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Jigsaw Puzzle Date Night In

Date Info: 

Puzzle Night at Home

Price: Cost of puzzle ($12-$20 for a good one)

Jacob and I had a conversation recently about memories we have surrounding the two-week holiday break we had growing up. He’s from a very small town, and I’m from a college city, so both our locations were a little dead without many events during our time off school.
We connected on the memory that we both did large, complex jigsaw puzzles with our families. I have three brothers I’m pretty close in age to, and I can remember each of us taking a corner of the puzzle and spending hours over the break putting together our sections. We’d set up a card table in the living room and watch movies while we put together puzzles.
We decided this unassuming holiday activity would make a really fun date night at home. We partnered with White Mountain Puzzles to find the perfect one for us. They are a family owned business that have been making quality puzzles for generations. They were a perfect fit for our date night plan!
Couple doing a jigsaw puzzle for a puzzle date night at home.
I have an obsession and his name is Vincent (evidence here, here, here, ridiculous amounts here, and here), so naturally the Van Gogh puzzle was the winner.
Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle box.
Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle almost completed.
It was much harder than it looks! We spent hours the first night, and only got about 1/3 of the way done. We’ve been working every night for an hour here or there, and we’re slowly getting there. It’s been so fun to create a new memory together, and to see how different we think. Seriously, watching this time lapse movie we made of the first hour and a half, you can see his visual strategy and my grouping strategy at work.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS0FS_4mi8Q]
A husband doing a jigsaw puzzle for a puzzle date night at home.


A couple doing a jigsaw puzzle for a puzzle date night at home.
Completed Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle on a table.

If you’re looking for a cheap date idea you can do at home, we highly recommend this one! And guess what, White Mountain Puzzles wants to hook you up too! You can get free shipping on 3 or more puzzles using promo code FR4A7, plus a discount of 15% off any 300, 550, or 1000 piece puzzles.

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  1. Marie-Philippe Gill says:

    My best memory with a puzzle is doing one with my grandmother!

  2. I'm not sure why I've never done a puzzle with my boyfriend, but what a perfect (and cheap) date night! Love it!

  3. I grew up doing puzzles with my dad – some of our favorites got glued together, framed and hung up on the wall. At Thanksgiving this year, I found a kindred puzzle spirit in my father-in-law and we did a vintage 500 piece puzzle in one sitting! He's had it since the 70s, it was great.

  4. When my husband and I first moved to Charleston we lived in a crappy apartment until we closed on a house, due not moving into our house for another 2 weeks we left all our belongings that weren't necessary at our families house….so we spent the time we weren't at work or site seeing going puzzles we found in the apartments game rentals cabinet….why they had so many puzzles I'm not sure be we had fun doing it.

  5. Chrissy Delacy says:

    we LOVE puzzles, there is a huge mountain of them in our front room and our dining room table is constantly littered with them!

  6. Love this idea of a puzzle date night!

  7. Paige Pierog says:

    My Mom and I had a big round puzzle that looked like a scoop of ice-cream and we would spend hours on it some nights when I was a kid. We never did finish it, but I always looked forward to that time!

  8. Patrick&Selena Pallas says:

    My sisters and I did the same thing! My hubby and I are putting together a Mickey Mouse puzzle, we are going to frame it and put it in our son's room. So fun!