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Disney Plus Watchlist and Free Printable for Families

Disney Plus Watchlist and Free Printable for families with elementary-age kids. Fantastic movies the whole family will love + free printable checklist!

What a wonderful time to enjoy a family movie night! We love making our homemade pizza dough recipe, and cuddling up on the couch for a family movie night! Also, we love incorporating these tips to make family movie night a tradition the whole family will love

Disney Plus Family Movie Night

Disney + has made it so easy and so fun to find movies we can all enjoy. But sometimes the amount of options can feel overwhelming! We have your back with Disney Plus Watchlists organized by age and family demographics. 

Last week we shared our list of  The Best Movies to Watch on Disney Plus for Families with Preschoolers and Toddlers. It included movies for younger children who may be easily scared or are just learning to sit and enjoy movies. And as promised, the lists are continuing all this month long!

I’m so excited about today’s list! It’s not only a Disney Plus watchlist, but there’s also a free printable for your family to download and check off the movies as you go. 

If you have a family with a variety of ages, this list is for you! It’s a great mix of Disney classics, modern movies, and family-friendly movies at a PG level. 

The Best Movies for Families with Kids on Disney Plus

Disney Plus Watchlist and Free Printable for Families with Elementary Aged Kids

* Smart House – Family wins a great prize? Check. Does the house know their every need? Check. Does everyone get exactly what they want? Not so fast in this wacky family Disney Channel Original.

* Maleficent – In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, we watch Maleficent’s origin story and see her growth from innocent Fey to wicked fairy from the tale.

* Escape to Witch Mountain – Tony and Tia aren’t like the other kids at the orphanage. There’s something a bit different about them. And, after being adopted by a billionaire that wants to use their skills to gain more money, they have to run for their lives to get back to the family they’re starting to remember.

* Up – Carl Fredrickson just wants peace and quiet and to live the rest of his life in the house he and his wife Ellie built. He decides to literally fly his house to Paradise Falls to fulfill her unrealized dream. This is where he has the adventure of a lifetime.

* Lady and the Tramp live-action Lady is a high-end family pet and when she has a run-in with the local Tramp from the wrong side of the tracks will friendship kindle or will each be happy to go their separate ways?

* Atlantis – Milo Thatch has always believed Atlantis exists. When the museum refuses to fund his expedition, again, he finds himself with a new prospect of funding his research. Follow along as he and a crew set sail for Atlantis and what they find there is more than anyone anticipated finding.

* Bedknobs and Broomsticks – set in Britain during WW2, we find the Rawlins siblings needing a home and end up with Miss Price a secret witch in training! With the help of Emilius Brown, they are able to defeat the Nazi threat to their little town.

* Beauty and the Beast Live Action – This version of Beauty and the Beast delves deeper into the Beast and his past as well as Belle’s. We see their relationship grow into friendship and then something more. New songs and a refreshing take on the classic Disney tale.

* Big Hero 6 – Hiro Hamada teams up with his brother’s friends and huge inflatable robot Baymax to discover the man behind the Kabuki mask that is wreaking havoc in San Fransokyo.

* The Black Cauldron **could be too scary** – this fantasy is based off the beloved novels about a magical pig, Henwen and her visions. The Horned King wants to use her powers to find the Black Cauldron and have an army of skeleton soldiers to take over the world. With the help of a banished princess, Eilonwy, Taran the Pigkeeper must stop the evil king’s plans!

* The Color of Friendship – all Piper is looking forward to is the foreign exchange student from South Africa coming to visit! She can’t wait to meet her and learn more about her African heritage. Mahree comes as quite a shock to her exchange family – a young white girl! Together the girls learn about friendship and helping others understand different cultures.

* Descendants – ever wonder what happens to the villains in Disney stories we love so much? They are exiled to the Isle of the Lost away. They are sent from Auradon the united fairytale kingdom ruled by the Beast and Belle. When their son Ben is about to take the throne, he decides to go to the Isle and bring back four of the children to come for a better life. These four children include Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos. We all know their parents (Maleficent, Jafar, The Evil Queen, and Cruella De Vil). Did Ben make the biggest mistake before he even becomes king?

* Descendants 2 – Mal struggles with life in Auradon. She wants to be herself but feels the need to fake it for her friends. She goes back to the Isle so she can be free but Uma, daughter of Ursula, has other plans for the daughter of Maleficent. Can Mal stay true to herself and save the ones she loves most?

* Tinkerbell movies – Tinkerbell and her friends help bring each season to pass in Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, & Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. The Secret of the Wings takes place in the wintery part of Pixie Hollow, Pirate Fairy introduces Zarina a pixie dust fairy that loses her way. NeverBeast follows Fawn as she discovers a mystery that has to do with a monstrous-looking animal that only she can truly understand. 

* Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension – an extension of the beloved show, Phineas and Ferb accidentally help the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz break into another dimension! Watch as they and their pet Platypus (who’s actually a secret agent) battle for the good of all dimensions! 

Disney Plus Watchlist and Free Printable.

Fantastic Disney Plus Movies for Families with Elementary Aged Children

* Emperor’s New Groove – Kuzco is a selfish ruler and everything is all about him in his kingdom. But when his selfishness gets him stuck he has to learn to think of others. He will learn to depend on friends to help.

* DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp – follow Scrooge McDuck and his triplet nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie as they search for the Treasure of Collie Baba! When Webby discovers a genie in her new “teapot” all kinds of mischief come to pass!

* Goofy Movie – Goofy and his son Max have very different ideas for how this summer vacation should go, but they find out where goof and cool intersect on this father/son road trip adventure. 

* Fun and Fancy-Free – two beloved stories retold by Jiminy Cricket and some friends. Features Mickey, Bongo the Bear, Donald and Goofy.

* The Game Plan – Joe Kingman is at the top of his football game and on track to win a championship when he gets unexpected news: he has a young daughter! With her arrival, he has to learn to balance family life and professional life.

* The Great Mouse Detective – this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes follows Basil of Baker Street as he helps Olivia Flaversham find her father who’s been taken by the notorious Professor Ratigan! Assisted by Dr. Dawson, these two mice have to stop a plot by the nefarious Professor and save the Queen!

* Hercules – born to Hera and Zeus Hercules was supposed to have a golden life but after a run-in with Hades’ henchmen, he becomes mortal – except for the godlike strength he manages to keep. He has to find his way back to the gods of Olympus – can he go the distance?

* Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – Seavers family pets Chance, Shadow and Sassy are dropped off at a friend’s ranch while their family leaves for a vacation. When they panic thinking that they’ve been left for good they embark on an epic adventure. They’ll do what it takes to find their family again.

* Hunchback of Notre Dame – Quasimodo has always had to watch from his bell tower for fear that the outside world would only mock him. When Esmerelda the Gypsy befriends him he realizes that maybe everything he’s learned was wrong.

* James and the Giant Peach – James was supposed to move to New York with his parents but when they pass unexpectedly he must stay with his nasty aunts that make his life miserable. After a mysterious giant peach grows in their front yard, James accidentally releases it from the tree. This take him on an adventure of epic proportions!

* Lady and the Tramp (Animated) – Lady is a high-end family pet and when she has a run-in with the local Tramp from the wrong side of the tracks will friendship kindle or will each be happy to go their separate ways?

Must-See Disney Classics with Sequal to Include in The Disney Plus Watchlist and Free Printable

* Lion King – Simba has a lot to learn about becoming King over the Pridelands. After his father’s untimely death and his uncle’s urging for him to exile himself, Simba finds family in unexpected ways. However, he cannot escape his past. When it comes time, he must decide whether or not to fight for the ones and places he loves. Or will he let it be destroyed by those who scorn The Circle of Life.

* Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride – we find Simba and his daughter Kiara at odds. Simba is protective to a fault and all Kiara wants is a little freedom and to be herself. Meanwhile, a rogue group of lionesses, and a cub named Kovu, have their own plans for the royal throne of Pride Rock. Can Kiara and Simba put aside their differences and save their family from being torn apart? And will Kiara and Kovu realize that love can conquer all?

* Lion King 1 ½ – in this comedy, we follow Timon as he finds Pumbaa, their friendship develops, and when Simba enters their lives. Seeing the classic story told from Timon and Pumbaa’s point of view is both comical and refreshing. New music and new friends to meet make this a family classic.

* Little Mermaid – all Ariel wants is to be part of the world above the sea. Her father, King Triton doesn’t agree and tries to stop her to keep her safe. Ursula the sea witch is willing to help Ariel, but at what cost?

* Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea – after Ariel has her happily ever after, her daughter Melody craves an adventure of her own. But will her mother’s secrets be the end of Atlantica?

* Mary Poppins – The Banks children are in need of a nanny but they drive away every single one their father employs! When Mary Poppins flies in, can she handle their mischief and help their father discover his heart again?

* Mary Poppins Returns – once again we return to 17 Cherry Tree Lane and we see a grown-up Michael and Jane. Michael, a recent widower, and his 3 children are in a bit of distress. That’s when Mary Poppins shows up to help. But is she already too late?

* Aladdin – what happens when you mix a thief, a royal vizier, a princess and a genie together? A fun and musical adventure for the whole family! You’ll feel the magic and learn about staying true to yourself. 

* Thumbelina – a lonely woman begs for someone to love and care for. Thumbelina emerges from a magical flower to be her daughter. However, can you imagine how hard life could be for a girl no bigger than your thumb?!

* Born in China – we follow pandas, monkeys, and snow leopards as they navigate parenthood, childhood, growing up, and even death and survival. This is a heartwarming tale and narrated by Jonathon Krasinski. This story is loved by all.

* Muppet Movie – Kermit wants to be in movies so he sets off on a cross country trip to Hollywood! Along the way, he meets Miss Piggy, Fozzie and so many other friends!

* Holes – This movie is based on the novel by Louis Sachar. Here, we follow Stanley Yelnats, a boy that has the worst luck on the planet. He’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Consequently, he is sent to a correction facility for boys in the desert. Here they must dig holes to find whatever it is the Warden is looking for. He finds friends in unlikely places. Also, something about this place seems to be connected to him and his good-for-nothing-great-great-grandpa – the source of all his family’s bad luck.

* Journey to Shark Eden – follow shark scientists as they find all kinds of shark life and study their habits.

* Moana – all her life Moana has felt the ocean calling her but it is forbidden to journey across the angry sea. When the ocean chooses her for a special mission, she must find her inner strength. She learns to listen to the little voice inside to guide her to her destiny.

* Lilo and Stitch – Lilo is a little girl in Hawaii, Stitch is an alien from outer space with a destruction complex. When Stitch finds himself in an animal shelter, Lilo adopts him. Together they learn the meaning of love and Ohana.

* Treasure Planet – based on the classic novel Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins dreams of being more than he is. When his mother’s innis destroyed by pirates seeking a treasure, Jim unlocks the map to the infamous Treasure Planet. This is precisely where the legendary Captain Flint stowed “the loot of a thousand worlds”. Jim must follow the map and his heart to find everything he’s been looking for.

* Princess and the Frog – Tiana has always known she has to work hard for her dream of owning a restaurant to come true. Prince Naveen is a playboy that has been cut off from his parents’ money. This takes place in order to make him responsible. When their worlds collide an epic adventure through the New Orleans bayou ensues.

* Aladdin live-action remake – in this version of Aladdin we are able to see more about Jasmine, Jafar and the Genie than ever! Watch as this amazing cast brings the beloved characters to life in new and exciting ways.

* Brave – Merida wants nothing more than to ride her horse and be free to do what she loves to do but she is also a princess that has duties. When Merida and her mother have an epic argument over Merida’s getting married, Merida has a witch change her mother. They have to come together to change her mother’s back before it’s too late.

* Cinderella live-action remake – watch as Cinderella learns to follow her mother’s final words to her: “Have courage and be kind” in her life.

Disney plus watchlist

* Coco – After his family has forbidden music of any kind in their home, Miguel runs away to follow his dream. But will his heart or head win the fight between familia and music?

* The Fox and the Hound – a forbidden friendship that blooms regardless. When they both grow up, however, will nature rule over their mutual care for each other?

* Alice in Wonderland cartoon – Alice drops into Wonderland after following the White Rabbit who is apparently “late late for a very important date” and the adventure she has while in this kooky land where nothing makes sense.

* Monsters Inc – ever wonder where the monsters from your closet come from? Meet James P. Sullivan (Sully) and Mike Wasowski. They are part of the crew at Monsters Incorporated. This is where children’s screams are converted to power to supply the city of Monstropolis

* Peter Pan – follow the Darling children: Wendy, John and Micheal as they journey to Neverland to meet the Lost Boys, The Indians, the Mermaids, and the nefarious Captain Hook! Led by Peter Pan, the boy that never grew up can they save Neverland from the pirates?!

* The Rescuers – when the orphan Penny goes missing it’s up to The Rescue Aid Society to save her! Agents Miss Bianca and Bernard are sent on a rescue mission. They must go against the greedy Madam Medusa and her crocodile henchmen. It’s an adventure where we learn what can two little mice can do!

* The Rescuers Down Under – Bernard and Miss Bianca are back! This time they must travel to Australia to help find a missing boy and return to his mom while also keeping an endangered gold eagle and her eggs out of the hands of the poacher McLeach

* Frozen – two sisters have been living apart even while in the same castle. But why?? On the day of her coronation, Queen Elsa reveals she has powers over ice and snow. But we learn she can’t yet control her powers… Out of fear, she runs away to keep everyone else safe from her. Her sister Anna runs after her to bring her back. All she wants is a sister to love and to help her. Will their sisterly love be enough to overcome Elsa’s fears?

* Frozen 2 – we see Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf about a year after the events of Frozen and Arendelle is thriving. But Elsa keeps hearing a mysterious voice calling to her. When Elsa unavoidably wakes the Enchanted Forest, the group sets out to find the answers to the past. These answers may possibly the source of Elsa’s magic.

* Ratatouille – “Anyone Can Cook” is the slogan Remy follows to his passionate career choice – CHEF! Only one problem – Remy isn’t your normal candidate for a new employee, he’s actually a RAT! Can he follow his dreams or will they be quashed??

Grab the Free Printable! 

Ready to plan a bunch of Disney-themed family movie nights? Be sure to snag the Disney Plus Watchlist and free printable digital download here. 


Written in Collaboration with Ali Mills

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