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Donut Grow Up 1st Birthday Party

Tons of fun ideas to throw a Donut Grow Up party. All the details and pictures of our donut 1st birthday party

Donut Grow Up

Sometimes you just need a party theme that encompasses your feelings perfectly. I’ve had a hard time swallowing the first year of my baby’s life is already here, and as much as I’ve tried to slow down and enjoy every minute of it, the minutes have just seemed to evaporate. This must be why a donut grow-up party theme felt so perfect. 

Maybe it was all the years we waited for and prayed for this miracle baby, but we felt a big push to invite our very large families over for a themed party to celebrate our special boy and the joy he’s brought to our lives this past year. I admit, his mom was in denial it was coming for about an entire month. Luckily I still embraced it eventually.

What can I say, when you know your child may be your only baby if the fertility treatment cards don’t fall your way again, you just try to bottle up their littleness and hold onto it for as long as you can!


Donut Grow Up Birthday Party

We went with Donut Grow Up for the theme due to the cute factor and ease to throw this party together. If you’re looking for a great first birthday party theme, a donut grow-up birthday party is a great way to go! 

I knew some balloons, cake stands, and an order to our local bakery would do the trick to decorate this party!

Donut birthday party
Donut first birthday


Donut Grow Up balloons on wall.

Party Supplies

Mylar balloons took center stage for easy decor. Here’s what I bought to pull the party decor off:
– Gold foil letter balloons to spell DONUT GROW UP.

Gold foil cursive ONE balloon

Donut Shaped laytex balloon – purchased in white

Craft acrylic paint, I used a bright pink, green, and turquoise

Multi-color tissue paper, but into small rectangles

Curling ribbon for donut balloons

Helium tank (I just discovered these one-time use tanks- they are amazing!)

For the donut balloons, I followed this tutorial but decided to sprinkle the tissue paper sprinkles on while the paint was still wet and ditch tape. That worked like a charm!

I also had Sharpies on hand in hot pink, blue, and green, and we added some lines to the balloons to look like sprinkles. It was easy, looked great, and it took hardly any time!

Donut Grow Up Party Supplies
Donut grow up party

Since we have so many nieces and nephews we decided it would be great to buy several packs of mini-donuts for their dessert. This was a big hit! I couldn’t believe how happy they were to grab one of these favors and enjoy easy-to-eat smaller donuts! We also gave them out as favors at the end of the party.

donut grow up party favors
donut themed first birthday with a table of donut favors.

Donut Grow Up Cake

My mom made the cake for the cake smash and copied a sprinkle idea I had originally seen on Pinterest. Essentially, we wanted an easy cake that still looked like a donut. It turned out so easy, so cute, and so perfect to go with the doughnut sprinkles! It looks a little like a donut birthday cake, without much effort! 

donut grow up cake covered in sprinkles.

You could also great a donut grow-up cake with a bundt cake if you want a classic donut shape. There are a lot of options, and they all look like basic frosting and sprinkles! 

donut grow up theme birthday party with donut cake towers.


Multicolored donuts arranged on cake plates as a donut birthday party cake.

Donut Smash Cake

Once you have your donut cake, you’re set for the best part of any first birthday party! 

I have to admit I have a child who doesn’t take after me and is a bit of a clean freak. He likes to have food spills wiped up fast. His diapers changed immediately (if he doesn’t make it to the toilet with infant potty training), and he shakes excess food off his hands while eating.
I knew the donut cake smash would likely be tame. However, I enjoyed watching his awe of the cake and poking around to figure out layers and textures.

donut smash cake ideas

This was about as crazy as it got, taking a few bites right out of the cake. I’ll take it, and I’m secretly pretty happy I have a fairly tidy boy!

donut first birthday cake with baby licking the cake.


donut grow up gold foil balloons hanging on wall behind a baby in a high chair.

Donut Grow Up First Birthday Party

His aunts, uncles, and cousins were so sweet to show up and bring him some great presents. He’s a bookworm through and through, and almost everyone brought him a book. It’s just one more thing I am loving about this perfect one-year-old and this phase- reading and bringing me books. If you need some great books, here are 20 books every new parent should own
Add this bookworm phase to first steps, first words, and curiosity about the entire world, and I’m standing by this theme even more. Don’t grow up little boy, I’d love to bottle you up and keep you in this darling phase forever!

Baby's 1st birthday party with donut themed ballons and "Donut Grow Up" spelled in foil balloons behind them.

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  1. Cardiff Cruises says:

    Fantastic theme party and cake are looking delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this idea and my husband and I and 3 yr old daughter love donuts! Our second daughter is turning 1 yr in a few months and this would be a fun theme. May I ask what kind of invitations were used or what kind of donut language was on the invitation? Thanks!

  3. Such a cute party!!! Perfect and easy it looks like!

  4. Georgina Whitehead says:

    Lovely post and such a cool idea, sounds ideal. Love the cake and the large gold foil letter, really makes a showstopper! thanks for sharing and I got more emotional at my daughters 2n birthday and all the babies were now so big and talking!!! enjoy and thanks for sharing #TwinklyTuesday – (Not Just Phoebe)

  5. Beverly Houpt says:

    The theme is awesome and so easy! My favorite! It all turned out so cute without looking cluttered and crazy 🙂

  6. Elyse Murray says:

    What a cute themed party! Thanks for sharing.