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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dress

I’m such a sucker for anything in the color red it’s kind of embarrassing how predictable I’ve become. I just love that red is a bold color and one that makes me feel like I’m standing out. I guess the fact that it seems to match with almost any hair and skin tone doesn’t hurt either. It’s definitely my power color and what I feel most comfortable in. I think that’s why Valentine’s Day gets me so, I love watching others rock shades of pink, but I especially love watching them rock shades of red. That’s why when I saw this dress I fell in love so quickly and knew it would be the perfect Valentine’s Day Dress.
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Dress (c/o) / Shoes / Undershirt / Earrings / Necklace 

Red maternity dress.


But let’s not stop there. It comes in several colors– red, black, purple, and light blue. It’s really just the perfect date dress. I really love that it’s maternity-friendly, but even if you aren’t rocking a bump it’s a great dress for you too! I see this dress making so many heads turn at a wedding in the spring in one of the softer colors. If you have a formal event to attend as a pregnant lady, the black maternity dress gets all the heart eyes too. It’s pretty from every angle, and I love that the attention goes to the dress instead of the belly. No small feat, and something this dress does so well!

The Perfect Valentine\'s Day Dress in maternity and non-maternity sizes.

We’re planning a later Valentine’s Day celebration date, one that I’m so excited about. Jacob actually gave me tickets for a Christmas present, and the time has come to use them! We love dressing up for nice events, and I feel like that’s not easy to do when you’re pregnant. This dress completely solves that problem! It’s one you can toss a denim jacket on and dress down, or wear on its own and dress up for the perfect Valentine’s Day dress, or any other special occasion!

The Perfect maternity Valentine\'s Day Dress.


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