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Christmas Cards 2020

This post is sponsored by Mixbook, (a company we’ve used and loved for years!) all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards! This week as we assembled them for a date night I learned it’s one of Jacob’s favorite parts of Christmas too. We asked each other why and noted that it’s a time we feel a little closer to all our friends and family. Even if we haven’t seen them or talked to them all year, a Christmas card helps us feel instantly more connected. 

There’s something really special about seeing the people in your life smiling and looking their best displayed in your home. I just adore feeling their love and friendship through an image and/or a personalized greeting! 

With such a topsy turvy year, people are wondering if it’s a good year to send a Christmas Card in 2020. Oh, boy to do I have thoughts on this! 

Christmas Cards printed by Mixbook.

Should I Send a Christmas Card in 2020? 

I think Christmas cards in 2020 are a tradition we need more than ever! With so many plans, reunions, and regular social events canceled this year, we need that connection that comes through a Christmas card more than ever! 

I can hardly wait to see my friends and family with smiling faces hanging on my pantry door! In a year that has felt a little isolating, Christmas cards are the tradition I’m looking forward to most this year. And judging by the amount of “Please send us your latest address” emails and text messages I’ve received, I think most people genuinely feel this way! 

Our favorite place to create customized cards

I adore ordering through Mixbook! We’ve created photo books and cards through Mixbook for several years now, and the quality is top-notch! They even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you’re going to love your prints! 

And a bonus, you can get 50% off your card order with code: CFRIDAY50 – 50% promo is good through 1/15/2021

We decided this year was a great year to dress up since we’ve done so little of that. When I heard Mixbook was releasing a collaboration with Martha Stewart, I just knew some classy outfits would be perfect! 

My favorite thing about Mixbook is how you can customize designs and really make your card fit your image! Their software is amazing and makes it so easy to create your perfect card from start to finish! Start by uploading your images, and then you can customize your card design/elements to your heart’s desires! There are seriously so many options from classic to modern, minimal to elaborate: and there are customizable foil options on so many cards to add that extra spark!

Christmas Cards printed with Mixbook.

2020 Christmas Card Ideas 

After a year at home, I decided nicer clothes and a mix up of scenery would be fun for a holiday card!
I’ve always wanted to do a Downtown photoshoot since, in normal years, we’ve spent a lot of time there. Our photographer told us this was actually a great time to get some city photos since the streets are mostly empty and we could distance while not worrying about people in the background. I smiled thinking that 2020 may give that gift, it’s a great time to take some pictures without crowds! 

2020 Holiday Card Trends To Try

We went a little fancy, but people are getting so creative and you have a lot of license to too this year! 

I’ve loved some of the fun 2020 Christmas card picture trends. Here are a few fun ones to try. 

  • Take pictures in pajamas or comfy clothes, since we’ve all worn those most 
  • Try candid shots since we’re all embracing a less perfect life and setup 
  • Doorstep pictures or pictures on the couch to document being home felt so appropriate for this year! 
  • Go opposite of the common casual: Dress up big time and make a joke about how your holiday card picture was one occasion you got to go all out and get fancy this year! 
    Mixbook Christmas Cards.
  • Add some humor to your card! There are a million memes about 2020, and there’s a lot of jokes about the year ending. We tried to add a bit letting our friends know we’re grateful we’ve made it through somehow! 
  • Use upside-down pictures, and share how your world was a bit “turned upside down” in 2020 
  • Incorporate bright colors in your Christmas Cards. Mixbook makes this so easy customizing colors and fonts! They also have so many pretty designs in any style you can imagine to choose from! Try something non-traditional and make that card a bright spot in the year! 

Once you’ve decided on your final card, proof it digitally just to make sure you’re all set! We love that Mixbook offers address printing to save time and make beautiful envelopes ready to go when the order arrives… because we could all use one more hook-up in 2020, right? 

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