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Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Grab the best gifts for adults regardless of age or gender! A list of 50+ gender-neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults perfect for the holiday season!

Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults

Have you ever been invited to a gift exchange party or white elephant gift exchange where you aren’t entirely sure who your gift recipient may be? I have, and it’s a bit stressful to find gender-neutral gift ideas that feel like a great gift idea people would actually want or use!

I’ve taken note of the great unisex gift ideas given as a secret Santa present, at a white elephant exchange, and at a Christmas party with couple gifts. The good news is there are a lot of great gender-neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults perfect to gift family members, coworkers, your best friend, gender binary friends, coworkers, and random partygoers! We have a roundup of the best unisex Christmas gift ideas (and actually unisex gift ideas that work all year) to help you give some thoughtful gifts this year!

Practical Gifts That Are Gender-Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Stanley Tumbler.

    I have a whole post about the Stanley Tumbler with Handle, and let me tell you it’s been a great thing to use in my everyday life! They come in a ton of different colors and sizes. And the best part is even if the recipient owns one, it’s one of those things that’s a great idea to own two of! I haven’t met a person yet who hasn’t really liked their Stanley tumbler
    It’s truly the perfect gift for everyone!

    Stanley Tumbler With Handle
  2. Gift Card.

    I mean this isn’t in the unique gifts category, but it is in the most useful! A gift card is a great way to let someone choose what they’d like. And bonus points, it’s one of the easiest last-minute gifts you can purchase almost anywhere!
  3. Turkish Cotton towels.

    If you know, you know. These thin, quality towels are fantastic gender-neutral Christmas gifts because they are so darn useful! These are the kinds of gifts people will get so much use out of!
  4. Essential oil diffusers

    Diffuse some favorite scents without the toxins. You don’t have to be majorly into essential oils to love these! They work great to help spread some Christmas scents, or to use with some breath oils when you’re feeling sick.
  5. Essential Oils

    If you’re gifting an essential oil diffuser, don’t forget some essential oils! But if you’re not, a few common oils like lemon for scent or to use with a vinegar fruit bath, or lavender for a relaxing bath sure make a great gift!
    If you want to go big, this is almost identical to the set I purchased when pregnant and it’s been a great inexpensive set we’ve used quite a bit!
  6. LED Light

    You can always find a great spot to add a little light, and these LED lights are so fun!
  7. Headlamp.

    These are not only great for emergency situations but whenever someone needs to do projects or crafts around the house. Grab one with adjustable straps and help them do the hard work with a little more light!
  8. Modern Day Calendar

    These look fantastic on a desk or in someone’s home! It’s a beautiful classic gift.
  9. Lip Balms

    I love these lip balm sets. It’s so practical and useful for anyone with lips!
  10. Picture Frame

    These are always useful and an easy win for a present!
  11. Cozy Blanket

    A soft, cozy blanket is always a great Christmas gift! It’s at the top of the list of best gender-neutral Christmas gift ideas!

    Erasable pens make a great Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults.
  12. Erasable Pens.

    I bought this set of these to go with a planner and to keep around the house. Little did I know my small children, husband, family, and friends would all love to use them too. Grab a variety of colors, and let this practical gift go to good use!
  13. A Winter Hat/Beanie.

    This is one of the best unisex gifts during the holiday season because it’s something they’ll use and love! They work well with long hair, short hair, or no hair and are an inexpensive gift people really use. They come in various colors, but I’d stick to a neutral tone just to make sure the recipient gets more use out of it.
  14. Vans Slip On Sneakers.

    This is a great gift that kids and adults alike just love! Hello, comfy sneakers that look great with anything!
  15. Portable Heated Blanket

    These are perfect for cold days! People love to stash a portable heated blanket in their car, in the office, or bring a battery pack to use at events.

Fun Gift Ideas for Adults

Fun Gift Ideas for Adults

  1. Dash mini waffle maker

    These are so beloved, they’re something many people collect! There are so many uses for them aside from waffles. But they make great waffles for the record! Also, how fun would it be to gift a holiday-shaped waffle maker during the holidays? People really love them and they make a great gift!
  2. Ring Light for Cell Phones

    These may seem like a funny gift for a minute, but anyone who makes any type of video call will learn quickly how useful they are! They light up poorly lit rooms, make conference calls look a lot better, and they’re super handy to help document adventures and travels.
  3. Lottery Tickets

    Even if someone isn’t the gambling type, these are always a fun gag gift that just may yield a big return!
  4. Stainless Steel Mug

    Someone gave me one of these a few years ago, and as a non-coffee drinker I figured I’d regift or donate it quickly. And then I tried it one time, and it’s been a fixture in my house ever since! Grab a unisex style and know it will be put to great use!
  5. Board Games.

    We have a whole roundup of the best games for game nights. Whether they like playing with one other person or love to collect party games, our list of couple games has you covered!
  6. A Pack of Cards

    Grab a pack of unique designs or classic style playing cards for an easy and fun gift.
  7. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    These are one of those fun items people always find a lot of uses for!

    Air Pods case Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults.
  8. Leather Airpods Case

    I gave my husband this leather airpods case last Christmas, and I envy it every time I see him pull it out. It’s a very neutral and sleek design that make airpod cases look so high end!

Food Gift Ideas

  1. Silicone Popcorn Popper
    I have a post all about the silicone popcorn popper we use and love, with instructions and recipes on how to use it! Gift a Silicone Popcorn Popper with some Popcorn Kernels and natural Buttery Coconut Oil and you’ll set them up for so many delicious movie nights or easy snacks at home!
    Silicone Popcorn Popper
  2. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

    These sets are so fun to mix up popcorn nights at home! Grab one with different kernels and flavorings to try.
  3. Cookie Cutter and cookie mix.

    My husband received a similar gift before we were dating, and found it to be such a useful gift that happened to be fun. You can pick up a cookie mix at the grocery store (grab a gluten-free if you want to be really inclusive!) and some fun cookie cutters. These make great secret Santa gifts, and they’re usually really affordable gifts too!
  4. Cold Drinks

    Grab their favorite 6-pack of choice and gift the gift of some cold drinks!
  5. A Taste of Chocolate Taste Test Kit.

    We grab these for a chocolate-tasting date night every year. They are so fun, and something everyone seems to really love!
  6. Baked goods.

    This is always a fun gift you’ll find people fighting over during white elephants! Make the good stuff, and everyone knows what a good idea this is to bring to a gathering!
  7. Neck and Back Massager

    I gave my husband this a few years ago, and I may use it more than he does! It’s such a handy gift to have and makes a great gift idea when you’re not entirely sure what to gift or those gatherings you’re not sure who will end up with your gift.
  8. Outdoor Blanket/Picnic Blanket

    These are incredibly useful for pretty much everyone! They make a great staple for a picnic or a picnic date. For nature lovers, these get a lot of use outdoors. An animal lover like to bring them for their pets. You’ll be amazed at how versatile this gift is!

Cheap Christmas Gifts

  1. High Quality Chocolate

    Find a local chocolatier in your area, and hire a small business to make some high-quality gourmet chocolates. It’s a gender-neutral Christmas gift idea for adults almost everyone adores! 
  2. Water Bottle.

    If Stanely isn’t in the cards, find another stainless steel water bottle that won’t leak. It’s the perfect gift for almost any human since we all drink water!
  3. Gift Card to a Local Bakery

    This is a fun and easy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Let them choose their treat and drink of choice with a gift card.
  4. Lightsaber Chopsticks.

    You don’t even have to be the biggest Star Wars fan to appreciate these fun light up lightsaber chopsticks! They’re fun for takeout, sushi, and all

    Lightsaber chopsticks Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults.
  5. Reading Light

    I purchased these for my boys to gift this year, and I know everyone in our family will love them! Save some eye strain and help encourage more reading this year with these highly rated reading lights.
  6. Candle.

    Find a classic favorite scent and gift a seasonal candle.
  7. A Small Houseplant.

    This is the perfect way to jazz up your space or even your desk. You can usually find some great small houseplants at Trader Joe’s, IKEA, Home Depot, or support some small businesses and get them from your local nursery.
  8. A New Mug

    These can get cliche quickly, so choose wisely! But a classic monogrammed mug or a new insulated mug makes a great gift!
  9. Poo-Pourri.

    I know this goes on a gag gift list often, but it’s actually a useful item while it garners some good laughs! They’ll be thrilled with this item near their toilet once they use it and see how well it works.
  10. Supoon.

    This is a spatula, spoon, and measuring spoon in one. Let me tell you we use this item every day! Whether you like to host a dinner party or you’re cooking for one, it’s a must-have! This goes at the top of our list of gifts that are budget-friendly!

Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

High-End Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

If you’re looking to splurge on a loved-one, spoil an employee, or just spread some seriously holiday cheer, these more luxurious gender-neutral gift ideas are an excellent choice!

  1. Apple Watch

    This is the gift I had no idea I needed! My husband gave me one and I use it all day every day. If they already have an Apple phone, this pairs perfectly with it, and it’s a great gift for tech lovers!
    High End Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults
  2. iPad

    If they have children, they will use this. If they don’t have children, they will use this. In fact, I can’t think of a sould from age 2-99 who wouldn’t love the gift of a new iPad!
  3. A Hotel Stay

    Sometimes the best thing you can give is the gift of relaxing or refreshing on a mini getaway. Give them a gift card or voucher to make a reservation at a hotel or AirBnB so they can enjoy a mini trip.
  4. Tickets to a Local Event

    One year my husband’s office gave us floor seats to see our local NBA team play. I can’t believe how much fun we had! If you need some ideas, check out our experience gifts post for fun places you could gift ticket to!
  5. Visa Gift Cards

    My former employer used to spoil all their employees with a hefty Visa Gift Card to all who attended the company Christmas party. It was the best way to send us all off on holiday to help pay for gifts, book some fun, or balance the holiday budget better.

    Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for Adults everyone loves.
  6. Portable Phone Chargers.

    Who couldn’t use a portable battery pack to charge their phone from time to time? I love that I can get a single charge in about an hour and take my phone from dead to full battery. We take ours on Disneyland trips, and use for busy days when we’re out of the house. It’s a great stocking stuffer, and one of those cool gifts that is so useful!
  7. Cashmere Scarf.

    There are so many great unisex scarfs made out of high-quality materials that do a great job helping the wearer stay warm! Also, it feels like a little bit of a flex in a good way! If you want a higher-end unisex gift idea that people use and love, this is definitely it!
  8. Luna Face Cleaning Brush.

    This is one of those small items that make a big difference in skincare! It makes clearer skin happen in such an easy way! Lather up with this little tool and you’ll find easy cleaning that’s really impactful! My husband and I both have one, and they’re an excellent unexpected gift not many people have.
  9. Muscle Massage Gun

    This is another huge winner of a gift people adore! Work out sore muscles, headaches, and relax with a muscle massage gun!

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