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Spooky Basket for Him

Create a fun spooky basket for a boyfriend or husband with these best spooky basket ideas for men!

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Who says kids should have all the fun? A spooky basket for him is a great way to show some love, particularly if gift receiving is his love language. These Halloween gift baskets are a fun way to kick off the spooky season and are so easy to pull together!

So whether you’re making a spooky basket for your boyfriend or a spooky basket for your husband, here are a ton of fun ideas to include!

What is a spooky basket?

It’s essentially a concept Halloween borrows from Easter. Instead of gifting an Easter basket, you create a Halloween basket. These are commonly referred to as spooky baskets, boo baskets, Halloween baskets, or October baskets. But they’re all the same concept: a fun Halloween gift basket with a few fun items to celebrate the month of October.

If you want more info and ideas, check out our SPOOKY BASKET post with a lot more ideas!

Spooky Baskets for Him
What Do you Put in a Man’s Spooky Basket?

There’s really no right or wrong answer here. A spooky basket for a boyfriend may look different than a spooky basket for a husband. The idea is just to find a few fun festive items they’ll enjoy. And hopefully pulling together thoughtful spooky gift baskets becomes one of those fun things you do together as a couple.

But just in case you need a little inspiration, you know we have you covered with plenty of boo basket ideas for him!

Spooky Basket for Him Ideas

Here are a bunch of great gifts perfect for a spooky basket for men! 

Something Festive to Wear

  • Halloween Socks

    These are even better when they’re fuzzy socks perfect for cooler nights. But even a dressy pair of men’s Halloween socks are always a fun, subtle fashion statement. 

  • Couples Halloween Pajamas

    Yep, it’s cheesy. And yes, it’s very fun to get Halloween pajamas for couples! Plus, if you buy the skeleton pajamas, you’re set with easy and comfy Halloween costumes you can sleep in! You’re set for your next Halloween party, particularly if it’s a costume party!

  • Halloween Shirt

    This can be something festive like an orange or black shirt. But there are a ton of companies that do fun Halloween shirts, even matching couple Halloween shirts.

A Halloween Date Night


I mean I may be biased as a date night blogger, but I think the best spooky basket ideas include gifting a date night!

Get a ton of Halloween Date Ideas in this post. But here are a few fun items to include in a spooky basket for men.


  • Movie Night

    October is the perfect season for a Halloween movie night date! Whether you choose to watch the Nightmare on Elm Street or the Nightmare Before Christmas is completely up to you!
    Grab some scary movies (or spooky movies) and candy. You’re set to gift a Halloween theme movie night date. These are perfect for a girlfriend or boyfriend’s spooky basket.

  • Blanket

    You’re going to need to snuggle up during those scary movies, so you might as well include a great snuggling blanket! It’s even better if it’s Halloween-themed or an orange blanket.

  • Popcorn Popper

    We adore this silicone popcorn popper for easy, quick popcorn at home. It’s inexpensive, and you’ll love the fresh taste and ability to add butter without the extra cost at a movie theater! You may even want to gift the ingredients to our Halloween popcorn recipe to make before a movie night.

  • Gourmet Popcorn Set

    This set is so much fun to have for movie nights. Plus, Halloween movie night gets an upgrade with all the flavor varieties. It makes movie night feel even more special!

  • Haunted House Tickets 

    If a haunted house or other haunted attraction is your jam, hook him up with tickets for a scary date night! 

  • Halloween Waffle Iron

    Schedule a brunch date night and make some festive-shaped waffle irons. Look for a Halloween-themed waffle iron in the shape of a pumpkin, skulls, or spider webs! Gifting one sets you up for a great brunch date together.

  • Pumpkin Waffle Mix

    I know there are personal preferences for and against pumpkin flavor. But if you have a loved one who loves pumpkin, I’d include the ability to create a pumpkin waffle brunch date in the future. 

  • Pumpkin Carving Tools 

    The quintessential Halloween date night is a pumpkin carving date night. Set yourselves up for success with some pumpkin carving tools and pumpkin carving templates for a fun date night! 

  • Pumpkin Cookie Mix/Halloween Cookie Mix

    Buy a quick mix from the grocery store and enjoy a simple baking night with some pumpkin sweets.

  • A Starbucks Gift Card

    Warning, it’s about to get really basic up in here! But a pumpkin spice latte or vanilla bean frappuccino (for the non-coffee drinkers) are seasonal favorites with a cultic following for a reason. Plan a seasonal coffee shop date before the Christmas treats make an appearance!

Spooky Basket for Boyfriend

Halloween Treats

  • Halloween Candy

    Why leave all the buckets of trick-or-treat goodies to the kids? Find out the favorite Halloween candy of your significant other, and make a few purchases fit for a spooky basket for him.

  • Seasonal Chocolates

    I love to look for salted caramel chocolate bars or gourmet Halloween-shaped chocolates. Tis’ the season, and there are a lot of delicious flavors perfect for grown-up taste buds.

  • Halloween-Themed Drinks.

    We love to hit up local shops or World Market for some Halloween-themed sodas. And if adult beverages happen to be their thing, it’s not hard to find some favorite drinks and add some puns ghosts would approve of using the word “booze.”

  • Halloween Snacks 

    Have you seen the Halloween pretzels, bone-shaped Cheetos, ghost-shaped chips, or the dipped pretzel rods that look like mummies? There are a lot of fun items to include in a gift bag of snacks! Go check out specialty stores and grocery stores for some fun Halloween-themed snacks. 

Other Fun Boo Basket Ideas

  • Bath and Body Works Halloween Soap Scents

    With fun pumpkin themes and scents, and even Vampire’s Blood soaps and bath bombs, there are a lot of good options. They make a very practical and useful filler!

  • A Desk Decoration 

    This is the equivalent of Halloween toys for adults! Help them decorate their desk with subtle desk decor. When I found this small skeleton, I knew it was perfect for a festive desk trinket. You could also grab a fake spider or two, a picture frame with a Halloween costume picture, or a Halloween snow globe. 

  • Halloween Candles 

    A creepy battery-powered candle is always fun. But if they like scented candles in their home, there are plenty of seasonal candles perfect for a spooky basket for him! 

Boo Basket for Men

How do you make a spooky basket? 

Start by choosing a base. A trick-or-treat pail is always a good option. We also love using these soft baskets if we’re gifting bigger items. 

Begin by arranging the taller items in the back, and adding each piece of your items to put in a spooky basket one at a time. Arrange them so you can see everything. 

Tip: If you need some more dimension, a kitchen towel works really well to help prop up items in the back. 

Many people love to fill in spaces with candy corn and use it as an anchor for items added to the boo basket. 

When Should I Give a Spooky Basket? 

If you want an exact day to give someone a spooky basket, most people aim for October 1st so the recipient can enjoy and use the items all month. 

I love to give them early in September so we can plan the date night and really get a ton of use out of the items. 

But a spooky basket for him is a great gift to give as part of a date night or at a surprise time! So you do what works for you boo! 

Please note a man’s basket is a lot less intimidating than it may seem. It only takes a few items with some thoughtfulness to make a big impact! 

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