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Fire Station Visit: Mom and Me Date

This is a paid promotion by Fisher-Price, and all opinions are my own. Thank you, Fisher-Price, for sending me these characters.  

Summer vacation is here! It’s the first time my son has really been out of school and will now have to adjust to a summer schedule without as much structure. We’re feeling the need to plan some fun activities, outings, and mom-and-me dates to keep us both involved this summer!

If you’re one of the many parents who wonder what they can do to keep their kids entertained, I thought I’d share a really awesome family fun activity you can do with your kids that’s not only educational, but also exciting! A fire station visit is a great, interactive activity that you can enjoy with the whole family! And when you pair a fire station visit with the new Rescue Heroes® toys from Fisher-Price, you become the coolest mom on the block!

Fire station tour

Fire Station Tours

A few months ago, I was invited to help chaperone a preschool field trip for my oldest child’s school and I jumped at the opportunity! Taking a group of very excited children to the local fire station and listening to the 3-year-old commentary sounded like a really joyful experience for the both of us!

He’s since been pointing out fire trucks, ambulances, and has been really into what they do! He’s even been dressing up and pretending like he’s a firefighter or a medic, and I love that he now knows who they are!

It really was a great experience, and we learned a lot. Unfortunately, the firefighters received a call just as it was time to show the kids the fire truck. Their little hearts were broken and some of the little boys even started to cry. It was a tragic, but yet, comical moment.

I’m kind of glad this happened though because I learned an amazing tip that enabled not only a mom-and-me date idea, but something I can share so that other kids can have the same experience! I just had to share this idea as it’s the perfect summer activity to do with your kids that will keep them entertained for hours.

How to visit a fire station

How to Visit a Fire Station

I learned that you can go with your kids to visit the fire station just about any time you want. You just need to call ahead and make sure it’s a good time for them! If it is, most stations are more than happy to give a tour, or at least let your kids see the trucks and try on a helmet. It’s free, it’s informative, and it’s exciting!

If you want to do a little more planning and have a more formal tour, check out your city’s fire department website. There is an easy form you can fill out that lets them know who is coming, the size of the group, and when you’d like to visit. It’s great if you bring a group!

Making a Fire Station Visit Even More Fun

To make your visit even more engaging, you can really make it memorable by including some toys for your kids to play with that truly help emulate real life, relatable heroes. Rescue Heroes from Fisher-Price aim to stimulate a child’s imagination and sense of adventure without using violence. Check out the new Rescue Heroes toys available at Walmart (available online now, in-stores in August!)

fire station visit tips

Rescue Heroes are relatable heroes for kids that represent a great diversity of genres, genders, nationalities, real professions and personalities that save the day! I love that they encourage no conflict play yet still promote excitement without violence. They demonstrate teamwork, a positive outlook, and make great role models. When you purchase Rescue Heroes toys, you get a great price value because it comes with a figurine, backpack and a super cool tool that you can interchange between characters.

The characters are all darling. But, the Billy Blazes figure, who is a firefighter and the team leader was the perfect character to introduce for this fun family outing to the fire station! We also love the Forrest Fuego figure, the hotshot wildfire firefighter, who can help and play as a team with Billy.

Rescue Heroes add a lot of action and adventure to playtime while celebrating true heroes. I love overhearing the kids and their adventures of rescuing and helping those in need. They are just the perfect toy to create exciting scenes and connect what he’s learned at the fire station!

Rescue Heroes Toys

Honestly, we could easily duplicate this fun activity by visiting the police station with Sky Justice Police Recon and Rescue, or even go on a hike with Rocky Canyon the Mountain Ranger, and more. And if we wanted to add in a show, there’s a Rescue Heroes™ animated show on the Fisher-Price YouTube channel that showcases all of the characters!

Fire Station Visit

I called ahead and we headed to the fire station to capture the moment on the fire truck my son dreamed of. It was a nice time to remember that there are everyday heroes in our community. We also had some great real-life teachable moments that matched the Rescue Heroes show to reinforce safety and what helpers look like if there’s ever an emergency.
I can’t believe I was ever afraid to bother my local fire station! I was shocked by how nice and friendly most stations are. They really want children to feel comfortable around them. One even put on his fire gear to show the kids that they shouldn’t be scared if they see someone dressed like that. This is another reason why Rescue Heroes toys are so great because they represent our everyday helpers. Kids should always know help is on the way!

Fire station visit field trip

I am so grateful for first responders and all they do to help keep my community safe! I love that my son is so much more aware of what safety looks like. Additionally, that emergencies happen and that the men and women who come on those trucks and ambulances are here to help!

Fire Station Field Trip

It’s a fun thing to do as a school field trip. It’s fun to do as a mom-and-me date. Also, it’s an amazing family outing or family date you can do together.

Fire station visit

I love that we can come home and he can play with Rescue Heroes. They are ideal personifications of real-world heroes from all over the Earth – daring, caring, skillful and strong.

Plus this mom-and-me date will be the highlight of at least one week, with fun role play time for him to enjoy long after our fun outing!

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