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Halloween Bucket List + FREE Printable!

A fun Halloween bucket list with a FREE printable download! 50 fun Halloween activities to do this Halloween season!

Intentional Halloween Fun

There’s nothing like kicking off the holiday season with a bunch of intentions and plans to have some fun! That’s why we’d encourage every family with kids (or couple looking for Halloween date ideas) to make a Halloween bucket list and plans to cross off as many items as possible!

What are some activities you can do for Halloween?

There are literally hundreds! Check your local city websites and search for Halloween events in your area. But typically there are a ton of things you can do at home or anywhere you live to celebrate the season! And from there, add them to your October bucket list.

Halloween Bucketlist Printable

Fun Halloween Ideas

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a FREE Printable Download Halloween Bucket List. But it goes one step further, we’ve helped categorize the activities by type so you can make sure they fit in with your busy schedule.

Maybe you want to make a Halloween-themed treat or head out for an activity. Perhaps you want some easy Halloween crafts or you need some ideas for fun Halloween activities at home. Follow the icon next to each Halloween bucket list item to help you find the perfect activity for you!

Halloween Bucket List FREE Printable

Grab Your FREE Halloween Bucket List Printable HERE!

And so you don’t have to wait any longer, go ahead and grab your FREE Halloween Bucket List Printable Download right here!


Get Your Halloween Bucket List
Free Printable!

Free printable that can be printed 8.5×11 or full Blueprint size (with instructions included)!

Halloween Bucket list free printable.

We hate spam too, and promise not to send you any!

But if you want to custom-create your own list, here are a bunch of fun Halloween activities to add to your October bucket list!

Halloween Bucket List Ideas

  1. Carve pumpkins and make a jack-o-lantern
  2. Attend a Halloween storytime
  3. Listen to or make a Halloween playlist
  4. Listen to a Halloween podcast/ audiobook
  5. Halloween pajama night. This is even more fun with family Halloween pajamas!
  6. Decorate Halloween cookies. Feel free to buy a pre-made pack and spend some time making them extra fun with frosting, sprinkles, and some candy corn.
  7. Do a giant Halloween coloring page/Coloring project 
  8. I spy Halloween activity page/ Mad Libs Halloween Page
  9. Create q-tip skeletons
  10. Make or buy a Halloween shirt.
  11. Get Halloween donuts
  12. Build a haunted house out of boxes
  13. Host or attend a Halloween costume party
  14. Attend a trunk or treat. These are a fun Halloween party that usually take place in the month of October, a few days before Halloween. It’s a great way to get some Halloween candy and practice being trick-or-treaters before Halloween night.
  15. Work on a Halloween sticker book
  16. Learn the “spooky scary skeletons” dance
  17. Decorate your garage door
  18. Have a Halloween movie night. You can do a scary movie, a simple kids’ movie, or head to Salem Massachusetts virtually and watch Hocus Pocus! I won’t blame you one bit if you grab a Hocus Pocus shirt for the occasion!
  19. Bake Halloween cookies or another spooky treat
  20. Halloween pizza night
  21. Play “pin the spider on the web”
  22. “Boo” the neighbors. Deliver a treat with a “You’ve been boo’d” sign and start a fun neighborhood treat exchange.
  23. Do a Halloween scavenger hunt. Grab our free download and enjoy a free Halloween scavenger hunt activity perfect for families or for a Halloween date night!
  24. Do a Halloween watercolor painting with our ghost template.
  25. Halloween-themed dinner. Make a few spooky food items and enjoy a Halloween-themed dinner. Be sure to make our Halloween punch for kids!

    Halloween Bucketlist Printable
  26. Walk/drive to see neighbor’s decorations throughout your neighborhood
  27. Read Halloween books together
  28. Attend a community Halloween event
  29. Have a bonfire s’mores night + share some ghost stories
  30. Pick up a spooky treat from a local shop
  31. Have an orange & black spirit day
  32. Learn how to do the “thriller” dance.
  33. Do a Halloween hairstyle. There’s a ton of inspiration on Pinterest!
  34. Make a spooky drink
  35. Make caramel apples together
  36. Do a Halloween activity book. We love this Halloween paint-by sticker book with fun sticker paintings (like a witch of mummies) that glow in the dark.
  37. Decorate the front door or front porch area with fun Halloween decor.
  38. Paint pumpkins
  39. Make Halloween popcorn. Try our Halloween popcorn recipe!
  40. Go get pumpkin ice cream or frozen yogurt
  41. Get spooky books from the library
  42. Cut out paper bats and set up a spooky scene
  43. Do a trick instead of a treat: spook someone with a simple Halloween prank
  44. Make a creepy sandwich using cookie cutters
  45. Decorate your home for Halloween
  46. Visit a pumpkin patch
  47. Go through a corn maze
  48. Roast pumpkin seeds together
  49. Enjoy a cup of hot apple cider
  50. Go apple picking at an apple orchard

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