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Significant Places Date- With a Big Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Visiting The Significant Places in Our Relationship Date Night

Date Info:
Significant Places Date: Visiting the meaningful places significant to our relationship, and remembering the sentimental and most significant moments of our lives together
Location: Where you met, first kissed, etc. (see full list and our YouTube videos below for ideas!)

Significant Places Date Idea

Time is an interesting concept, one I can never wrap my brain around. The more of it we’ve had, the less we seem to have. Life experiences and expectations seem to speed up time and we only have nostalgia to remind us of the past. I can’t believe we’ve been married four years, I feel like we just went on our first date a few months ago.

I decided a fun, romantic, free date was in order around Valentine’s Day. Plus, this is such a fun idea to share for a creative date on Valentine’s Day.

Meaningful Places to Visit

This significant places date idea is all about basking in sweet nostalgia. It’s simple too: take your significant other to all the significant places in your relationship. Make a list of the moment that really have meaning in your story as a couple. It creates for a sea of happy memories and a celebration of your relationship.

Here are a few places we’d recommend:

  • Where you met
  • Your first date location
  • Where you realized you love your partner
  • First kiss location
  • Where you first said, “I love you!”
  • Proposal location
  • Marriage location
  • Where you had your first child
  • Anything particularly special and unique to you as a couple

Since we met, dated, got engaged, and married all in the Phoenix metro I knew this was a totally plausible date that we could do in one day. I had a grand plan to do this sometime, preferably around Valentine’s Day. But, when I found out I was pregnant and needed an original, creative way to tell my husband I was pregnant and that a baby was coming after years of failed fertility treatments, I knew it was the perfect date to fit in the big surprise!

Our Meaningful Locations

We drove ALL OVER the Phoenix metro for this date, but it’s a sweet memory I’ll never forget!

I made the decision this would be more fun to capture via video than camera, and of course the camera battery died, the GoPro battery died, and we were left to my iPhone only. I’m still pretty pleased with the result and all’s well that ends well!

Feel free to enjoy the clips below to learn more about our meeting, dating, engagement, and to watch the big surprise at the end! I know there’s a lot to watch, but the first and the last movies are musts! The first will take you through the set up of the date with an explanation of what we’re doing, and the last is how I told Jacob about baby Whiting. Any you grab in between, well, good for you to learn more about us and our significant places!

Here Are Our Most Meaningful Places in Order:

Where we first met

YouTube video

Our first hang out

YouTube video

Where we got to know each other

YouTube video

Getting out of “The friend Zone”

YouTube video

Our first date location

YouTube video

Where we first held hands

YouTube video

Deciding to date officially and exclusively

YouTube video

Where we agreed to date exclusively

YouTube video

Our meetup spot dating

YouTube video

The first kiss / also where we said I love you

YouTube video

Where we first talked about getting married

YouTube video

(We went to San Francisco together to test our relationship and make sure marriage was a good idea. No trip was included in this significant places date. But we clearly left our hearts in San Francisco)

Where and how he proposed

YouTube video

Our wedding location

YouTube video

After I had thrown him off enough, I took him to a new place to create a great memory…

I needed to throw him off and ask about this location, which previously had no meaning to our relationship. But it was about to be the shock of a lifetime!

YouTube video

After years and years of infertility treatments, it was pretty surreal to find out an infertility treatment had worked. I knew I had to create a new memory of a very significant place for us.

And if he seems off, it’s because he was in such shock! He didn’t catch the baby sign at first. And even then, it was so hard to believe this was real. But it continues to be one of our best memories. Also, one of the most meaningful dates of our lives!


Meaningful Places Date with a pregnancy reveal at the end.


Significant Places Date Idea.


We're having a baby announcement.
Surprise meaningful pregnancy announcement

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  1. Alicia Snow says:

    This is the sweetest thing. You guys are the cutest!

  2. Nancy Dyson says:

    Dude, Camille. These videos are freaking me out! They outline 'The Chris & Nan' story almost exactly. We pretty much did the same things and had the same conversations. Seriously, so similar. I'll have to tell you all about it one day.

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Luuuurrrrrv. It's like my friends Destiny's Child always say, “All the honeys makin money, throw your hands up at me.” Wait….no that quote doesn't feel right

  4. Diana Longoria says:

    I was hoping you'd share how you 'shared' the news with him!! the whole thing was well thought out, congrats!

  5. Diana Longoria says:

    I was hoping you'd share how you 'shared' the news with him!! the whole thing was well thought out, congrats!

  6. This is such a cute idea! I love it. Congratulations!