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Christmas Activities: 50 Fun Christmas Ideas with Free Printable

50 Fun Christmas Ideas to Do With Your Kids: with tons of at-home Christmas activities you’ll all love + a free printable!

This year, a lot of Christmas activities are going to look different. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that there’s still plenty of fun to be had, sometimes you just have to create the magic yourself! 

We love to find Christmas activities for families, and of course, we’re massive fans of Christmas date ideas

When I realized 2020 may bring a lot of change, and perhaps even disrupt a lot of the holiday fun we so love, I knew it was time to get serious about fun Christmas activities for kids and families. We had the best feedback on our 50 Halloween activities ideas and free printable, I knew we needed to create a Christmas version too!

Honestly, it was about the easiest thing to think of fun holiday traditions, easy festive fun, and activities families can do from home, or do from a distance safely. Christmas just brings out so much magic and so many opportunities for easy fun! 

I had to limit us to 50, and even then, only 48 fit on the Christmas bingo printable. 

50 Christmas Activities with Free Printable

Free Christmas Bingo Printable 

It hit me these activities would be even more fun as a Christmas BINGO printable so you can cross off the fun as you go! My designer is amazing, and I am just thrilled with how amazing this turned out! 

There’s 48 plus a FREE space. We sorted them by type of activity so you can decide if you’re feeling the Christmas foodie vibes, a little crafty, want to do an activity in, or want to do an activity out of the house. We plan to go for a blackout in our home, but you do you! 

Christmas BINGO printable.

Grab Your Free Christmas BINGO Printable Here


Also, if you’d like to print it as a large engineer print, it’s really easy and only a few dollars! We have a whole post on how to create engineer prints here

And of course, we’ll be sharing free printables, fun ideas, and more info surrounding each Christmas activity idea. Be sure to check back daily for a fun December full of posts to help you celebrate and have a fun Christmas as a family! I also should add, these work for couples too, there’s clearly plenty of Christmas date ideas you can create with this list too! 

Christmas Activities for Families

You can also bookmark or pin this post and come back, I’ll update links as all the fun ideas go live! 

But if you want your own list right now, and 50 fun things to do on Christmas/throughout the month of December, here they are, broken down by category. 

Get this list directly in your inbox here: 

50 Fun Christmas Activities 

Here’s the list of Fun Christmas activities broken out by category. Feel free to find some Christmas food ideas for fun things to make and eat, or an activity at home or safely outside and plan some holiday cheer! 

Christmas Activities for Families

Christmas Food Ideas 

  • Make Christmas Popcorn
  • Have a sugar cooking baking night! We shared our family Sugar Cookie Recipe here. 
  • Cookie Decorating Party
  • Christmas Hot Chocolate Night 
  • Make Christmas Breakfast for Dinner. Do a trial run on a Christmas breakfast favorite and have a pajama party breakfast for dinner night.
  • Create a holiday charcuterie board
  • Have Christmas goulash for dinner. This easy dinner is a big hit with kids, and an easy way to add a little festivity into your dinner! We have a recipe coming soon! 
  • Have a Christmas pizza party. Make a tree-shaped or Santa face pizza  
  • Serve Christmas grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner

Christmas Activities for Families

Christmas Activities for Kids and Families 

  • Make paper snowflakes 
  • Read a bunch of Christmas Books for Kids You can check them out from the library, or buy a handful to read over and over again all December. We have a great list of the best Christmas books for kids you can print out and take to the library! 
  • Christmas movie night 
  • Write a letter to Santa 
  • Create a Christmas watercolor painting. Here’s how we easily and cheaply do watercolor painting for kids
  • Listen to a Christmas podcast/audiobook story together 
  • Have a holiday music sing-along and dance party. Take turns playing each person’s favorite holiday song.
  • Do a Paint by Sticker Christmas puzzles 
  • Create popsicle stick Christmas trees  
  • Print an I SPY Christmas activity page and do it together. 
  • Make graham cracker gingerbread houses 
  • Pick up a Christmas craft kit (they are about $3) from the Dollar Spot at Target, at Michael’s, or at Hobby Lobby, and have a craft day. 
  • Attend a digital Christmas storytime. If you can find one to go to safely in person, that’s fantastic! If you can’t, there are so many great ones online you can view and virtually attend! 
  • Print a festive giant coloring poster for kids. We have a fun oversized Christmas Coloring Mat you can download and print and color over and over again! 
  • Pull out some inexpensive Christmas activity books as a fun surprise! We have this Highlights book, and love these sticker books too! 
  • Play “Pin the Nose on Rudolph) If you have older kids you could make it more challenging with an obstacle course through the house or chairs in the way for them to navigate to play. 
  • Have a Christmas pajamas party 
  • Watch a holiday Christmas special
  • Christmas game night 
  • Do a Christmas puzzle 


Out of the House Christmas Activities (social distance approved) 

  • Drive around your area and look for houses that go all out with Christmas decorations and lights. 
  • Decoration neighborhood bingo walk/drive. If you want to make your decoration spotting even more fun. 
  • Visit a destination holiday lights neighborhood in your area. We love Christmas on Comstock
  • Visit a holiday festival/light show 
  • Pick up a holiday-themed or flavored treat from a local bakery/cookie shop/ice cream shop 
  • Deliver Christmas treats or gifts to the neighbors 
  • Go Ice Skating 
  • Visit Santa at Mall or digitally this year! 
  • Do a Random Act of Kindness to bring some holiday cheer. We have a full list of random acts of kindness here
  • Build a snowman 
  • Go Christmas shopping 
  • Buy a Toys for Tots toy. Go shopping for a kid in need and help make their Christmas a little merrier too! 


Feeling Festive Christmas Activities

  • Decoration Setup
  • Set up the Christmas Tree 
  • Decorate your front door or kid’s bedroom door: It can be with paper, a new wreath, add a bunch of holiday bows, Christmas trees, or decorate with snowflakes. 
  • Wear red and green spirit day 
  • Wear Christmas shirts. If you’re crafty, make some together. If you’re not, check out Target, Carters, Old Navy, and Gap.
  • Bust out the Christmas pajamas for kids (or for adults too)! Enjoy wearing these all month for a little extra festive fun at home. 
  • Listen to a Christmas playlist. We love the Kidz Bop Christmas list. If you have older kids, create one together coming up with the best soundtrack for the next big Christmas movie. 
  • Wrap Presents together. 
  • Set up a Christmas Advent Calendar and count down the days until Christmas. 
  • Make Handmade Christmas Cards for teachers and friends 
  • Send out Christmas cards to friends and neighbors

Phew! That was a lot of information! However, we want you to have a lot of fun this holiday season! Be sure to grab your free printable, and share it with us on Instagram (tag @fridaywereinlove) so we can see all the fun you’re having! 

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