrote down all my plans, I looked up and had 50 Halloween activities ready to go just like that! 

Halloween Activities of Families


Halloween Activities BINGO Free Printable

Another thought hit me, how fun would it be to make a giant BINGO board with activities to enjoy all Halloween season? I contacted my designer and she just knocked it out of the park with something better than I even imagined! 

Halloween Activities Printable

There’s 48 plus a FREE space. We sorted them by type of activity so you can decide if you’re feeling the Halloween foodie vibes, a little crafty, want to do an activity in, or want to do an activity out of the house. We plan to go for a blackout in our home, but you do you! 

Free Halloween Activities Bingo Printable


We’ll be sharing a TON of Halloween content in the next few weeks to help with specific easy ideas. So check back daily, we’re going to help make this as easy (and fun) for families as possible! 

You can also bookmark or pin this post and come back, I’ll update links as all the fun ideas go live! 

But if you want your own list right now, and 50 fun things to do on Halloween/throughout the month of October, here they are, broken down by category. 

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50 Halloween Activities for Kids

50 Halloween Activities

Halloween Food Ideas

  • Dry ice drinks with this Halloween punch for kids recipe 
  • Make Halloween popcorn mix 
  • Make gingerbread men skeletons 
  • Have a zombie sugar cookie decorating party 
  • Make caramel apples together. Try our Easy Caramel Apple Recipe with a double caramel crunch! We really love this caramel apple appetizer dish that’s a little easier to eat, and just as fun and festive!
  • Make Halloween Stuffed Bell Peppers for Dinner
  • Have Mummy wrapped hot dogs for dinner. Create them together as a family for an extra fun Halloween memory. 
  • Have Halloween goulash for dinner. This easy dinner is a big hit with kids, and an easy way to add a little festivity into your 
  • Add some creep factor to family pizza night with some Halloween-themed pizza. 
  • Serve creepy grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner 

fun halloween ideas

Halloween Activities for Families At Home 

  • Carve pumpkins 
  • Read a bunch of Halloween books for kids. You can check them out from the library, or buy a handful to read over and over again all September. We have a great list of our favorite Halloween books for kids you can print out and take to the library! 
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Home 
  • Halloween movie night 
  • Try on Halloween costumes early. Also, it’s a great time to do a practice run on any makeup, and take some Halloween costume pictures before the big night
  • Listen to a Halloween podcast/audiobook story together 
  • Paint by Sticker Halloween puzzles 
  • Print this I SPY Halloween activity page and do it together. 
  • Bob for donuts on a string 
  • Have your own cakewalk! This is popular at Halloween carnivals, and it only takes a bunch of papers with numbers. It’s essentially musical chairs but you walk around and try to get on a number when the music stops. Each time it stops, one more number is removed. The last person standing wins a prize! Dig into that Halloween candy a little early and do a cakewalk at home. 
  • Attend a Halloween storytime. If you can find one to go to safely in person, that’s fantastic! If you can’t, there are so many great ones online you can view and virtually attend! 
  • Pull out some inexpensive Halloween activity books as a fun surprise! We have this Highlights hidden picture (mess-free marker) book on order, as well as this super cheap create-your-own haunted house book
  • Play “Pin the Spider on the Web” and check out this cute free printable for it! If you have older kids you could make it more challenging with an obstacle course through the house or chairs in the way for them to navigate to play. 
  • Learn how to do the “Thriller” dance. You never know when you’ll have a 13 Going on 30 moment and need this at a party!
    “Spooky Scary Skeletons” also trended last year, and it’s another fun Halloween dance you can spend a night learning as a family. 

Halloween Crafts for Kids

  • Pick up a Halloween craft kit (they are about $3) from the Dollar Spot at Target, at Michael’s, or at JoAnne’ss, and have a craft day. 
  • Print a festive giant coloring poster for kids. This one is $5 and you can print them over and over again! 
  • Create Q-tip skeletons 
  • Halloween watercolor painting
  • Paint pumpkins
  • Grab old boxes and build a haunted house together. 

Out-of-the-House Halloween Activities 

  • Drive around your area and look for houses that go all out with Halloween decorations and lights. 
  • Decoration neighborhood bingo walk/drive. If you want to make your decoration spotting even more fun, try this BINGO card
  • Pick up a spooky treat from a local bakery/cookie shop/ice cream shop 
  • “Boo” the neighbors 
  • Go get pumpkin ice cream or frozen yogurt 
  • Have a neighborhood trick-or-treating parade 
  • Trunk or treat 
  • Have a bonfire s’mores night and tell a few ghost stories 
  • Set up a harmless Halloween prank for a loved one or close friend. Perhaps a skeleton sitting on the porch (see our roundup of funny skeleton names for even more fun ideas). Or, a Dracula face taped to a window. Send something not too scary, and be sure you know the person! But also, a little spook can be a very fun and funny family activity. Just beware of retaliation! 
  • Order a pumpkin-shaped pizza and have a family picnic outside. 


Feeling Festive: Halloween Festivities

  • Decoration Setup
  • Create some easy decorations by cutting out bats and creating a flying bat scene in your house. 
  • Decorate your front door: It can be with paper, a new wreath, wrap it in toilet paper like a mummy: get creative and make your door ready for the holiday. 
  • Decorate your garage. Have you seen the creepy eyes or pumpkin faces people put on their garage doors? It only takes some black poster board (or orange or gold if you have a darker door) and a little creativity! 
  • Wear black and orange Spirit Day 
  • Halloween shirts. If you’re crafty, make some together. If you’re not, check out Target, Carters, Old Navy, and Gap.
  • Bust out the Halloween pajamas for kids (or for adults too)! Enjoy wearing these all month for a little extra festive fun at home. 
  • Halloween hairstyle 
  • Listen to a Halloween playlist. We love the Kidz Bop Halloween list. The Disney Halloween Playlist on Spotify is excellent too! If you have older kids, create one together coming up with the best soundtrack for the next big horror movie. 
  • Get a cheap bag of cotton spiderwebs and turn some windows, a coffee table, or a shelf with decor into a Halloween scene. 

Phew! That was a lot of information! However, we want you to have a lot of fun this Halloween season! Be sure to grab your free printable, and share it with us on Instagram (tag @fridaywereinlove) so we can see all the fun you’re having! 

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