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Anniversary #4 Photo Shoot: Part 2

The big announcement delayed this post a few days, and I can hardly wait to get it up!
We take pictures every anniversary in hopes to one day build a wall of pictures in our home watching our family grow old and change together. We do a casual outfit and a more formal one for each. I shared the casual outfit last week, and I’m so happy to share the formal today!

Anniversary #4 Photo Shoot

I love our friend and photographer Annie, she brought all the props and we just showed up! She has an eye for making everything look beautiful and styles shoots on a whim. She’s also hilarious so she captures the most authentic smiles and laughs the whole time! Seriously, the perfect person to capture anniversary #4!


Anniversary Photo Shoot themed as a vintage picnic.


Anniversary Photo Shoot pictures of a couple dressed up and posing together.
I love that this dress did a pretty great job hiding the pregnancy at 12 weeks! I also love this custom suit of Jacob’s, BEST.PURCHASE.EVER!
Cute couple pictures with a wife in a red dress and husband in a gray suit.


Cute couple anniversary pictures with a wife in a red dress and husband in a gray suit.


Anniversary Photo Shoot on top of an old truck.


Anniversary Photo Shoot at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.


Cute couple pictures with the couple drinking out of vintage coke bottles.

We are five layers deep on this now that we’re on anniversary #4- pretty cool!

Anniversary Photo Shoot idea taking pictures with a picture of yourself from the previous year.

Nothing like a vintage selfie!

Couple taking a pretend selfie during Anniversary Photo Shoot pictures. Anniversary Photo Shoot on a picnic blanket.


Dressy Anniversary Photo Shoot at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

What I love most about these shoots is that Annie always find a way to capture a moment we’ve shared an inside joke/done something awkward and just can’t stop laughing. She always sends one and it comes as a surprise every year! I love that she captures our relationship informal and candid ways every single year! I treasure these pictures most of all!

Cute laughing couple taking Anniversary Photo Shoot at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

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    Awe you guys look so cute, I love the retro look