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Our Surefire Way To Calm Baby Down

This post is sponsored by Baby Dove, but all thoughts and opinions on the surefire way to calm a baby are our own.

Luckily, we’ve learned a few things after surviving colic with our first baby. Phew, you can teach adults new tricks! With our first, our nights often consisted of a crying baby for hours, and we knew we had to calm him down to help him sleep. We’re so fortunate that we are only seeing a fussy baby some nights and not consistent colic with our second baby. But we still love calming that little guy down and helping him get into a deep sleep, particularly on the fussy nights.
Calming down a baby before bedtime.

Our Surefire Way to Calm Baby Down

Both our babies’ favorite part of the night is bath time. We’re lucky to have not one, but two deep kitchen sinks perfect for bath time for baby. I love that bath time means we can both enjoy the smiles and faces that indicate pure relaxation and happiness from baby. It’s like a baby spa date, and it’s our surefire way to calm the baby down and help him relax before bedtime.

Our poor kids never had a genetic chance to have tough skin. We both have sensitive skin and sadly passed that on to our baby and toddler. We’re always on the hunt for sensitive skin products that help with dry skin! Ingredients matter when it comes to cleansers and lotions. 

Baby Dove baby wash.


Bathing a baby in a sink to help them calm down.

Baby after bath time.

Baby can enjoy his bath that actually helps his dry, sensitive skin. It also completely relaxes him, so it calms him down on even the fussiest of nights. And mom and dad can enjoy much more sleep at night as we calm baby down and watch our baby fall into a calm state with a bath, and a deep sleep as they go down for bedtime.

Parents giving a baby a bath in the sink.

It’s our favorite parenting hack. And we may argue, it’s also the cutest.


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