50 Holiday Date Ideas: Christmas Date Ideas for the Holiday Season!

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Who doesn’t love a good Christmas date idea to make the season feel romantic and special, and decided it was time to share our list of 50 Holiday Date Ideas!

Christmas date night ideas.

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We absolutely love Christmas dates, and just can’t seem to get enough time to do all we want each season. There’s always a list of all the Christmas date ideas we can think of, and only so many weekends to fit all the holiday date ideas in! Regardless, it’s always fun to try to fit them all in and make the most of the holiday season while creating memories together!
I know this year may look a little different, so a few of these you may need to reserve for next year. But so many things work well for romantic Christmas date ideas at home! 

We decided we might as well pass along our list of ideas for others to enjoy this fun holiday season!

50 Christmas Date Ideas to Do This Holiday Season

So here you are friends, here are 50 holiday date ideas to make the holiday season a bit more romantic and memorable!
Christmas Date Night

50 Holiday Date Ideas: 

  • 1. Drive around neighborhoods and look at lights (we love Christmas on Comstock!)
  • 2. Hot Chocolate Date
    Make a hot chocolate bar, have a hot chocolate sampling date. This sampler set is super affordable and would be perfect for a fun hot chocolate date night! 
  • 3. Have a play in the snow date. Go sledding. Make a snowman/snow angels
  • 4. Try a Christmas Date Night box. These are delivered right to your door with your date night ready to go! Many do a holiday-themed date box available in December. And if they don’t, they’re still a magical thing for a date night in with Christmas music and hot chocolate.
  • 5. Go Caroling, preferably to a hospital or nursing home (you could do this digitally too!)
  • 6. Play Christmas music together
  • 7. See the temple lights or church light setups 
  • 8. Get hot chocolate at your favorite coffee shop and hit up the mall, temple, or community centers that have free performances the nights leading up to Christmas. This is a great time to watch one digitally!
  • 9. Attend a Christmas concert at a local venue. Small town or small budget? Attend the local high school’s Christmas concerts. If there isn’t one this year, look up a past performance and support them digitally.
  • 11. Go see The Forgotten Carols. They have a movie version too.
  • 12. Go see The Christmas Carol many small theaters are offering limited seating this year.
  • 13. Be a ballet fan and go see The Nutcracker, or watch a live broadcast or YouTube replay.
  • 14. Go see any other Christmas play/concert. So many do on-demand options right now!
  • 15. Zoolights. Our zoo is doing a drive-through car option to mix things up this year!
  • 16. Desert Botanical Garden Lights (or any other local attraction where you may live that makes for romantic Christmas date ideas)

50 Christmas Date Ideas

At home holiday dates

  • 17. Bake Christmas cookies. How fun would this sugar cookie kit be for a date night? Or up your game with some festive sprinkles sure to make any cookie look good! 
  • 18. Build graham cracker gingerbread houses together. 
  • 19. Watch Christmas movies. Grab your favorite Christmas movies with a little romance, and cuddle up under a warm blanket. This is a great date to do several nights during the month of December. 
  • 20. Wrap presents together
    Why not help each other get more prepared for Christmas Day with some present prep? We love to combine this with a Christmas movie night. It feels like a fun date night that helps us get even more prepared for Christmas celebrations. 
  • 21. Go Christmas shopping together
  • 22. Decorate your home or apartment. Set up a Christmas tree,hang some mistletoe,  and get your space ready for the celebration of Christmas! Christmas Date ideas at Home
  • 23. Hang lights around the house
  • 24. Drink eggnog/hot chocolate/tea by a fire
  • 25. Share your favorite versions of Christmas songs with each other
  • 26. Take holiday photos.
    You can use a self-timer and direct your own photoshoot easily! Check out our cute couples Christmas pictures post for some fun ideas! 
  • 27. Go get your picture taken with Santa at the mall
  • 28. Attend your holiday work party together. If you don’t have one, create your own digital party with your favorite coworkers.
  • 29. Write a Christmas card newsletter together. Go funny, go practical, just make a date in December where you make a quick Christmas card-worthy update for physical mail or to post on social media together. 
  • 30. Go get a tree together (real or fake)
  • 31. Have an Ice Skating Date Night
    Be sure sure to cozy up and hold hands with your sweetheart while you skate around the rink. 
  • 32. Volunteer
    There are so many great ways to serve during the holidays! Offer to organize toys, gifts, or food for local non-profits
  • 33. Go to a religious service
    You get bonus points if it isn’t your religion and you get to learn something. Christians all over the world are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in so many cool ways. Take advantage of their work and productions and make a date of it! Also, so many offer these online, check with your local churches.
  • 34. Make Christmas shopping easy for others, go around town and take pictures of some items on your wish list to send to others. Or make a wishlist together with easy links to send! 

Romantic Christmas Date Night ideas

  • 35. Make stockings together
  • 36. Hit up a bookstore, read your favorite childhood holiday books, A Christmas Carol, etc.
  • 37. Take a sleigh-ride.
    You can usually find these at most farms, city events, or Winter Solstice festivals on a set date of December. It’s the perfect time to enjoy this fun tradition! 
  • 38. Find one of your family’s favorite holiday recipes, make it together. Like if your family comes from England, it’s a good chance to try your hand a yule log. You could take it up a notch with our blind baking date night, it’s perfect for baking Christmas date ideas!
  • 39. Have a Christmas cookie exchange with other couples/friends.
    You can drop these off or have a fun couples party to exchange your favorite cookies.
  • 40. Make a homemade Christmas gift together
  • 41. Rent a cabin for the weekend- preferably somewhere with snow
    While you have a federal holiday and hopefully some time off work, use it as a great excuse for a getaway! This is always a fun idea to do in January for New Year’s Day if you can’t make it work during December. 
  • 42. Ugly sweater party. These are also fun digitally since a screen will share your ugly sweater of choice. It’s a great way to work in group Christmas date ideas. 
  • 43. Attend church-sponsored parties/activities together.
    We have been to fun live nativity events, had fancy feasts, saw Santa Claus, and had casual gatherings all sponsored by a church. Why not use their celebrations as a fun Christmas date night? 
  • 44. Choose a child’s name from a wish list and go shopping to find a toy to make the season for a child (Toys for Tots is a great source)
  • 45. Discuss your family’s Christmas/holiday breakfast tradition. Make that dish together for a breakfast date. Or try our breakfast cookie recipe people are raving about!
  • 46. Cut out snowflakes together. Go donate the decorations to a shelter, nursing home, or school in need.
  • 47. Find local holiday festivals, attend one together (Festival Lights, Festival of Trees, drive-through light shows etc.)
  • 48. Take a holiday cooking class together (there are typically several cookie classes offered, even remote options!)
  • 49. Have a snowball fight
  • 50. Take holiday treats to your neighbors, meet them, or get to know them a little better (this year you can do it from a distance) 

Holiday Date Ideas

Please feel free to add any other ideas in the comments! Additionally, we’d also love to hear from you about your dating experience and pictures of what you did to get out there and date during the most wonderful time of the year!

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