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Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft Ideas 

Get ready for some ugly sweater fun with these ugly Christmas sweater craft ideas! Grab our free ugly sweater template and a few coloring or craft supplies and create an ugly Christmas sweater craft perfect for holiday parties or Christmas activities for kids! 

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Who doesn’t love a good ugly Christmas sweater party? What started as an ugly sweater trend to wear to ugly sweater parties, expanded into fun ways to wear some holiday cheer throughout the most wonderful time of the year. From adult gatherings to elementary school spirit days, ugly sweaters have become an integral tradition that is so much fun during the holiday season!

Even though there are tons of pre-made ugly sweaters on the market, there’s something kitschy about running to a thrift store, finding an old sweater, and making your own sweater as a fun Christmas craft. And, we figured it was time to take this ugly Christmas sweater trend and turn it into a really fun Christmas craft that kids of all ages and adults alike could enjoy together. 

And if you want to wear an ugly sweater during this easy Christmas activity, check out our roundup of ugly Christmas sweaters for kids, or ugly Christmas sweaters for adults.

If you need a fun activity for ugly Christmas sweater parties, or want a fun Christmas craft of kids to enjoy, this activity if the life of the party that channels the same DIY creativity in a really fun and easy way! 

Ugly sweater template free printable download on Christmas wrapping paper.

Free Ugly Sweater Printable

Get ready to create your own fun designs that would win any ugly Christmas sweater contest with our ugly sweater free printable download. We’ll send a digital file straight to your inbox that you can print and use in your winter crafts this holiday season! 

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Ugly Sweater
Free Printable!

A solid sweater and one with a racing stripe for fun ugly sweater craft options!

Ugly sweater template free printable with craft supplies.

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    How to Use the Ugly Sweater Printable

    First of all, there’s really no wrong way to use this printable! You can literally print one, hand your little crafter some crayons or colored pencils, and let them have fun creating their own original ugly sweater idea. 

    A boy decorating an Ugly Sweater craft for kids.

    But if you want to kick it up a notch, we have so many good ugly sweater creation ideas! Let’s set you up to make the ugliest Christmas sweater (or a cute sweater if you’d prefer)! You go big with all the fun things from your craft station, or just add a few fun supplies and let the creative juices flow! 

    We do recommend printing on white cardstock paper so you have a solid base to hold all the ugly sweater creativity. And, a white sweater base gives an open canvas to create any type of ugly sweater with just about any fun medium. 


    – Crayons 

    – Colored Pencils 

    Glue Sticks 

    – Washable School Glue 

    Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks 

    ​- Scissors 

    ​Fun Ugly Sweater Craft Ideas

    – Pom Pom Fun

    Pom poms are a great way to make a tacky Christmas sweater of any kind! But they’re fantastic for creating a red nose reindeer sweater! But also for adding different colors, or just making their own ugly sweater craft 3D in an easy way. 

    ​- Glitter Glue 

    When it comes to paper crafts with kids, glitter glue is always a good idea to inspire some creativity! We get a pack with a few colors and it’s about the best diy in my preschooler’s heart! 

    – Construction Paper Fun 

    You can literally hand younger children a pile of construction paper and watch them come up with all kinds of fun festive sweaters! But you can also get creative with strips of paper for stripes. It’s also fun creating mosaics with paper scraps, or wadding up paper for fun 3D effects. The options are endless! 

    – Dollar Store Trinkets 

    We’ve found miniature jingle bells, tiny plastic Christmas lights, a miniature Christmas tree, and buttons shaped like gingerbread men at our local dollar store. These help inspire some of the cutest DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas both on an actual ugly Christmas sweater DIY, or on this fun piece of paper-based ugly Christmas sweater craft idea. 

    ​- Tinsel Garland 

    You know the cheap tinsel garland you add to your tree? It’s not only fun to add the front of the sweater for wearable ugly sweaters, it’s fun to add to ugly sweater crafting too! You can cut it up in small pieces or strips to encourage a lot of creativity. 

    ​- Felt

    Grab the felt and some glue and let kids cut out cute designs and shapes. The best part is this one looks like a real sweater, and it’s super kid-friendly!  

    Kids demonstrating different ugly sweater craft ideas.

    – Pipe Cleaners 

    There’s something so fun and molding a Christmas shape (think a star, a tree, or a shiny ornament) with a pipe cleaner. Just shape the wire and then glue it onto the center of the sweater. 

    – Fabric Swatches 

    Make sure to grab the fabric glue. And also maybe even some fabric paint to take this fun idea to the next level! 

    – Christmas Candy 

    If you have some extra Christmas candy hanging around from your gingerbread decorating, using it to make a tacky sweater. They are so fun and candy art is such a great idea to try some different ways to use this fun ugly sweater template. A few candy canes and small pieces of crushed pieces of hard candies placed on the template is one of our favorite creative ideas to make your own ugly Christmas sweater craft unique and resourcefully! 

    – Beads 

    This last year friendship braclets have had a very big year thanks to many people’s favorite cat lover pop star. Chances are, you may have some friendship braclet beads lying around ready to use. Bust those out for your holiday party or craft-ernoon for a fun friendship braclet inspired ugly sweater. 

    Fun Ways to Use the Ugly Sweater Craft

    – Turn it into a competition. Have everyone create the ugliest of ugly sweaters, and select an outside party to judge the competition. Be sure to come up with a tacky prize for the winner! 

    – Use these completed ugly sweater templates as part of an ugly sweater party invitation! How cute could would it be on the front of an actual invitation for an ugly sweater Christmas party? 

    – Cut out the templates and create an ugly sweater garland. It’s the time of year to display those tacky Christmas decorations with pride. So why not create your own? 

    We hope this helps with an easy Christmas arts and crafts for kids project. We’re here to make your holidays a little more fun so you can enjoy those special days with kids at home. Whether you use it for a party, a classroom activity, or to keep kids busy on Christmas eve is up to you! But please enjoy the free sweater template and lots of ugly sweater fun! 

    Merry Christmas! 

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