Family Christmas Pajamas

Family Matching Pajamas for Christmas

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A roundup of the best family Christmas pajamas and where to finding matching family pajamas at all price points! Family Christmas Pajamas

My preschooler is pretty obsessed with matching pajamas. In fact, we’ve had a challenge reusing hand-me-down pajamas we saved from his baby years because matching jammies are that important. When our little people see they are rocking twinning pajamas, they both giddy squeal. It’s been darling, and it almost makes me forget about the box we stored all those years that is now being gifted to other babies.

Two years I bought the first pairs of twinning jammies for baby’s first Christmas. The pictures I took of them snuggled up on Christmas morning remain forever in my heart. I told Jacob I was almost too cheap to splurge on some matching holiday jammies, and I regretted nothing when Christmas morning came.

Matching Holiday Pajamas

Last year, we decided to take the joy one step further and do a matching family Christmas pajamas we could all enjoy. Let me tell you seriously brought us so much cheer to be cozy and festive for at-home holiday activities. I vowed this would be a tradition we’d do every year! 

These are perfect for the tradition to gift family matching jammies on Christmas Eve. However, we’ve loved pulling them out early to enjoy throughout December! In fact, they are the main attraction in the Christmas box!  We can be festive as a family, make memories all matching, and enjoy them through Christmas.

I looked far and wide for the best holiday family Christmas pajamas and where to buy matching family pajamas that I knew I needed to share a list of our favorites. If you’re in the market, this week with Black Friday sales is the perfect time to buy!


The Best Family Christmas Pajamas

  1. Hannah Andersson
    I first learned about Hannah Andersson’s striped pajamas from a friend who raved and raved about them. I thought the price was a bit steep, but I did end up buying my oldest son a pair on sale. We were HOOKED! They are the best quality I have ever experienced! Our matching holiday pajamas from last year are all Hannah Andersson. Our son’s pajamas last year are too.
    Matching Family Christmas Pajamas
    We can wear them several times a week, and years later, they still look brand new!
    I knew investing in matching family pajamas last year would mean we could buy an updated size for our baby this year. Guess what, they stretch a bit as kids grow and their pajamas still fit this year! Seriously you’ll get a two years for one at least! They will last and last, and we all adore them! 
    Bonus: They do a lot more than just stripes! Hello, cutesy, character-based, classic, and even Star Wars Christmas pajamas for the whole family!
  2. Burts Bees
    These are our other favorite pajamas! They are so soft and so affordable for their quality. I love that they make cuts for men and women that aren’t long-john style. Sometimes getting dad on board means pajamas he’ll feel comfortable in too. I love how many options and styles they have! We’ve had Burts Bees matching Christmas pajamas in the past, and they are still at the top of our love list!
  3. Carters 
    We love Carter’s pajamas! They are soft, affordable, and have tons of cute styles! They have seriously upped their family holiday pajama game lately! And they do really great deals
  4. To the Moon and Back
    These are Amazon exclusives also by Hannah Andersson. They are the same quality, at a much lower starting price point.  We own a few pairs of these too, and I love that they did some matching holiday sets!
    Family Christmas Pajamas
  5. Walmart Matching Family Pajamas
    I went to a conference two years ago where I met a Walmart fashion rep who told me things were going to change a lot for Walmart with new designers and styles this year. I have loved watching all these changes roll out!
    Hello, affordable, cute, and I have to say they are rocking the onesie and union suits better than anyone! Plus the free shipping when you buy more than $35 is a great perk!
    Family Matching Pajamas for Christmas
  6. Target Family Matching Pajamas
    Guess where we bought our flannel matching pajamas this year: Target! They are definitely priced right with tons of different styles! If you are on a budget or have a large family this a great option to get cute matching family jammies at a great price point! 
    I love that Target lets you choose from classic to quirky. Also, they are running some excellent rare promos on their pajamas that are already one of the best prices out there! 
  7. Kohls
    Kohls has their own lines of pajamas, and they are so fun and come in so many prints and options! Plus if you’re a Disney family, you’re going to fall in love with so many exclusive sets! And it’s hard to beat the Kohl’s cash holiday earning you’ll make back while snagging these deals.
    Matching Christmas Pajamas
  8. Amazon Essentials
    We have tried Amazon Essentials jammies for kids, and the quality is great, particularly for the low price! Plus hello two-day shipping so you can be set for the whole season or order them last-minute.
  9. Pajama Grams
    Hello, options with every cut, color, and style! I love how many styles there are to choose from! From classic button-up sets to long-johns, you’ll love how well they do family Christmas pajamas!
  10. LC Lauren Conrad
    My friend Michelle posted a tutorial about how to customize holiday jammies and my jaw dropped at the cute pair she found. Lauren Conrad for Kohls has done an amazing job with some cute, unique designs. If you want an affordable and adorable, check out this line!
  11. LazyOne 
    I met one of their marketing team members at a conference in the middle of the spring and I’ve never forgotten what she shared and the cute woodsy styles. They started doing matching jammies before it was as big as it is now. And they definitely have original styles and prints you won’t see in other places! If farmhouse is your vibe, they are likely your best match!
    Matching Family Pajamas Roundup
  12. Old Navy
    You can always bank on awesome coupons and deals at Old Navy! Plus this year in particular, they’ve made buffalo plaid and a lot of classics their jam. You’ll look festive and still enjoy your pajamas after the holiday season.
  13. Gap 
    I ordered my first pair this year, and I am IN LOVE with the quality and the soft fabric! There’s a lot of classic styles, but I love that it’s easy to coordinate looks with all their choices.
    holiday pajamas for families

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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