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Perfect Anniversary Date Ideas

Perfect anniversary date ideas: find the perfect date idea to celebrate your anniversary and make it one you won’t forget on any budget!

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For many people, there’s one day a year you can count you’ll be on one fantastic date, and that is none other than the anniversary date. But at the same time, for many, there’s nothing like the pressure of trying to come up with the perfect anniversary date idea that celebrates love and your relationship, and it can turn into a lot of stress quickly!

If it isn’t stressful, sometimes it can feel routine. We all know that the same restaurant can feel tired year after year. Don’t worry friends, we have 25 perfect anniversary dates to help you shake things up and make this year even better!

Anniversary Date Ideas

  • Visit significant places in your relationship.

    You know that paperwork you filed that lead you bumping into your spouse for the first time? Go back to that building and counter and smile at the memory. That romantic walk where he proposed? Take that same walk or a similar one if you aren’t in the same state.
    I used this date to tell my husband I was pregnant after years of infertility, and you can see all the crazy significant places we went on video HERE.

    But really, there’s nothing sweeter than visiting where you met, where you first kissed, where you first said I love you, where you had important conversations, where you got married, etc. Make a list, fill up a tank of gas, and enjoy a romantic stroll through your history as a couple.

  • Do an anniversary pictures photo shoot.

    Hire a professional photographer, just do it. Spend a little time and intentional money to document this year anniversary with foil number balloons and plenty of smiles!
    We do this every year and it’s one of our favorite things to celebrate another milestone! There’s just something about dressing up and looking your best, smiling, and being encouraged to kiss. You can count on laughing with your partner while you’re experiencing far less stress than in actual engagement pictures. Plus, it’s been documented to create new memories, it’s fun and such a treasure.

  • Attend a Concert with Significance to Your Wedding Day

    Did you slow dance to a particular song? Is there a song your wedding party did a flash mob dance to? Do you have a song or playlist of songs that remind you of your wedding day? Find a concert and bond a concert date with memories of your big day! Even if it’s an outdoor concert at a local park with a cover band, enjoy live music with memories associated with music from your wedding. 

Romantic Anniversary Date Night

Anniversary photoshoot wife in fancy dress and husband in suit.
  • Do something special for dinner.

    This is one most people think, yeah I’ll book somewhere expensive and romantic and call it a day. And you know what, it’s a cliché for a reason and always a good idea.
    But I’d recommend something new and exciting this year. Maybe think of the cheap place you first enjoyed on one of your first casual dates, and go enjoy the memories of simpler times with a little sentiment.

    Or maybe you haven’t been back to the place you ate the night you got engaged or the place that catered a meal on your wedding day.
    Perhaps there’s a new place in town with your spouse’s favorite type of food. This is a good chance to get on that waitlist and make a special day happen!

    Find something new and special. Or even old and familiar that it’s just been a while, and make sure to plan and book it.

  • Do a Couples Cooking Class Together 

    There’s something extra romantic about tackling a nice cuisine together, trying some new flavors, and creating a nice meal with the help of a professional instructor. It’s one of our favorite romantic date ideas and truly a great date night where you learn a new skill and bond together! 
    Many pair it with a little wine tasting or even mixology classes if that’s your thing. And most instructors will make sure to give a shout-out for your anniversary celebration during this romantic date night! 

Anniversary Date Night

  • Romantic Getaway

    This can be one night at a cheap hotel, but get away and go experience a weekend just the two of you connecting. Trust me, even a staycation goes a long way and reminds you of your honeymoon or should-have-been honeymoon.

    I’d highly recommend either a vineyard tour or a mountain retreat! If the weather is cool, you can hit the slopes and go skiing or snowboarding together. If the weather is lovely, ride a sky lift and see the gorgeous views of the mountains. No matter what time of year you can cuddle by a fireplace at night and snuggle up with hot chocolate and spend time strengthening your bond in a beautiful place! 

  • Recount your big day.

    Can you remember what time you woke up and what you did hour by hour? Try to recount all the details of the big day, what you were doing, and what you were thinking, and enjoy hearing each other’s stories! 
    We’d highly recommend writing down some details if it’s your first anniversary. After your first year, some of the details can get a little fuzzy. But this is a fun wedding anniversary tradition to do each year! 

  • Watch Your Wedding Video

    It’s also a great time to bust out the wedding video if you have one. Remember that time of year with a movie date all about you! 

  • Go Through Your Wedding Album

    Spend some time looking through your photo album, or digital files. Alternately, if you did a wedding hashtag, you can see a third-party view of your big day. A little nostalgia is perfect for this celebration. And bonus points if you can still tell the stories and recall special moments and thoughts behind the photos.

  • Custom Scavenger Hunt

    If you’re a Parks & Rec fan You may remember the episode where Leslie books a custom scavenger hunt for Ben to Solve. Ultimate couple goals! I added that to my dream date night plans instantly.
    If you want to do something similar, we found an amazing place to do a scavenger hunt date night!
    You can get a custom version, or one already created for your area. They even have options you can do from home! What a fun anniversary date night!

  • Fill out our 10 Questions to Ask on Your Anniversary, and enjoy each other’s answers.

    I always love hearing what Jacob’s favorite part of the year was. He always loves hearing my strongest memory of the year (I have a pretty crazy memory).
    We love taking these to a restaurant, ordering, and filling them out while we wait for food. We eat slowly and enjoy each other’s responses. It’s something we look forward to every year, and it doesn’t matter if we eat expensive food or grab our favorite fast food.

  • Include a splurge date idea as a part of your anniversary gifts. 

    I made a splurge date night post on purpose, and as much as I know people love the free date ideas, sometimes you’re like, let’s go all out and spend a wad of cash in the name of doing something really amazing. We’ve loved indoor skydiving, taking romantic cooking classes, and attending Broadway plays. Our most repeated date is doing a paint night date night in a studio creating paintings on canvases. They all make really great date nights! 

    Here are 10 Splurge Date Night Ideas Worth Every Penny for some more ideas have tons of these listed, it’s a good time to gift a really cool experience and call it a date night to celebrate!

Anniversary Date Ideas

Dating Anniversary Ideas

  • Cook a romantic meal at home.

    Might I suggest a meal from your wedding lunch/dinner? Or maybe your favorite meal that takes a little time. Either way, put those kids to bed early or send them out of the house and enjoy your night in. Here’s one of our favorite dates and places to find gourmet cooking for two ideas.

  • Celebrate your “Family Birthday” with your kids.

    I have so many friends who swear by this. All it takes is a birthday cake, a wedding photo/video review, and a big birthday party celebration with kids. Also, it’s such a sweet way to honor the birthday you became an official family. 

  • Plan an over-the-top romance night.

    We’re talking rose petals, candles, and maybe even a few games to spice up some special time in the bedroom. If ever there was a time to get a little cheesy and over-the-top, to prep for a great night of intimacy, it’s your anniversary. And you can make it your perfect anniversary date idea.

  • Head to a Movie Theater

    Chances are you had a movie date early on in your relationship. Go reenact that movie date and some of the first times you snuggled up to each other or held hands. 
    Or grab some of you favorite snacks and try a movie night at home watching one of your favorite first date movies all over again. 

  • Go to a Comedy Show

    There’s nothing like celebrating all the endorphins you’ve given each other than with a rush of them laughing at a comedy show. 

  • See a play at your local theater

    It’s a great way to dress up and enjoy a special date in your own city or neighborhood.

  • Reenact Your First Date

    Take a walk down memory lane using your first date activities inspiration. Try to do the same activity, enjoy the same tastes, and remember the same butterflies.

Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas

  • Read your vows.

    If you don’t have any, write new ones. There’s nothing like recommitting to promises and maybe laughing at your younger version of love too.

  • Get a couple’s massage.

    You work hard, your significant other works hard too. There is nothing better than indulging in a little pampering and relaxation together while you unwind. And you don’t wear clothes when you do this, so there’s always that. Plus, it’s often easy to find a great deal on a couple’s massage.

  • Dress Up and Head to a Special Dinner

    Check out some romantic restaurants in your area. Try to book a table with a view. Or, if the weather permits ask for patio seating to enjoy some great food and amazing views.

  •  Book a hot Air Balloon Ride

    There are few things more romantic than an old-school hot air balloon ride to look at local landmarks and enjoy some fresh air with a view!

  • Take a Dance Class

    It doesn’t matter if you learn salsa, jazz, ballroom, or some of the classics you’d perform at your wedding. There’s something romantic and intimate about dancing together. And what better way to say I still love than to do something you might normally only do in preparation for your wedding.

  • Enjoy a Romantic Picnic

    There’s nothing like packing a blanket and a DIY charcuterie board and enjoying a romantic sunset picnic for a perfect anniversary date. Be sure to find tons of great picnic date ideas for some inspiration! 

  • Have a Hotel Date Night

    Heading to a hotel for one night and enjoying a change of scenery is one of the favorite anniversary date ideas of happy couples! It’s a chance to escape your normal scenery. Plus, it sets the mood for a romantic intimate time.

    Beyond the obvious, you can book a spa day and relax together. Get a couple’s massage.

    Or spend a few hours getting out and exploring the area. We love to rent bikes and ride bikes around the local park and head back to the hotel room for a relaxing night.

Anniversary Date Night FAQ

How can I make my anniversary day special?

Plan something special! Make sure a date night with a lot of intention and love happens. Speak their love language and give a meaningful gift. Take time to connect and express your feelings of grattidude and love. 

What are good date night ideas?

There are 25 right above this question! But if you need more good date ideas, be sure to check out our 50 cute idate ideas post, or our 101 Date Ideas List!

How can I make a special date at home?

If a getaway or even just getting out isn’t in the cards this anniversary, try one of our 52 at-home date ideas that are fun and romantic, and actually make a date night at home feel really fun and special! 

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