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Christmas Earrings

This is your sign to grab some Christmas earrings for some festive fun this December! Here’s a roundup of the 40+ Cutest Christmas Earrings of 2023, plus the best places to find earrings for Christmas! 

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One of the best ways to be a little festive for the Christmas season is by rocking some Christmas jewelry. And it doesn’t take much to add a little seasonal fun with jewelry! Not to mention a pair of Christmas earrings paired with any outfit is always fun! And trust me, kids notice and love the fun accessories! 

Whether you go all out with Christmas apparel, opt to add some red or green, or for some sparkle and glitter, or just want a subtle nod to the season, Christmas earrings are a great way to go! 

And after our popular Halloween Earring Roundup, we knew we had to share all our favorite Christmas earrings too!

As someone who loves embracing all the fun each holiday season, it probably would be zero surprise that I own several pairs of cute Christmas earrings and festive-themed jewelry trying so many brands and styles. Consequently, I can honestly speak to quality, what’s durable, price, and the best places to find Christmas earrings. And you know I can’t leave you in the dark and am 100% here to encourage that small holiday flex that I think you’ll use and love year after year! 

Christmas Earring Roundup 

Baublebar Christmas Earrings 

Baublebar rocks at festive and fun jewelry, and their Christmas line is always the best! I own a pair of Mickey Mouse Christmas earrings and sparkly snowflake earrings from Baublebar that are equal parts pretty and festive fun. I have my eye on this classy reindeer pair of festive earrings! You can find subtle pretty pieces and also bright and colorful earrings too! 

They usually have necklaces, bracelets, and tons of options. They may be a tiny bit more than your standard cheap pair, but they are built with quality gold and silver hardware that’s meant to last! 

Holiday outfit showing off Santa Christmas earrings.

Sugar Fix Christmas Earrings 

If you want a budget option for Baublebar earrings, check out their Sugarfix Christmas earrings line they make exclusively for Target! 

You’ll usually find similar styles at a regular price that will make you smile! But side note, there are often discounts and promotions to save even more!
I love their fun quirky styles, sparkly Christmas tree earrings, Christmas bow earrings, Christmas wreath earrings, and Christmas light earrings.

I bought a smaller wreath pair a few years ago (that they do an updated version of every year!), and was worn so often through the month of December! They are the perfect size to make a small statement without being too big. 

I love that you can find so many cute holiday styles at super-affordable prices! 

The only downside? They are typically super popular and the availability can get a little limited with sellouts if you don’t shop early in the season. 

Woman in Christmas pajamas showing fun Christmas earrings.

Besty Johnson Christmas Earrings

I just invested in my first pair of Betsy Johnson Christmas earrings this year and I could not be more thrilled! 

Betsy Johnson is known for her edgy style and statement-making pieces. If you want to go glam and make a holiday statement, check out her holiday earring line! 

And one trick I’ve learned, her styles from last season are often at T.J. Maxx, so you can usually find really great deals if you’re willing to check early in the season. And they’re a great price on Amazon too!

Amazon Accessories 

The beauty of looking for Amazon Christmas earrings is not only the perk of free shipping if you’re a Prime member, but the large number of options! 

If you want to go cheap, you can go cheap. But if you want high-quality hypoallergenic styles, they’re easy to find too! 

Be sure to search hypoallergenic if you need them, and check for special offers with coupons. 

Christmas tree earrings.

Etsy Sellers

There is no creative limit to the individual artists who make jewelry on Etsy! There are classy items, quirky Halloween earrings, and all kinds of fandom favorites! You can go down a huge rabbit hole looking at all the options and creative styles. 

Once again, be sure to search for hypoallergenic, gold-plated if you have sensitive ears. 

And watch for shipping times, sometimes it takes time to receive your earrings! 

The Best Christmas Stud Earrings

I am such a fan of Shop Hey June. They sell quality jewelry that’s hypoallergenic at such affordable prices! Their gold pieces are 14-carat gold plated, and their silver pieces are all sterling silver. AKA, they are meant to last without tarnishing!

They offer a Christmas line every year, and their cute holiday stud earrings and subtle red or green huggie earrings I always have my eye on! If you have sensitive ears, check out Shop Hey June! I wear my Hey June Christmas tree earrings more than any other pair!

And use my code FRIDAYLOVE to save 15% off your order! 

Disney Christmas Earrings 

If you’re a Disney lover like I am, you know Disney and Christmas earrings are the most magical pairing! 

Disney Christmas earrings.

Disney Christmas earrings are extra fun to wear to Holidays at the Disneyland Resort, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. And of course, any other time you want a little Disney fun mixed with the holiday. 

Here are the best places to find them: 


No surprise here, Baublebar does exclusive Disney earrings year-round with some of the cutest styles! But you’ll find darling holiday shapes with a Disney nod during the Christmas season. 

Their Santa Mickey earrings are usually quick sellouts. And, their sparkly Disney baubles are perfect for holidays at Disney Parks too! 


Oh the crafty ways of Disney Christmas lovers you can find on Etsy! I just about died when I saw the cuteness that is these Bluey Christmas earrings!

Shop Disney 

Disney is fully committed with tons of Christmas merch, including cute Disney Christmas earrings! Check out ShopDisney for fun options and exclusive styles you won’t find anywhere else! 

Disney on Amazon 

I love that’s so easy to find so many options on Amazon! You can even find Disney-exclusive options and get free shipping. 

If you don’t already own a pair of Christmas earrings, I can’t encourage you enough to grab a pair! And if you already do, here’s your sign that it’s just fine to add some more to your collection!

40+ Cutest Christmas Earrings for 2023

We’ve done the shopping for you! If you want to check out the top 40+ Christmas earrings for 2023, they’re right here!

Christmas earrings.

We hope these help you find the perfect pair!

Christmas Earrings Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different styles of earrings?

Stud Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Dangle Earrings
Chandelier Earrings
Huggie Earrings
Threader Earrings
Ear Cuffs
Clip-On Earrings
Cluster Earrings
Stud Earrings with Jackets
Tassel Earrings
Statement Earrings
Ear Climbers
Bar Earrings
Feather Earrings

Whattype of Earrings Can You Wear All the Time?

Try a pair of stud earrings or earrings with a classic silver or gold. Even seasonal earrings tend to go with everything when they’re in a classic metal.

Where can I find cute Christmas Earrings?

Baublebar makes a very cute line, Etsy sellers create many cute options, and you can usually find great options at Walmart and Target.

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