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Halloween 2017: Pop Stars Family Costume

It’s my favorite post of the year friends- the post where we reveal our annual family Halloween costume! There are few things that bring me more joy than coming up with a theme and going all out with family costumes! This year I think we did something truly original that I haven’t seen another family do, and I love what inspired it and that we decided to honor that.

I wrote a post last week about pregnancy and infant loss awareness month in October, and how I’ve had a hard time facing this month knowing I could have had a baby. But this post isn’t meant to dwell on that, it’s meant to share that this little person inspired our family costume, and to honor that baby’s memory we decided to go with it, even though my costume would have been the perfect fit for a recent postpartum mom or pregnant person wishing to hide their face from the attention. It works anyway, and if you’re a pregnant woman looking for a costume, by all means, please steal this one next year and laugh that your swollen face is covered!

The joke to hide my face led us laughing that I really should be……

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SIA! What better way to hide your face than with an awesome wig, a great big bow, and a black dress for any postpartum/very pregnant body remains you want to minimize? (I went with her black and white look since I’m not pregnant, which was also easy to do!)

Sia costume.

“But what would go with that?” we instantly started thinking, and it came pretty quickly that a family of pop icons spaced about 30 years apart just felt like the right choice to make! And oh how easy and fun it was to pull off this family theme!

Sia Costume Elvis costume and Michael Jackson costume.


Family Halloween Costume Idea: Pop Stars costume.

I found an Elvis jumpsuit on Amazon quickly and easily: there were so many options! A child’s Elvis wig and aviators later and we were all set for the cutest little toddler Elvis costume out there!

Elvis costume.

And photo pro tip we learned this shoot- bring your candy-deprived toddler a bag of candy for the photo shoot giving a piece for every pose they pull off. Oh, my goodness how well sugar bribes work at this age!

Pop star Halloween costume.

There were so many people Jacob could have been, but with his tall lean frame and the 30-year spacing we were looking at, a late 80’s/90’s star felt right, and how could you not go with MJ? We’ve both been big fans pretty much our whole lives, it was so fun to see how many options there are for costumes since he’s been such an iconic piece of pop culture! We loved finding all the pieces to his Michael Jackson Halloween costume so easily!

Michael Jackson costume.

Once again, Amazon to the rescue! Some black pants that were a little short plus a plain white v-neck t were the foundation. We ordered a hat/aviator/glove set, and some sparkle socks, and then the creme de la creme was the sequin Michael Jackson jacket. A wig last minute felt right so he picked one up on the way to our photo shoot, along with a bow for me because yikes we forgot the Sia bow that came with my wig! Jacob saved the day finding one at a Halloween store!

Pop star costume.

I love how easy this idea works for families of all sizes find a bunch of pop stars with iconic looks and go for it! We toyed with Brittney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc. for me and clearly, we could have done so many other options for the boys! I also love that this works for a couple’s Halloween costume idea too if we had adult-only parties to attend, we’d be set as Sia and Michael Jackson coordinating in black and white. Which makes me want to turn on a certain MJ song…

Famous pop stars couples costume.

But really, we know who the real star of this show is, and we’re glad to have him be the cute showpiece.

Famous singer costumes.

Toddler Elvis costume.

We’ve been listening to music by these three artists all week to pep ourselves up, and we’ll probably be humming tunes for months after this!

Family Pop Stars creative Halloween costume.

So peace out Halloween, that’s all the encore we have for you! But we’re already counting down 365 days until we get to do this again next year!

Pop stars Family Halloween Costume Idea.

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  1. ok this is soo cute! Mac killin it as elvis!!