Las Noches de las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden

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Las Noches de las Luminarias – Desert Botanical Garden
Price: $50-$100, depending on tickets purchased and if you opt in for dinner 
Time: 2-3 hours, I’d plan 4 if you bring children or plan to enjoy dinner 
Las Noches de las Luminarias: Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix
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Ever since dating, we’ve always wanted to visit The Desert Botanical Garden’s Noche de las Luminarias. It’s a little spendy, particularly for the holiday season when budgets are a little depleted. Luckily two years I ago I realized this and gave this to Jacob for our 12 Months of Dates gift. Last holiday season was too busy, and the days we could go were sold out. We decided we’d hold on a whole year and do this gift in 2014!

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We’ve never been to the Desert Botanical Gardens in the day, something we know we need to remedy and add to the date night list! However, we’ve heard it is absolutely gorgeous, and the desert’s beauty at its best is on display. From what we could tell at night, this was absolutely true.



With all the luminaries and lights, it was one of the most breathtaking romantic scenes we’ve seen. I think I decided that Christmas should be more romantic than we make it, what a wonderful season to appreciate love!

Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix- Luminarias Festival

There were even proposals here. It warmed my heart, because Jacob proposed with luminaries throughout a park. They really are so romantic and beautiful.





There was also music throughout the gardens. All kinds of music- traditional Christmas, folk, classic guitar, jazz, a mariachi band, and story tellers. My favorite was something I wasn’t expecting, a new age group called Traveler World Fusion. Their version of “Oh Come Emmanuel” absolutely bewitched me.

I had to take a clip to remember it, and to share it with others!


You can also watch/listen to a full version here.
We then went on some more remote trails, and found a romantic place to hold hands and talk about the season together. It was seriously good for the soul.
Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix- Luminarias Christmas Festival




What a perfect night to break up some of the holiday bustle and enjoy a romantic time holding hands, drinking hot chocolate, and appreciating what a beautiful place we live in during this perfect time of year.

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  1. pocketofblossoms says:

    my dad used to go when he was little and he loved it! it looks so fun!

    xo, k